Hero Buys a $25-Million Stake in Erik Buell Racing

More than 3 years of hard work and lean operating have now paid off for Erik Buell with the recent announcement that New Delhi-based Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, has purchased a 49.2% stake of Erik Buell Racing for a cost of $25 million. Acting through its newly formed American subsidiary, Hero MotoCorp Ltd., the Indian firm has invested $15 million already, with $10 million to follow over the next 9 months. This is Hero’s first-ever equity partnership with an overseas company. Buell, who retains majority ownership in his company,

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Idols West — Mick Jagger and David Bowie — soloists homosexuals

Mick Jagger and David Bowie fascinated each other as music stars and as men. Jagger was four years older than Bowie, but Bowie has called the new shining star of music. Ziggy, dressed in spandex and gold paint on the body hugged Mick when he went to him backstage in the spring of 1973. When a few months later Rolling Stones invited Bowie and his companion Scott to his concert, Mick not only paid for a hotel room for himself and Bowie, but also sent him a rose, champagne and a note signed "Love, Mick."

If Jagger still being

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