Atlantic Airlines has recently bid farewell to its last airworthy

Lockheed L188 Electra – the final example flying in Europe.

The carrier acquired its flrst Electra in

November 1993 and went on to become

Europe’s largest operator of the type. The type was contracted to fly for TNT, DHL and Royal Mail, as well as undertaking ad hoc cargo charters. At the peak of the company’s activities with the Electra

(between 1998 and 2007) it was flying seven examples. However in later years, as spares became harder to find, the fleet was reduced until only two airframes remained

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Kurapaty: broke the main cross, which once brought in the tract on the structure of the KGB (Slide-report)

SLIDE-REPORT:• Large format, loading slower • The smallest format, loaded fasterChief Kurapaty cross "sufferers of Belarus", which stood in the hole almost eighteen years, now lying on the ground. It’s broken into 2-places — across the bottom and around the cross. With cross and crown of thorns lost.Igor Vashkevich live near, yesterday evening about the eleventh hour he saw not far from Kurapaty 2- Young people and the lady who pulled a wire: "They were drunk. One young man was carrying on his shoulder this stitching wire. At first I did not realize, but after remembered that such a crown

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Valery Buffalo: There is a substitution Dobchynskaga Bobchynskim

Znatkevich "Valery, I wanted to start our conversation with the latest developments. More than 9 pro-democracy activists, most of them members of an unregistered organization" Young Front ", detained by police on Mon evening in Minsk. Why, in your opinion, are made to this moment these detention is brand new wave of persecution? "Buffalo: "Belarusian Patriotic Youth is on the front line of the struggle for our independence, for Belarusian culture and the future of our people. And pursuit of youth, feral repression against young people has become a reality, routine … I’ve got confused by something else: a stroll

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Wreath memory Gennadi Bankevich

Gennady Bankevich born May 15, 1930 in the village of Bolshaya Kolpenitsa Baranovichi that were then part of Poland under the Western Belarus. From an early age, contrary to Polish-school education, he realized that they belong to the Belarusian culture, language and civilization, said our radio council spokesman Sojma CCP BPF Valery Buffalo."He remembered how they with animation, small, in the thirties Belarusian read books, adored native language, read poetry, deklyamavali.’s How he spent his childhood. Later — war. After the war, an adult, he chose a military career," — told Valery Buffalo.Gennady Bankevich finished Moscow Academy Air Force Zhukovsky

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Dzyady — 2008: online reporting

15.35 Kurapaty rally ended. People all together sang "God Almighty." Now they put candles, flowers lozhut install kryzhy.15.25 Deputy Chairman of the CCP BPF Sergey P. .. 15:35


Valery Buffalo, secretary answers the CCP BPF, said at the rally — "We must follow the example of courageous Georgian people and defend our homeland in accordance with the Constitution of the brutal occupier."

15:10 At the rally, the deputy chairman of the CCP BPF Yury Belenky, who urged people every year and comes in Kurapaty Chelyuskinites Park, where there were mass executions.

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Z.Paznyaka V.Buyvol and about 20 years the truth about Kurapaty

This year, 20 years to the discovery of Kurapaty, June 3, 1988 in the newspaper "Literature and Art" was written article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road perdition." Please tell me you remember your recollection of this article, when it became known the truth about executions of thousands of innocent people near Minsk.

Dzyady 2000. First left Valery BuffaloBuffalo: Memoirs were that revealed the full truth about the way of the cross of our people and the disaster of the Russian occupation. Worried then that I experienced my colleagues at the State Art Museum, where I worked. Most of us

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In Kurapaty Forest back crosses

They reduced the crosses that were broken by vandals.

"Most importantly, holy cross was restored in the hearts of the people" Cleanup on it a lot of people who worked on the whole area of the national memorial, cleaned the area. CCP BPF activist Valery Buffalotold that working people are going to mist, and if you do not have time to restore all the crosses, then gather in the other day.Buffalo"Let us add whole pieces to those parts that have been damaged, broken. Will treat staples made a profound hole in the ground to drop the cross. There’s the people

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The extermination of the American bison

Sanctioned the killing of bison U.S. authorities. Killing animals is not only for their meat and skins, but also to undermine the traditional lifestyle of the Indian tribes inhabiting the western United States, to deprive them of the power supply and starve to death. Military General Philip Sheridan thought, "buffalo hunters have done over the last two years more to address the acute problem of the Indians than the entire regular army for the last 30 years. They destroy the material basis of the Indians. Send them powder and lead, if you will, and let them kill, flay their

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13.07.12.Na Smolensk extinct bison


13.07.12.Chto just not coming up with entrepreneurs to earn more money. Recently here, even bison brought to Smolensk. But did not have time to establish hunting — animals became extinct.

A source told news agency vRossii.ru of control messages Rosselkhoznadzor Bryansk and Smolensk regions, first began to discover the corpses of buffalo on July 4. Currently, fell more than 60 goals.

Where do the buffalo in the Smolensk region? It turned out that one of the local companies in January imported 118 of these large animals. For six months the buffalo brought litter, and their numbers had

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Another batch of buffalo came to their historical homeland

According to the Minister of Nature Protection Vladimir Grigoryev, within the framework of the state program "Environmental Protection of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)" resettlement of wood bison in Yakutia due to the revival of the buffalo in their historic homeland. As we know, in Yakutia, scientists have found the skull of an ancient bison, who lived in the area of 20-30 thousand years ago. In general, the relocation of animals in other habitats — is quite common method of saving endangered species. Currently, forest buffalo found only in Canada, there are about four thousand. In order to

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