Mass produced means better quality

Professor Bob Newman’s recent article on build quality ( AP 10 August) was certainly food for thought. I have always thought the term ‘build quality’ to be a strange one, and I am not even sure if it is grammatically correct. I prefer to use the term ‘well made’ rather than ‘good build quality’, and to my mind they both mean the same thing, although I am sure that some will disagree. If we have to use the term, however, my understanding has always been that mass-produced items generally exhibit the best build quality, because all the parts have to

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Smartphone in a sports-style

In August 2013 Russia will start selling smartphone GIGABYTE GSmart AKU A1.

New mid-range with support for two SIM-cards has a quad-core MediaTek MT6589M clocked at 1.2 GHz.

Matt plastic casing is made of non-slip coating Soft-Touch. The smartphone is made in a sleek sporty style is presented in black and white.

AKU A1 based on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean 2.0 has 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB internal, expandable up to 32GB Micro SD.

Lithium-ion battery capacity of 2000 mAh will last without recharging up to 300 hours of standby time.

Touch TFT LCD screen with a

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"One step ahead of the rest" — The motto of Seiko and its founder Kintaro Hattori. Following this motto, Seiko, marking 100 years of watchmaking, released a limited collection Kintaro Hattori Astron GPS Solar. Watch through the built miniature GPS-module receives data on the current time and date in any of the 39 s time zone and fed by energy from the built-in solar panel. A total of 5,000 units made, all in the case of titanium with a black

PVD-coated crown and adorned with onyx. Glass with anti-reflective coating and two bracelet: alligator leather and titanium. Went on sale

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Straight and Curly

Curly Girl «utyuzhat» their hair, for a perfect smoothness, and holders of straight hair tend to «catch the wave». Changes in appearance — it’s good. But with minimal risk to their own health and beauty.

Takes its

Form of hair is genetically predetermined. The representatives of the Slavic type of appearance never meet the type of hair that is typical, for example, members of the Negro race. If you look at the hair under a microscope, you can see that the line in the cross section is circular, and the curly — look like an ellipse, slightly curved in the

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Happy Birthday, Colum6us

As we celebrate the 200th birthday of Columbus, we also take the time to celebrate the people, businesses and leaders who built this great city and continue to make it such a wonderful place to call home. As such, the theme of this year’s Central Ohio Home & Garden Show, presented by grid SMART from AEP Ohio, is «Happy Birthday, Columbus! Come Celebrate With US.»

Columbus is a giving community. Individuals and businesses alike go out of their way to make a difference by being generous with their time and money.

Last summer, the community, along with the help of

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The concept of the white-picket-fenced American Dream has become a myth since the home-foreclosure crisis. Five teams of designers have investigated the crisis and they propose that it has created new opportunities for developing housing. The resulting exhibition presents visions for the future that encourage us to rethink both physical and financial architecture.

Smart Living

NETVIGATOR’s Home Networking Consultancy Service helps a Hong Kong couple build the home of their dreams covers everything from design through to installation.

The service includes consultancy, checking cable and WiFi coverage, drawing up a layout, on-site measurement, recommending equipment , installation and three after-sales





Even though the successful flagship, the main fuel, on which the Finnish giant continues to move forward — a budget phone. Here is another proof that the Nokia is virtually no competition. 501 minutes with the bright buildings reminiscent of Lumia, and while filling it and does not try to keep up with the top-end smartphones (3-inch touch screen (240×320), 3.2 megapixel camera module Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0,4 GB of internal memory, a slot microSD up to 32 GB), because after all, the price had not comparable. In addition, this phone is designed to operate with

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Custom build

— enabling self-build development

So what exactly is custom build and how does it differ from self-build? Custom build is all about enabling ‘self-build’ development. If you take a look at our European neighbours (and our Government did just that) it’s obvious that the European model of securing land and building a home is completely different, with enablement and community development taking centre stage — the result of which is that the percentage of people building their own homes abroad is considerably greater in comparison than it is here in the United Kingdom.

According to a Mori poll instigated by

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Combat zone. Build report: Tanto.

For the last 16 years, I have been building and competing in robot combat. You name it, I’ve probably built it — from walkers to brick bots to full power flippers to hydraulic crushers in almost all weight divisions. I’ve even gone as far as building my own heavyweight scale arena, which is where my build report begins.

In 2009, we set up an event and built a 30′ x 30′ steel arena with the long-term plans of getting spinning weapons back in the UK (which were banned back in 2006). Sadly, this plan was scuppered by a very small

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Build quality

WHAT a photographer wants in a camera is a very personal affair, but the marketing executives of the big camera companies pick out their ‘unique selling propositions’ from amongst those attributes that they think will have a broad appeal to the photographic community For a camera, megapixels, as a proxy for detail and resolution is one such attribute. Noise, as a proxy for ‘image quality’ is another Speed, both related to frame rate and focus performance gives another hook on which marketing people can hang their hat. More recently, more esoteric concerns such as dynamic range and colour gamut have

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