Russia and China are starting to build a railway bridge across the Amur

Russia and China signed an agreement to build a railway bridge across the Amur. The document was signed after a meeting of the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, a deputy chairman of the government of China Zhang Gaoli. The Russian side will invest in the construction of 9,000,000,000 rubles.  

The Chinese side is three times longer than the Russian, Chinese investment in the project is not named.

The agreement provides for the joint construction of the bridge length of 2200 m, the general director of

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Peter I, the Army and Navy

Coup Peter — one of the defining moments in the development of negative legends of. Not like in it and after that our homeland is more drawn to the West. The fact that this is done before Peter completely because of Peter and his successors.

Before Peter entire XVII century Russia borrows technology, equipment, methods of organization of the army. This famous and challenging century Russian history is laid almost everything then attributed to Peter. Ordered military regulations, and the first of them — back in 1621, only 8 years after the accession to the throne of the

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Kings of the Oceans

During the second World War, the U.S. justified that no battleship and an aircraft carrier is «the main ship.» Since that time, America’s leadership in this class of ships is undisputed. But the carrier has no combat value, representing only a huge floating target. Assigns the value of the aircraft carrier deck-based aircraft. Potential ability deck aircraft leading global powers and the prospects of building aircraft carriers in Russia analyzes deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Hramchihin. U.S. during the second world war have proved that it is not a battleship and an aircraft

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Rosatom could build a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan

A briefing on the results of negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Nursultan Nazarbayev told reporters in Astana that supports the intention to build a nuclear power plant on its territory.

"I think that soon we and our local partners will work on the construction of the Kazakh nuclear power plant"- Atomic Energy of broadcast news speech Nursultan Nazarbayev. Intention to implement the project of construction of nuclear power plants on the territory of the republic in October of 2011 it was announced the president of Kazakhstan, but to implement it requires a number of measures. On the main

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Report / ROSTVERTOL. How to collect helicopters

Lift up in the sky a couple of tanks, armored personnel carriers park or seven-ton power line. This can not only rocket "Proton M", but our transport helicopter Mi-26 — the largest in its class. Produce this flying warehouse in Rostov-on-Don at the "ROSTVERTOL."

"Rostvertol" is a holding company "Helicopters of Russia" — the most profitable asset of the corporation "Russian Technologies". The company — the third in the world in terms of manufactured helicopters. Today, its order backlog reached 1,500 helicopters.

1. Assembly shop Mi-26

2. Nutro giant 🙂

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Transvaal was the beginning of Moscows man-made disasters




Head of the Centre of instrumental observations of the environment and geophysical forecasts Igor Janicki engaged in the research, "underground life" for 40 years. He believes that if previously listened to the views of geophysicists, now began construction spree. Multi-storey colossus grow like mushrooms after rain, bringing

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Ocean Monsters. Last marina

This post is not about the United States and even the stately warships. Post is dedicated to the reverence for itself, its own history and its own people! Why do they relate to their own history, its monuments, to the education of pride in their history and the armed forces?

And why we do everything to ensure that Americans have the same (well, we do), we do not respect?

"Arizona" (English USS Arizona) — one of the ships of the U.S. Navy, stationed in the Bay of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 and destroyed by Japanese aircraft. (34 photos)


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Production of innovative products in the Krasnoyarsk region has tripled

This was reported by Minister of Investment and Innovation Krasnoyarsk Olga Ruhullaeva during a meeting of the Council for the innovative development of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

— In 2012, the production of innovative products in the province has increased three-fold, to 35.8 billion rubles. Edge 29 projects were supported by the program "START". 12 innovative productions have become members of the Skolkovo Foundation, 9 of them — is resident KRITBI — reported Olga Ruhullaeva.

She also noted that now the small innovative enterprises working in partnership with the major companies in the region. Thus, innovators

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Experiment with plasmas in space. Online

Experiments in Earth's orbit with a fourth state of matter — plasma. It turns out that the plasma is not a liquid substance, it has a crystalline form, but this can only be seen in weightlessness. Twist generated in the plasma are exact copies of the structure of our galaxy, and only you can know how she infancy! If the plasma to cool, that is an exact copy of the DNA structure! And that's not all …

Watch Experiment with plasmas in space Many thanks to Yuri for the video

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Secrets of Stonehenge

The most famous of the surviving stone "Labyrinth" appears Stonehenge. The mysterious structure located in the center of Ireland, does not cease to excite the minds of ordinary people as well as scientists. It is still not able to reliably determine the age of the structure, its purpose, and the manner in which Stonehenge was erected.

Uncertainty always provokes the emergence of various theories are at times no less extraordinary than the fact that they explain. This also applies to the explanation of the causes of Stonehenge. A wheelchair can

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