How to build a new station in Moscow? With accuracy to the millimeter!

Spanish, Berlin, Austrian, Soviet and Russian — are methods that are used in laying the Moscow subway. New technology allows you to build in a fantastically short time and open the station where it was previously impossible in principle. Moscow Metro network is expanding with each passing minute.

Lobbies may be underground or elevated. New stations are mainly erected by the closed method, that is, work is being done under the ground.

It is true, for example, the station "Parks", which is on the line Butovskaya shallow, open-pit building. In place already dug a

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Project 22100 patrol ship Ocean

At the end of May Zelenodol'sk plant named A.Gorkovatogo officially laid the head ship Project 22100 — Border TFR of the first rank, received the serial number 111. It snaps into service FSB, and more precisely, in its border services. It should be noted that similar ships have not even built in Russia for the Russian Navy. It is planned that the ships of this series will change outdated ships that are currently in the ranks of the FSB border guards, a series of 97P and 11351. Development of a new patrol ship began in 2009 by order of the

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From what today we need to build a house

Energy efficient housing — a priority in the construction of

The development trend of building complex is obvious: it is necessary first of all to build one-story house with the use of pre-fabricated and heat-saving designs. These homes and cheaper cost to the buyer, and warmer, and pay utility bills in them, as practice shows, is far less than usual. And then it is not necessary to use expensive foreign construction materials. The village Dolgorukovo Lipetsk region for several years successfully running factory-fabricated housing, LLC "Pearl", which is effectively using the advanced European experience and Russian innovative

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Modern building materials

Modern technology in the field of building permit build building in the shortest possible time. But in our country, people are used to making at least some compression terms, as an attempt by the construction company to quickly absorb the funds, and the output is to offer low-dwelling properties, made what is called, quickly. But almost always from that practice could retreat, and this is due, first, to increase competition between the formation and implementation of building materials contractors latest information.

One of those construction materials, which allows you to build the structure in a short time, while maintaining the

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Kubilius: Russian reactor to be built in Belarus — Pilot

Society Lithuania will fight through the European Union and the OSCE against nuclear power plants to be built next to its border.

This was stated by Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius, reports DELFI.

According to Kubilius, the study of the environmental impact of both the planned nuclear power plant — in Belarus and the Kaliningrad region — have not been completed, and no answers to the questions that are of concern to Lithuania.

"As these procedures have not been completed, any work on the development of these projects would be a violation of international conventions," — said Kubilius. He noted that

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Germany. Kalkar wonderland — an amusement park on the site of a nuclear power plant

In 1972, the Kalkar in the construction of a nuclear reactor SRS-300. As the reactor fuel was used plutonium and cooled sodium. The plan was to produce a reactor 327 megawatts of power. At that time it was an innovative technology, but the government has decided to restrict the import of energy, and the supply of uranium to Germany were limited. The reactor was never completed, and Now in its place is arranged amusement park under the title: "Wonderland Kalkar".

Local authorities were very concerned because of this building, as

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Belarus reassured: we will build in Russia

The document signed by the Company's Energy Minister Alexander Ozerets and CEO of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko.

Earlier, Kiriyenko said that the Ministry of Finance of Russia and Belarus have agreed on the allocation of the Russian loan for the construction of nuclear power plants. However, he did not specify any amounts or terms of the loan.

According to the head of "Rosatom", Russia and Belarus have agreed on the principal terms. "We are building in Belarus, in Russia — in this case, we do not have a commercial trade, and the same principle of open estimates, as

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The transaction was accomplished

France will build two helicopter carriers for the Russian Federation

Two helicopter carrier "Mistral" for Russia will be built at the STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"We are continuing negotiations on the contract, but the fact that the construction will be done, no doubt," quotes "Interfax" text of the speech Sarkozy to employees shipyard STX.

Note that the part of the Russian Federation has not yet been a final confirmation of the deal on the helicopter.

"The transaction has already" made "in the public field, but no definite decisions to purchase" Mistral "was not accepted,

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Above forty warships built by Russian shipyards

As passed yesterday, RIA "Novosti", above forty surface warships near and far offshore areas currently being built at the shipyards of Russian Federation. This was stated in the report of the Russian government.

In a press release following the meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission said that at this point in shipyards, according to the state defense order, built more than forty such ships. 3 of them are laid in February of this year.

Prior to 2020 as part of defense contracts, as previously reported, it is intended to build 50 combat ships. The number of support ships that are planned

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The Great Wall of China — who and why build?

It has long heard the theory that The Great Wall of China was built by the Chinese, and not that she was not defensive works, and separation, ie border strip. As was the case for catfish, perhaps we'll never know, but I found on one of the resources of a very convincing and "deep" article on this. Are invited to join the study of alternative history.

I will say just for reference, that it's an amazing building being constructed almost 2,000 years and its length is 4,000 kilometers! Not a bad long-term construction

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