Europe with 2-points of view in Mogilev

At forty pictures — European historical and cultural values, made the list of World Heritage sites. Photo exhibition — part of the eponymous cultural and educational project of the European Commission.On the purpose of the photo exhibition told "Freedom" project manager Olga Rachinskii:"The exhibition is conceived in order to show how Europeans behold the Europe and how to behold the Belarusians. Photoworks assure that significant differences in the vision of Europe and Europeans Belarusians not. We all live in bolshennom world and perception of the world around us monotonous" .Half the exposure, 20 photos, presented the state commission for UNESCO

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Lukashenko visits Vitebsk factory Knight

The delegation, headed by Alexander Lukashenko has to learn how to implement the government in Vitebsk tips developed Last year at a special meeting on the prospects of the industry television production.Not counting the 30 models of TVs, the company "Knight" make DVD-player, vacuum cleaner, medical equipment, fire equipment, furniture and building materials.Just creation of materials and will now demonstrate Lukashenko at the factory. Administration of the enterprise should also report on the implementation of energy-saving technologies.At the Vitebsk enterprise "Hero" has about 5 thousand people, but behold Alexander Lukashenko able only those who work in specially prepared for the

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In Orel industrial park has its first resident

Leaders of the industrial park "Green Grove" has agreed with a group of agro-industrial companies to build a major plant for buckwheat.

Under the arrangement, the park, which is established by the provincial government, will be the first resident. Investor promises to build a processing plant with capacity of 120 tons of buckwheat grain per day. There will also be constructed elevator with a capacity of storage of 15-20 million tons of grain, cereal plant and filling and logistics center. It is planned to create about 300 jobs. Construction is scheduled to begin in September this year, the start

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Tyumen gained unprecedented pace of road construction


Tyumen bridge builders in 2012, made a "heroic labor of" constructing outcome "clover leaf" in just 6 months, this rate in Russia did not know before. But that's not going to stop them, passing one object they come for another two.

Construction of the interchange "Overpass over the ring" at the intersection of Shirotnaya and Melnikaite in full swing. The work does not stop, day or night or in cold weather. The total length of decoupling will be more than four kilometers.

Now, one might say, the beginning of the work, willing to

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Prospects for the U.S. Navy and Russian

  Compare, in what form will the U.S. Fleet and just 8 years old, in 2020. Let’s start with submarines. We intensively built atomic Borei (10 ships by 2020), nuclear Ashes (10 ships by 2020), SSK project 636.3 (6 ships in 2016), Project 677 diesel-electric submarines (14 ships by 2020). And what in the U.S.? In the U.S., 42 obsolete nuclear submarines type Los Angeles, built in the late 70’s to 90’s, which by the 20th will be charged every one. Minus 42 boats. Substitution is not built. 18 nuclear submarines of Ohio, also 80s built, too, every one of

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Transneft started to build a production base in Bratsk

In late June, on the right bank of OJSC "AK" Transneft "has started to build a production base for the East-Siberian branch of the CAP" Diascan. "

Of the CAP "Diascan" — a subsidiary of OJSC "AK" Transneft ". Activities — diagnosis and assessment of the technical condition of the oil pipelines, equipment, pumping stations, reservoirs vertical steel, industrial safety expertise, design and manufacture of devices for pipeline cleaning and diagnostics of pipelines, equipment testing facilities pipelines and facilities in-line cleaning and diagnostics, technical supervision for the construction and operation of pipeline facilities and the production of products of

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In Minsk begin to build five-star hotel

Five-star hotel built in the area Komsomol lake. He will be 7 or 8 floors, but no more so as not to cover the water surface. The hotel has 240 rooms. To build a given two years. Chief Designer Minsk Viktor Nikitin Alexander Lukashenko said today that soon next to the Palace of the Republic will build another five-star hotel. It will belong to the company "Kempinski". Tags: Lukashenko, construction, hotel, Nikitin

Forecasts Gomel activists for 2008

Vasily Polyakov, Chairman of the Gomel Regional UCP:"In 2008 parliamentary elections. This — not the election, and political company. Depending on how the democratic forces in the political will, as they strongly th intentionally will work, depends almost everything. And maybe the new year will be a turning point in the democratization and liberalization of the authoritarian political system, established in the environment of Belarus 90 years. In 2008, likely, strengthen the position of China, and it will have even more influence on world politics. "Pyotr Kuznetsov, Regional Coordinator created Freedom Party th progress:"Projections in general is not very grateful.

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Night Siege December 5

Blogerluft draws attention to such news agency BelaPAN: Migrant Accommodation Center in Brest is 32-year-old Swiss citizen. Stranger came to Belarus by car "Lada" through the checkpoint Warsaw Bridge 28 November and said the border guards about he wants refugee status ". L_u_f_t calls this" another stunning victory of the Belarusian model ". Readers blog comment:"I think he was even in Navinki residence will." "From Switzerland to Belarus? On the" Lada "? Well this is how need to be loser … " "Maybe in Switzerland repression began against the hosts" Lada "?"The forums write: "In the current" Evening Brest "on

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Vitebsk businessman ruined house that he built

"Narodnaya Volya". "The unprecedented case." Vitebsk businessman Anatoly Yegorov their own hands destroyed the two-story brick house. In the 90s he got ground plot in the prestigious district — on the shore of the Western Dvina, built a house there. Not so long ago on the website of the State Control Committee had placed a message on the demolition of houses built illegally Tipo. The competent authorities have given the command to demolish the building. The owner decided to sue the authorities hopeless case. And he took apart a brick house, which their own hands and built the same."Free Deep"

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