Savvy builder. New & Improved.

Don’t ask a 19th-century builder to build you a 21st-century log home.

You’ll find them at home shows or wandering through the comments that follow blog postings on home building. Their remarks carry an unmistakable air of authority backed by vast experience. In fact, they may actually have decades of hands-on learning under their tool belts. But their conversations share a theme: The old ways are the best ways; new materials and methods are just passing fancies.

I first encountered the staunch traditionalist more than 30 years ago as a neophyte builder. I had asked a question of an HVAC

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Loft conversions can be as simple as adding Velux windows and a pull-down ladder (although a temporary staircase means it won’t count as an extra room when you sell), or as dramatic as extending out of the original roof, effectively providing an extra floor. Start by getting acquainted with the area — if your loft has a ceiling height of 2.3 metres or more, it has the potential to be converted.


Even small lofts can work effectively as a self-contained guest suite, nursery, office, music room, etc. Before you decide on the extent of the works,

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Ask Mr. Roboto.

Tap into the sum of all human knowledge and get your questions answered here! From software algorithms to material selection, Mr. Roboto strives to meet you where you are — and what more would you expect from a complex service droid?

The summer heat is over. Let the fall and winter robot competitions begin! October sees lots of things happening in the Rockies where I live. Being a total geek, it is time to make cool Halloween costumes about scientists and robots. None of that mamby-pamby sparkly vampire stuff for THIS guy! High tech, rockets, and even steam-punk are the

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The government wants to take control of Belarusian builders in Russia

By him, "Belarusian leaves 100-150 thousand migrant workers to a greater extent are the builders who work in Russia." "We want to take control this process"- Said the emperor Semashko, explaining what is offered to enter into contracts with a construction companies that send their employees in Russia.

Belynichy: board opened after V.Havratovicha

Poet by vocation, a builder by profession Victor Khovratovich presided in the community almost two years — from late 1989 until his death October 19, 1991.Pioneers perpetuating Victor Khovratovich were students Belynichi poet of the literary association "inspiration." Made his fellow board builders.

The celebrations it was more about the work of Victor Khovratovich. Speakers had read in Belarusian. In Russian made Head of ideology Belynichi executive committee.Who was Victor Khovratovich? Knows his friend Belynitsky journalist, local historian Misha Karpechanka:"Victor Khovratovich was one of the few members of the Union of Writers of Belarus in Russian time, who does not

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Lukashenko said that the building collapsed branch

In the construction sector employs more than 400 Belarus thousand people. Branch gives 8.5% of gross domestic product. But claims the builders had accumulated a huge amount read Alexander Lukashenko:"We can not be satisfied with any pace, quality or prices of construction in Belarus. Take at least some link prepyadstviya everywhere." Economic commentator Konstantin Skuratovich believes that the construction industry is really a huge amount of inaccuracies: "This is because we have construction branch as All other, controlled by administrative means. Give the job — learn to do, to build … And in this market environment must be demand and

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In Birobidzhan opened Stadium Builder

In Birobidzhan opening a sports complex "Builder", located in the city park of culture and recreation.

On the territory of built two outdoor courts area of about one million square meters, the building gym for a game of mini-football, volleyball, basketball, badminton and tennis area of about one and a half million square meters.

Administrative unit includes a hotel, a gym, lobby and rooms with buffet service staff.


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Mysteries of the tunnel

When was carried out construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway, which was held in difficult climatic conditions, was built one hundred forty two small and big bridges and laid eight tunnels, about which builders have told many mysterious stories. Baikal is famous tunnel was the fact that from time to time there appeared a large yellow balls of fire. The builders have noticed that after these events there was a strong push groundwater and pumped them was not easy.


Going on a trip and you urgently need

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Builders in Rostock release Russian tank

While working on the reconstruction of the dam Warnow in the German town of Rostock, November 16 builders have found part of an old Russian tank. The next day, Thursday, November 17, the extract was made from the land of 17-ton metal turret with a gun. When removing the tower were found 6 shells and grenades, which according to a representative of the municipality of Rostock, were neutralized. For all this, the sappers were found and extracted remains Crew (thigh, upper arm bone and rib).

We are talking about a tank T-34/85, which memoirs of eyewitnesses and witness

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In Chelyabinsk, remodeled pool Builder

In Chelyabinsk, completes the reconstruction of the pool, "builder", where from 9 to 16 September will be the European Championship water polo for girls under 19 years of age.

Work is being done around the clock. Renovated entrance, replaced windows and doors, updated porch. The main pool basin laid out the new tiles. Above the chashoy completely replaced the lighting system, installed energy-saving lamps.

UPD: Championship started!

Completes installation of the stands for the spectators, renovated room under the doping control. Installed new sensory showers. Installation of ultra-precision timing system and video board will hold competitions in all water sports.

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