Production of building materials


In Ukraine, the booming production of building materials?

February 13

Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine makes every effort to increase capacity building materials industry and import substitution.

This is a direct consequence of the measures provided for by the National Action Plan for 2012 to implement economic reforms initiated by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. This was stated by Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Gennady Temnik, reporting on the results of the construction industry in 2012, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine

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Object 187

"Object 187" — because of this closeness tank is one of the most mysterious military vehicles made by Russian industry. Reliable information on the machines in the network is virtually absent. The few publications that are available, sin conjectures, hypotheses and outright errors. Suggested photo are the first public images of the tank Networking Web. Their photographed model 6th most experienced (and last) reference machine. The model is a staff UKBTM Yuri Panfilov and Vladimir Usov in M1/10 to represent ordering management as nice illustrations at the closing of the 1st steps of OCD. Work on the model took

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To wit: Fitness lovers rocked skyscraper in Seoul


20.07.11.V capital of South Korea was "shaking" 39-storey skyscraper. The cause of the incident, as it turned out, were training at the fitness center on one of the floors of retail and office building. Emergency happened on July 6 in the center of Seoul TechnoMart, which houses hundreds of shops, as well as offices and a cinema. According to RIA Novosti, the building height of 189 feet was shaking for about ten minutes, while there were about three thousand men. Some of the people were evacuated. South Korean experts have made an investigation of the incident and found that

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Australia: In Queensland, formed a giant sinkhole

February 20, 2013. In the not yet forgotten resulting from ex-cyclone Oswald at the end of January this year, floods, Queensland Bendaberg city, close to the marina Midtown Marina formed a huge earthen collapse. Inside the crater early in the morning fell through a two-story building, owned by the owners of the marina.

The city administration is seriously concerned that the same fate could soon befall still about 10 buildings along the river Burnett, including a multi-storey building hotel. At the moment, negotiations are underway to evacuate the workers and residents of those buildings that fall into the danger

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Shelling white houses unknown South American intelligence agencies saddled task

The Security Service Snow-white houses had traces of shelling buildings with automatic weapons. Specialists at survey found two bullets, one of which almost broke through bulletproof glass window. Told about it, "BBC News" on November 16.

That the shooting was identified by external examination of the structure. One of the bullets issued almost broke through the armored glass, the second ricocheted off the wall fell down a few meters from the building. According to preliminary data, during the shelling of the villain used automatic AK-47. But security has missed the time of firing.

The only clue to which

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Production of building a series of Strong

Arcas Buildings Series Strong" have in its base frame by frame basis of variable rigidity. This allows for optimal weight indices section, and thus save time and money. On the basis of these skeletons are made industrial buildings, logistics centers and warehouses, sports facilities, agricultural facilities, showrooms and offices.


high technology and the ability to fully automate the production;

resistance to dynamic loads and temperature;

supply SKD elements, which reduces the time and cost of transportation;

seriality: buildings can be single or multi-span;

can be equipped

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Production of concrete elements of buildings opened in Vladivostok

The new production line of prefabricated elements of reinforced frame buildings, will accelerate the process of building houses three times and make it more accessible.

The new system of housing construction — one of the best in Russia for the first time and will be applied in Primorye. Thanks to new technology, the construction of each floor will be conducted three times faster. It's already proven examples of the use of such systems in other cities of the country.

In addition, the new technology of building frames reduces the amount of consumable metal and concrete, and it is

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In China, collapsed seven-storey new building


In China, the seven-storey building collapsed. Photo: ChinaFotoPress / Getty Images

24.03.11.Po the newspaper "ping" at about 4 am on March 21, collapsed one 7-storey building in the city of Zhuhai, making local residents thought it was an earthquake, there was panic.

According to local residents, when the building collapsed, all thought it was an earthquake, people ran out of the night on the street, without having to take anything with them. The next day, some residents began to prepare for the move, as they were damaged and some of the nearby buildings, including several shops.

According to

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Nine-story building collapsed in Bolivia


SANTA CRUZ, January 31. In Bolivia, in the collapse of the 9-story building killed 18 people. According to RBC, the incident occurred during construction.

It is reported that nine builders suffered and were taken to hospitals.

According to preliminary information, the cause of the tragedy began to design weaknesses, specify the "News."

In the analysis of debris involved 85 rescuers, including those from Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico. Now they are looking for five more people who are supposedly under the rubble of collapsed buildings. Started investigating the causes of the accident.


Fire in the SEC Krasny Yar in Lesosibirsk. Video


21.02.12.Sotrudnikam MOE been localized fire in a shopping center in Lesosibirsk Krasnoyarsk, fire area exceeds 3.3 thousand square meters, said a spokeswoman at the edge GUMCHS Elena Yastrebkova.

The fire started in the annexe to the building of the shopping center "Krasny Yar". Additional building consists of three floors and the attic. After the flames spread to the main building of the three-story store. From a burning building were rescued 50 people.

"At 20.34 (16.34 MSK) fire localized to the area of 3.36 thousand square meters. At the moment, along with fire extinguishing examined store. Extinguishing are

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