After the reconstruction of kindergartens were opened in Tyumen and the Arkhangelsk region and an orphanage in Orenburzhskoy

In Tyumen opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 14. Kindergarten was chetyrnadtsytym account opened in the Tyumen region this year.


Preschool in the village Sidorovskaya Arkhangelsk region will attend the 50 kids. In his update was allocated nearly 25.7 million. Kindergarten will visit children who live not only in Sidorovsk, but other localities situated on the left bank of the river Vileda, as well as in the regional center — the village Ilyinsko-Podomskoe.

In the Orenburg region was opened after an overhaul of state fiscal educational institutions for orphans and children left without parental care, "Children's House g.Sol-Iletska."

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After reconstruction, opened kindergartens in 3 areas

The village Kangly Mineralovodskogo district opened after reconstruction kindergarten

New Year's Eve young villagers Kangly Mineralovodskogo district received a welcome gift — after major overhaul and reconstruction opened the door to a kindergarten.

Children in the village of Kangly much, the kindergarten was badly needed, but that the old building of the former elementary school brought in line with modern standards, the contractor — UMC "Mineral Waters" — had to work hard. Suffice it to say that civil works and new equipment from local and regional budgets was allocated 25 million rubles.

The building has an area of over 400

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Refurbished opened a kindergarten in the village of Big Yards Moscow region

In the working village of Big Yards Pavlovsky Posad district opened a renovated kindergarten number 24 "Gingerbread Man".

The building and all utility systems are fully updated. In addition, the landscaped area adjacent to Sadiku, organized entrances to the building, prepared by a comfortable pram playground.

Refurbished opened clinic and a clinic

In the village of Zhigalovsky renovated building opened clinic. The two-story wooden building was built in 1932. Complex repair it bylproveden first time. This was announced by the Minister of Health of the Irkutsk region, Nikolai Kornilov.

The minister said that the foundation of the building was renovated, the roof, replaced electrical networks, utilities, windows, interior decoration done. On this out of the budgets of all levels of health care modernization program Angara in 2012 was sent to 12.4 million rubles.

According to the chief medical health facilities Anna Danilova, the clinic is designed for

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Overview Events yesterday 2/12/11.


Residential building collapsed in Egypt Luxor

12.02.11.Semietazhny residential building collapsed in the Egyptian city of Luxor in the south. The incident resulted in killing 15 people, another 20 received injuries of varying severity. This is reported by the local media. House collapsed overnight. Search and rescue operation on the site of collapse continues. According to rescuers, the apartment building is in disrepair. Recently, on the roof was installed relay provider. Note that according to statistics, in Egypt there are about 2 million homes that are hazardous to occupants. Public services have issued over 100 thousand orders to demolish illegal

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In Rostov TC MEGA evacuated staff and visitors


July 28 at the family shopping center MEGA Rostov-on-Don, about 20.30 Moscow time there was an emergency evacuation of visitors and staff of the center of the building. Hands-free, it was announced the message: "Dear visitors MEGA! For technical reasons, we ask you to leave the building. " Employees of the shopping center will show you the shortest path to the exit. "

One of the witnesses said happened: — The stores were a lot of people. I tried to pay for the goods quickly at the checkout. An employee of the store refused and again asked me earnestly

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Strong winds tore roofs in Mangistau region


ASTANA, April 15 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan. Strong wind in the Mangistau region damaged roofs of houses and a number of public facilities, said in Friday's press-service of Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In particular, according to the department, on Friday night in Aktau for wind gusts up to 28 meters per second, "there was a partial failure of the roof of the building department of the penitentiary system, the failure of roofs and fences in prisons GM 172/1, 172 GM / 6, GM 172/8 ". Also damaged the roof of the district hospital, a school named after Abay, a

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Earthquake in Israel


1.01.11.Vecherom January 1 was recorded earthquake in northern Israel. Dozens of residents of Tiberias, Safed and Beit Shean told the police about the relatively strong aftershocks. Institute of Geophysics estimated earthquake magnitude 3.6 on the Richter scale. Any damage or injuries were reported, but the Beit Shean, many residents took to the streets, keeping away from the buildings.

Geophysical Institute has not said where exactly was the epicenter of the earthquake. The last time shook northern Israel at the end of November. Then in Safed magnitude was 3.5 on the Richter scale — then too there were no property

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In Egypt collapsed 14-storey building


6.02.12.Pod rubble collapsed buildings in Alexandria can be about 4 semey.Vethaya building in Mantazza-1 collapsed completely.

Left in place emergency rescue workers, firefighters, and emergency medical technician. — Under the rubble, probably blocked by people. The building could house up to four families — reported to the police.

Anton Stepanov

Source: Life News Online

New abilities drone

On the basis of the Central hydrodynamic Institute developed a new model of unmanned aircraft. This drone is flown by the rules, uncharacteristically ordinary plane. Rise of the aircraft is quite upright landing — without stripes. The presence of these features greatly enhances the ability to use it.

The absence of the fuselage, tail, wings, this invention does not much similar to the usual flying apparatus. This development has many similarities with a flying fan: there is only the engine, the guide vane and screw. So looks new unmanned flying machine. From other drones it differs in that manufactures

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