The Sanctuary of Truth. The unique unfinished wood

Temple of Truth (Sanctuary of Truth, also called Wang Boran (Wang Boran) and Prasat May (Prasat Mai)) Represents 105-meter-long wooden temple, designed to showcase the modern religious art, currently under construction in Pattaya.

Construction was started on the initiative and at the expense of Viriyaphanta Lek (Lek Viriyaphant), an eccentric millionaire and patron of the Thai culture.

The temple, whose construction began in 1981, constructed in the style of the ancient Khmer architecture, such as the one which can be seen at Angkor, and is completely covered with

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Hovrinskaya abandoned hospital — Dark forces Croatian

Hovrinskaya an abandoned hospital. This grim 11-story hospital is visited by hundreds of people from all over Moscow and other cities, but not for the purpose of treatment. The building has long been abandoned, and the medical establishment, it was only on paper. The fact that the building it began in 1981. But already in 1985, the work had to be stopped after the attacks of satanic sects Nemostor. According to other versions of it appeared unfinished, either because of lack of funding or because of the fact that the foundation of the building is

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An explosion at a chicken farm in the Bryansk region


Moscow. October 23. INTERFAX.RU — at poultry farms in the Bryansk region exploded Dusty mixture, the fate of two workers is not known, "Interfax" in EMERCOM in the region on Sunday.

"The incident occurred at 9:10 MSK poultry farm" Snowball "in the Bryansk region Bryansk region. The building of feed plant exploded Dusty mixture, but no ignition occurred. The incident resulted in a brick building collapsed ceiling, "- said agentstva.On added that after the explosion at the poultry farm were missing two rabochih.V now in place collapsed ceilings conducted rescue operations.


That would feed exploded, which I

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Collective suicide of birds occurred in China


Birds fly up to the building and commit suicide, a raid on the building. Photo:

28.02.11.V Yantai, Shandong Province recently, a strange phenomenon: the birds flew up to the building and committed suicide, a raid on the building. According to eyewitness Wan, February 15, local residents discovered that a number of birds were flying at high speed directly to the building, and died of a stroke on the wall. Previously, this was never seen or heard. Suicide birds occurs every day, most often occurs from 15:00 to 16:00.


Some local residents are trying to guess

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Petersburg falls to the ground

Experts are alarmed because of large-scale underground construction groundwater level constantly decreases. Because of this broken wooden foundations of the historic center of St. Petersburg.

It's no secret that our city was built on soft ground. Many of these cities. For example, Helsinki, Stockholm. Complete analog Petersburg — Dutch capital Amsterdam. These cities were built on the same principle: where the soil tight, stacked wooden sills, unique rafts. On top of them covered rubble. On this foundation, erected the building. In areas where the soil is too wet, wooden piles were driven. By the way, they hold almost all the

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Feat in Vershinino: Tomsk as a farmer in the village of Kolpakov built an innovative school

JULY 30, 2013.

Feat in Vershinino. How Tomsk farmer Kolpakov built in the village of innovative school

Photo: Tomsk Review

Vershinino village, which is 30 kilometers from Tomsk, recently enriched by a new school, so what! With a unique heating system, brand new computers, interactive whiteboards, and dozens of energy-saving lamps, a large gym and a comfortable dining room. And it appeared due to the personal initiative of one local resident only — farmer Michael Kolpakov.

The case for our unique edge — the man himself and he decided to build a full-fledged school, though

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Bimbo gallakticheskaya harbor Russia

In Amur the area is developed excellent buildingIn September 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree about the purpose of the Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy RF) leading organization in the development of Russian state spaceport East in the Amur region.

According to the Director General of the Army Nikolai Spetsstroy Abros'kina on the ground of 700 square kilometers will be built more than 400 objects, including two starting set for launch vehicles of the middle class over-load, assembly and testing, oxygen and nitrogen and hydrogen plants, universal airfield complex . It is also necessary to prepare

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Near Kharkov build a logistics center, equipped with solar panels

A representative of the Swedish group "LLENTAB" in Ukraine — the company "Llentab" (Kiev) started the construction of a logistics complex in s.Podvorki Dergachyovsky region Kharkov region. The customer was Ukrainian logistics operator "Luxury Logistics". At the site erected the steel frame of the building, the interior usable height is 10 m area of storage of the goods will be 2 thousand 670 square meters

In the logistics complex with total area of 4 thousand 937 sq provides office and residential use. The delivery of quickly building includes industrial door and loading system. Volatility logistics center will provide

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The Estonian orphanage fire


On Sunday, February 20, at a residence for young children in Haapsalu on fire. According to initial data, the ten children's home were killed.

Rescuers got the message in 14.30. As spokesman of the West Estonian Rescue Centre Viktor Saaremets news portal ERR, which, according to initial data, killed ten children's home. The hospital had been delivered 10 children and one adult.

The causes of fire are under investigation.

By the time rescuers on the scene, the wooden building blazing flame. Rescuers carried out of the burning house ten people and others were evacuated. In total, the building is

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In Yakutsk collapsed wall of a house. Video

Karst holes

9.07.11.V Yakutsk partially collapsed wall of an apartment building. Collapse was the result of subsidence. Also hit five balconies. About it, "Interfax" reported in the Far Eastern regional center (DVRTS) Emergency Ministry.

As a result of the incident 45 residents of the building were evacuated. Victims and victims among them.

Source: Lead

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