Mogilev refueling building in violation of laws

The fact that under the windows of the house number 69 on the street Simon’s going to build a gas station, the residents had no idea:"We, when construction began, drove themselves to the management architecture and there learned that there will build benzakalenka. No hearings and interviews with us nobody spent. No signs on the fence of the construction site was not. This is what we ourselves have learned on their own, "- said a resident of the house Tatyana.Began to build a gas station on April 23. In response, people took to collect signatures for stopping construction. This week

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In pictures: it was and it was (Mytischi Moscow region).

g.Mytischi, City Administration, in 1986, the author A.Gusev

The same building, 2006

Railway station, 2004

The modern view of one of the platforms.

Railway bridge-concourse at present.

Grocery store in a building, 2003

TRC "Red Whale", 2006

Why politicians do not protect historical heritage?

About two hundred invaluable testimony Belarusian history irretrievably lost or rebuilt beyond recognition. Why politically active part of society does not consider protection starasvetchyny own priority? Why in the midst of political slogans no opposition calls to protect the historic heritage, which currently consume an epidemic in different regions of Belarus? Historian, one of the favorites of the Belarusian Social-Democracy Alexey Lord believes that a prerequisite to — usually a passive attitude of Belarusians to the dilemma:

"Policy on the settlement of historical monuments and was, in fact, remained at the moment. Little break came in" binge "kebichavskay democracy,

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KGB claims that the KGB did not burn

Correspondent: Now no sign no fire. KGB, Which culminated in working day and coming out of the building, the question was whether their fire, flatly answered "no."There is a version that can be made on the roof of the KGB any system work — poured resin, with all this usually goes dark smoke. But KGB uttered that about roof repair, they also do not know anything.It may be noted that from the street Komsomolskaya open windows in the building, previously I beheld such does not, but it’s not indicates, that there was smoke in the building. In building a powerful

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Pastor Goncharenko was fined 1.75 million rubles

Tribunal Metropolitan of Minsk fined the pastor of the church "New Life" Vyacheslav Goncharenko million seven thousand rubles — Tipo for breaking the rules and the people collecting signatures for non-prescription prosecutor.Vyacheslav Goncharenko court explained that citizens in Minsk and regions voluntarily put signatures under an appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal for the fact that the configuration have been made to the law on religion and the Administrative Code.Subscribed under appeal not only faithful Protestant communities, and other citizens. Altogether, more than 50 000 signatures. April 22 Sevyarinets Paul, who was among those who collected signatures attributed to the Constitutional

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Mogilev: monuments, from which only the foundations remain

"On the video — Mogilev ruined monuments of architecture, the foundations of which have survived. This St. Xavier Church, Epiphany Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. Joseph, also Mogilev City Hall, which is presently restored. In the future, these monuments can be returned. Soon Mogilev TBM offers local authorities install on-site destruction of monuments memorials describing what they were. This will be the first step to recovery, "- said" Radio Liberty "community chairman Oleg Diachkov.Mogilev listed as monuments of architecture and urban planning over 100 fifty of old buildings. Many monuments were destroyed before the second World War I, Mogilev

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Scientists have a new building of Akademgorodok

Two scientific research institutes of got a new building in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. The building has a total area of 7 thousand square meters. m


Two floors of the building will take Institute of Soil Science. The second part of the building is designed to Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is isolated from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics.

The new building of the two institutions will be included in the biological cluster, which also includes a vivarium area of 5 thousand square meters. m deposited 2 years

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Declared sentence Catherine Solovevoj

19:45Police drew on Lyudmila Atakulava protocol for his role in an unauthorized rally. Lady was not released, was taken to a night of pre-trial detention center Novopolotsk. Tribunal over Lyudmila Atakulava begins tomorrow at 9:30 am. 19:05Police officers away from Polotsk detained car in which vorachivalis Minsk maladafrontavtsuy Alexey Shein, Dennis Sadowski, Lyudmila Atakulava and Valery Mackiewicz. They were ordered to remain in the car guys and Atakulava led to the station. Policemen were on paper for yourself, where were recorded numbers of vehicles, which came in Polotsk associates Kasi Solovevoj from Minsk.18:30The verdict sentencing Alexei Januszewski was moved to

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In Belarus, build houses out of grass

Apartment in the capital Minsk is from 50 to 120 thousand dollars. To build a house on a dirt section, you must have more than 15 thousand dollars just to build materials. Are there other kinds of Belarus in the construction? Can the average Belarusian now build a house yourself and your own family?Our correspondent learned that there candidacy ordinary construction. Build ecological, a cheap and reliable home possible for one season.Candidacy of brick, wood and reinforced concrete ladies can make at home from straw bales. The Center "Habitat" Research Institute of Urban Development designed to develop the construction of

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Offensive cartoons send mail

Recall the other day Youth Commission BSDP (Gromada) encouraged people to April 1, at 12 hours to bring the KGB building in Minsk "offensive" cartoons on DVD or other media. According to Deputy Chairman BSDP (Gromada) Igor Rinkevich, those cartoons, "in which characters can be found, very similar to the Belarusian head." This action members BSDP (Gromada) meant to express solidarity with the journalists who accuse of involvement in multi where the insult Tipo head of state.About the structure of the KGB protesters expect about 10 Single people in civil and commandos. They checked the documents of journalists.

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