The roof of the building in Kazan, collapsed under the weight of snow


Kazan. February 3. INTERFAX.RU — The collapse of the roof of the production building in Kazan, which killed the man, according to preliminary data, there has been uncollected because of snow, the agency "Interfax", the press service of the State Emergency Ministry in Tatarstan.

As told in the MOE, metal structures could not stand the weight of snow.


Light aircraft crash in Mexico


19.02.11.Legkomotorny plane crashed Friday at the airport in the Mexican city of Pachuca (Hidalgo), two people died, told the head of the Civil Defense staff Miguel Garcia.

According to the latest avianetka owned local flying club, came off the runway during landing and crashed into the building of the military unit. Died in the crash of an aircraft commander and copilot, the building was completely destroyed.

This is not the first plane crash in this airport, which is located in the city. Last year, the light aircraft crashed on take-off at the house, located on Pitaayyas then killed two

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Vladimir region partially collapsed house


5.09.11.Obrushenie walls between apartments occurred in a house in the Vladimir region Lakinsk evening of 3 September, REGNUM correspondent in the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Vladimir region.

Message of cotton around the house on the street. D.63 world came to the panel manager regional management MChSv 21:39. As a result of the incident in a two-story brick building with wooden floors built in 1958 collapsed walls in two adjacent apartments. The house is home to 24 people, including 10 children who died and victims.

Were evacuated from the building, we collaborate

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Vladimir region collapsed floors house


Employees EMERCOM in the Vladimir region. Photo from Office

17.05.11.Perekrytiya house old building collapsed on Tuesday night in Strunino Vladimir region, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the press service of the Main Department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations region. The collapse of a four-floor brick building built in 1928 that is home to 89 people, occurred about 21:10.

According to preliminary data of the Emergencies Ministry, injuring two people, they can be under the rubble. Among the victims, presumably, a child of six. report

A series of explosions and fires swept through China


A fire in a shopping pavilion American electrical equipment. Zhejiang Province. December 2010. Photo from

26.12.10.Minimum six incidents of fire occurred in various parts of China on December 24. The country continues to explode plants and burn the building.

According to the website "Zili", about 8:00 am local time in the city of Jilin in one of the houses exploded gas. The blast blew out windows in the two neighboring houses. The fire started to urgently evacuated thousands of residents near the six houses, four people are in critical condition, no one died.

The publication "Syantay

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Pension Southern in Adler expanded to 200 rooms

When entering the Adler district of Sochi built second stage pension "Southern" 4-star, 200 rooms. The current portion of pension and new development divided highway of federal importance — Lenin Street.


Authors: General designer — "Treydyunik SRL" (Italy) Authors stage "Project Documentation", LLC "PTAM Vissarionova" — Arch. YG Vissarionov (Supervisor), KM SAVKIN, SS Voronin, MA Cherniavskyi, DV Ziborov, TA Moskvina, etc.

The original version of the complex is not much different from being implemented.

View from the sea. Searched for a hotel complex tower LCD "Sea Symphony".

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In the Zaporozhye region, there are 103 active landslide

One of the natural hazards in the Zaporozhye region are landslides. As the General Directorate of Disaster Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, in our region, there are 206 landslides are common in the area of 50.2 sq. km. km, including active — 103, with an area of 9.43 square meters. km, within the building recorded 24 landslides, mudslides are two effects of the object economy.

Landslides are most often within the building of Berdyansk, Dneprorudnoe, Vasiljevka, Seaside, Kamenka-Dneprovki, and in the wild — in Berdyansk Obitochnogo and bays.

In 2010, the bank stabilization and prevention of landslides in the area spent

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The hurricane damaged roofs of dozens of houses in the west of Ukraine

Last Tuesday, the hurricane in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast in western Ukraine damaged roof 40 houses, the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry on Wednesday.

Strong gusty wind and rain and hail took place on Tuesday in the Galician region of Ivano-Frankivsk region. As a result of the hurricane hit the village Krylos and mosquitoes. The village Krylos partially destroyed one house, completely destroyed the roof of four apartment houses were partially damaged and slate tile covering 15 houses. In the village of Komari damaged slate tile and metal-coating for 21 apartment building, knocked down four power transmission towers, resulting in part out

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Thousands of people were left homeless in Brazil

The death toll in floods and landslides in Brazil exceeded 500. Basically it favell residents whose homes were swept away mud flows.

The authorities have already recognized the Serrana region north of Rio de Janeiro, a disaster. At last report, ten thousand people were left homeless. Impossible to restore the house — mud flows easily demolished not only wooden, and brick buildings.

Survive during such a disaster — an extraordinary piece of luck. The footage, which has spread all over the world — a woman in seconds until her house is destroyed

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Switzerland is preparing for earthquakes

Earthquake in Basel in 1356. Yauslin Carl (1842-1904)

May 30. Despite the relatively low level of seismic activity, Switzerland is at risk. This fact, coupled with earthquakes in Ferrara and Modena, 22-29 May forced the government to think about the problems of the Confederation of public safety.

Preparing for the tremors being at different levels. This week in Basel held large-scale exercises to prevent the consequences of a possible accident. At the same time in Zurich and Geneva, discussed the need for a law on compulsory seismological examination of any structures erected.

According to experts from the

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