Earthquake in Italy: a photo essay

According to updated data in the earthquake May 29, 2012 in the north-east of Italy killing at least 8 people. The event took place in the region of Emilia-Romagna, and tremors were felt up to Milan. 1.A cloud of dust rose after an earthquake struck the building in Mirandola.

2.The dog in the wreckage enterprise Mirandola.


3.Employees of the company "Meta" mourn the three victims of the building collapse in San Felice.


4.Part of the ornament of the church in Modena Voto broke during the earthquake.


5.Firefighters are trying to find people

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In the U.S., a tornado chose to strike only one house in the neighborhood

Homeless remained American family in Nebraska, after their house collapsed powerful tornado. First, a tornado tore the roof off the building, and then turned a seemingly robust construction in a pile of garbage.

Home owners say they left it just a few minutes before the disaster, and it was a miracle no one was hurt. It is noteworthy that the tornado destroyed the only one building in the district. No other destructions.


Collective suicide of birds occurred in China


Birds fly up to the building and commit suicide, a raid on the building. Photo:

28.02.11.V Yantai, Shandong Province recently, a strange phenomenon: the birds flew up to the building and committed suicide, a raid on the building. According to eyewitness Wan, February 15, local residents discovered that a number of birds were flying at high speed directly to the building, and died of a stroke on the wall. Previously, this was never seen or heard. Suicide birds occurs every day, most often occurs from 15:00 to 16:00.


Some local residents are trying to guess

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On Khortitsa strong tornado demolished iron roofing from a building Cossack museum

Unexpected tornado demolished 47-ton iron coating on the roof of the Museum on the island of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks Khortytsya, Director General of the National Reserve Khortytsya Maxim Ostapenko.

"It was a very strong gust of wind. Near the museum converge several areas of the Dnieper, is adjacent to three beds, and the main flow of the Dnieper was a powerful front that literally struck by the structure of the museum, the windows shook in the windows, the alarm went off. After that tornado lifted a few yards up the metal structure on the roof of the museum, and transferred

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Heir Thirty

After the creation of the autumn of 1943 of the T-34-85 became evident that the ability of "Thirty" in terms of enhancing weapons and armor protection absolutely exhausted. The reason was to build cars with aft engine compartment, occupied 47.7 percent of the hull length. Because of this, the tower was very biased forward that in-1's, has led to an over load on the front road wheels and in-2, is not allowed to mount the driver's hatch on the roof of the case.

First event limited the process of strengthening the arms: as you know, despite having made samples, place

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Siberian blog. City Decembrists and Khodorkovsky

Society with Vladimir Putin, who was traveling to Chita on the yellow "Kalina" we razminulisya. Generally in the Trans-Baikal region rarely visited the leaders of Russia. And politicians were exiled here. Including the rebels, revolutionaries, dissidents.

The first dissidents exiled Decembrists were here in 1825, by which the city has grown culturally. Decembrist Dmitry Zavalishyn even developed a plan for the construction of Chita.

It is no accident in the house, where she was the wife of the Decembrist Mikhail Naryshkin Elizabeth, and now is one of the city's libraries.

To still in almost perfect state of preservation of the

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Mud landslide in Malaysia

After the Malaysian city of Ipoh several days pouring showers around creating favorable conditions for the occurrence of landslides. His appearance has not kept waiting long. Massive layer of soil with the water early in the morning has blocked a lot of city streets and the highway that links Ipoh and Lumut.

Torrents of mud picked up standing on the street cars, and carried them to the diversion canals, washes street fixtures and shrubs. In Ipoh and the neighboring area of Tama-Arkid affected about 250 people, the building of a few dozen shops and stores. Eyewitnesses claim that

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A new dormitory Tver State University

January 25 in Tver on campus at Sominke opened a new building dormitories TSU. The new 9-storey student house on the right housewarming 351 students.


Not so long ago here on Sominke already opened a new building dormitories. 2 years later built another nine-storey building. Dorm flat type, 36 one-bedroom apartments here, 36 two-bedroom and three-bedroom 9.


Each apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom. In one room will live by 3 students in the two-room — to 5 students, treshka — 7 people. Two buildings connected by a

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The opening of new fire stations in the Rostov Region and Yakutia

In the village of Sal Sandata district of Rostov region opened a new fire station. The new fire station — it's well-appointed building equipped with the necessary fire safety equipment, furniture and office equipment. Already purchased and is in the calculation of one fire fighting vehicle trail, and after 2 years will be purchased and the second.

In the village of Bethune Amginsky Yakutian opened fire department. To date, the district fire department worked 6, Betyunskaya was 7th. With the opening of the depot for local residents, new jobs have been carefully selected, firefighters, and Chief of the detachment was

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Opened first in the Moscow region’s official Building The Garden

In the neighborhood, "Bogorodskiy" near Moscow Shchelkova was inaugurated a new children's garden. This institution was the first in the region officially operating under the federal project "Building Garden" — the flagship project of public-private partnership in the field of early childhood education.

New kindergarten, called "Filippok" built a group of companies "Renova Stroy" in the integrated development of the district, so the pre-emptive right for permits for their children got exactly the residents' Bogorodskii. "

All 6 groups of students have already been formed and immediately after the holidays, November 6, preschool hospitably opens its doors to the

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