Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant has commissioned a new building final assembly shop

At JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant" (JSC "U-UAP"), which is part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia" in the framework of the program of technical re-commissioned a new two-storey administrative and production building final assembly shop.

Total floor area is 1,400 m2. The new building opened for the expansion of production space under the second plant assembly line, as well as to improve the working conditions of more than one hundred employees.

The new building will house a spacious and equipped with the most modern production equipment instrument workshop where 40 people will be working. There's also provides

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Fined the pastor of the church New Life

Vasily Yurevich, Vyacheslav Goncharenko, Sergei Lukanin In the Metropolitan Tribunal district of Minsk, besides the pastor of the church "New Life" Vyacheslav Goncharenko, came to the church administrator Vasily Yurevich and lawyer Sergei Lukanin. In the morning, the pastor received a call from the court and claimed, that he came to consider urgently the administrative report. Any summons to the court, as it is foreseen by the legislation, was not.Referee Tatiana Motyl said Vyacheslav Goncharenko, he is accused of failing to prosecutorial disposition. Vyacheslav Goncharenko read in court that the law is not violated:"Certainly, the top is not agreed

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Why Belarus build expensive, long and poorly?

On the days are able to visit the construction site personal home. Captivating sytutsyya. People got around Grodno put under house construction, but work can not start, even with the funds. And if in three years does not build a house, with all this with attached communications, government plot seeds. What is the reason?Man: "First we have to queue to purchase units, and two years — to get the plate to overlap. Cement not buy: № 500 do not, and number 400 on the foundation — thrown money. " Construction materials at the plant in Grodno, where they create boards

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Lukashenko said that the building collapsed branch

In the construction sector employs more than 400 Belarus thousand people. Branch gives 8.5% of gross domestic product. But claims the builders had accumulated a huge amount read Alexander Lukashenko:"We can not be satisfied with any pace, quality or prices of construction in Belarus. Take at least some link prepyadstviya everywhere." Economic commentator Konstantin Skuratovich believes that the construction industry is really a huge amount of inaccuracies: "This is because we have construction branch as All other, controlled by administrative means. Give the job — learn to do, to build … And in this market environment must be demand and

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U.Papruga: It’s a shame that the church leads to the destruction of Minsk

Ulitenok: "In the near future a lot of rumors about law violations in connection with the construction of Orthodox educational center at the corner of Commerce and Cyril and Methodius …"Girth: "In the same way as complexes Nyamiha, this object ignores the historical structure plyanirovachnuyu own quarter and indescribably Authentic distorts the historical houses, which could still be returned. That construction is more reminiscent of a farm estate complex millionaires early 70s mid the 80s. "Ulitenok: "And you can sketch indicate how it is possible to circumvent the law previously approved plans?"Girth: "Building on Trade Street, 27 at the time

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On Cherykavshchyne begun collecting signatures against the construction of nuclear power plants

Roman and Lyudmila Razhdestsvenski Sharaburka rely that the initiative will join their colleagues from around the Cherikov district. "We have no puzzles to collect a certain number of signatures. We believe that the more of them there are, the better. For us the main thing — to enable the villagers to express their attitude to the proposed construction of NPP in adjacent Slavgorod district. People we will explain the dangers carries the peaceful atom "- said" Freedom "Roman Razhdestsvenski. Meanwhile antinuclear activists in Gorki group collected a thousand signatures against three nuclear power plant in Gorki district. "We will collect

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Authorities sell CUM

According to the official disk imaging, more than 132 thousand shares sold for 6 billion rubles.In the management of the property Mogilev City Executive Committee is the need to clarify verbovaniya investment and reconstruction of the building. Bureaucrats are convinced that the greatest trade to the town after the privatization of over 5 years to retain its current function. Also, say the bureaucrats will not change either the number of employees or fraction of Belarusian products in the range — 70 percent.Almost a month back the executive committee auctioned building townhouse life. In official reports indicated that it is sold

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How to live month to 185 thousand rubles? ..

In our post last week a lot of letters on the subject of building a nuclear power plant in Belarus. President Lukashenko has recently stated that a final decision in this case. Many of our students believe that to build a nuclear power plant without consulting with the public, the government has no moral right. Letter on the subject from Tatiana Barrel of Asipovichy. Listener wrote:"As a doctor I am often confronted with the consequences of Chernobyl disaster, and so against the construction of modern nuclear power plant in Belarus. Noteworthy that wrote about it almost 20 years ago, Ales

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Fined Protestant church New Generation

Church of the "New Generation" in 1997, acquired the building structure and after repair, for 10 years, to hold worship. Authorities accused the church that she nick building is not in the destination. According to the lawyer Sergei Lukanina, first referee completed its consideration of the case due to lack of arguments. But two weeks in nothing appears 1st new document, and a court order has changed: "The materials of the case there is a letter signed by the chairman of Baranavichy city executive committee, even three such letters, that the church" New Generation "should use its building for religious

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Church New Life begins to protest

In a statement sent to the government, the bishop recalls that in September 2007 Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Kosinets personally ordered Leonid Gulyako in a short time to settle by negotiation conflict between church "New Life" and the City Committee. Authorized but ignored this request own specific control, and means violating the law on state service. Bishop Goncharenko also referred expression Leonid Gulyako made them on January 21 during a meeting with representatives of the Protestant religious communities "unacceptable for municipal bureaucrat offensive to Full Gospel Christians of Belarus."A representative of the commissioner Mike Rybakov said that no letters from

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