Orsha: unable to save the building monument

A group of local activists said it is willing to appeal to his countrymen to boycott "Dozhinki 2008", which was supposed to kill building monuments. In various instances focused 10s protest letters, and the city council should sustupits — organize an auction and exhibit buildings for sale.House number 17 on the street Minsk was sold from the first sample. Citing commercial secrecy in the executive committee did not refer to the new owner, but it is clear that the building was purchased for 130 million rubles. Who will offering for sale the second building — the house number 19.Local historian

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VIP-service terminal opened in Irkutsk airport

Presentation features of the new building was held today, 16 November. Four-storey complex is adjacent to the main, two-story terminal building. For passenger terminal will start work tomorrow.

Use the services of a new business can be a terminal passengers with tickets business class, and all who wish for an additional fee. The cost depends on the package that will be as desired by the passenger. The new complex is located on the first floor of a mother and child, waiting area business class passengers, as well as room attendant epidemiologist who demanded CPS. On the second

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Warm floor Teplolux is set in a beautiful hall of the Bolshoi Theater

Specialists SC "Special systems and technologies" have established a system of electric floor heating "Teplolux" in the beautiful hall of the administrative-industrial complex of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre.

Until 2004, the Grand Theatre stage sets stored in several dilapidated buildings on the street Plekhanov. In 2005, the project of reconstruction of production and warehouse complex. In December 2009, under the leadership of FGU "Directorate for Construction, Reconstruction and Restoration" in the operation was handed over to an automated warehouse for the storage of 518 containers of theatrical scenery. In mid-2011 the reconstruction of the entire complex has been

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Warm House for newcomer.

Energy efficient housing — a priority in the construction of

The development trend of building complex is obvious: it is necessary first of all to build one-story house with the use of pre-fabricated and heat-saving designs. These homes and cheaper cost to the buyer, and warmer, and pay utility bills in them, as practice shows, is far less than usual. And then it is not necessary to use expensive foreign construction materials. The village Dolgorukovo Lipetsk region for several years successfully running factory-fabricated housing, LLC "Pearl", which is effectively using the advanced European experience and Russian innovative

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Hothouse Novosibirsk increases the volume of output

Total area of the greenhouse complex "Novosibirsk" is 17.24 hectares, production capacity — 10,000 tons of vegetables a year. The first phase of construction of the plant was put into operation in 2010. The enterprise plans to increase production by increasing productivity and building lightweight seasonal greenhouses.

Currently, the new investment project to create a modern vegetable trade-processing complex worth $ 2.5 billion in development.


Its implementation involves the development of field crops, building energy, trade fair, processing, transport cluster, as well as a large cluster storage of horticultural products.

Will create

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The pace of housing construction in the northern capital increased five times

http://old.gov.spb.ru/Files/image/01 (17). jpg

St. Petersburg beats building records: YTD commissioned 1.93 million square meters of housing. The September figure? 591,000 meters? higher than last year more than five times, the press service of the relevant committee of Smolny. In the northern capital to set a high pace of construction of housing and social infrastructure, the period of stagnation behind, building officials say. By October, the city has built 484 homes, the number of apartments in which more than 32,000. The leaders? Pushkin district: last month it completed the construction of fifteen houses and a kindergarten, followed by the

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TVSZ completed the Number 1 Party universal gondola with unloading hatches

Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant (Leningrad region). Released from the conveyor industry's first batch of 100 wagons with universal unloading hatches.

"For the Tikhvin FAZ sending this batch of cars — a big step. Supported by JSC" Russian Railways "and rolling stock owners, we are preparing for the mass exploitation of the new generation of cars," — Says the executive director of the Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant, Oleg Menshikov.

In a symbolic release of the 100th car attended by a delegation of the creditor banks of the enterprise — the Eurasian Development Bank and

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Special tactical doctrine MVD special forces of the Russian Federation

Serviceman 604 th SPC MVD Russia

  Anti-terrorist special tactical exercises special units of internal troops of Russia

March 27 the Day of Russian Interior Ministry troops at the site of a separate division operational use in Balashikha (New Village) passed a comprehensive anti-terrorism special tactical exercises, with the participation of aircraft interior troops, units of a separate division of the operational purpose (Odon), and 604 soldiers On the center of a special purpose and the 33rd Special Forces "Relight" CRK MVD of Russia.

According to legend, the teachings of internal forces in the

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Moscow office system will be prescribed in Belarus

Already in the first quarter of 2009, the Moscow system organization has put in Minsk, the first houses.During the meeting of the Council’s business cooperation between Moscow and Belarus first deputy manager of the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow Tsar Constantine said that Moscow builders have first hand over 2009 primarily residential complex with an area of 130 thousand square meters on Dzerzhinsky Avenue in Minsk. Russian forces also commissioned trusts in the market area "Zhdanovichi" will be built residential building with underground parking. At the same time, Russian side intends to build an accelerated pace: project planning

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Gomel biznesmenku summoned to police

Gomel entrepreneurs at 12 o’clock had come across in a cafe and discuss their actions recently businessmen rally scheduled for December 10.Police officers blocked the entrance to the cafe, and in front of the executive committee put a cordon of police officers civil. Entrepreneurs believe authorities withdid it to prevent the building business. Meanwhile in personal home, where he lives a member of the Coordinating Council businessmen Ira Kamensky, there were two patrol cars. Policemen went around its neighbors. They asked when she is at home and doing what. In the end, they handed her a summons to the police.

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