New construction in KCR Part 2.

1.CherkesskThe head of Karachay-Cherkessia Rashid Temrezov and the Republican mayor of the capital Ruslan Tambiev visited a number of large projects, construction or reconstruction which began this year after the decision in principle.

The head of Karachay-Cherkessia examined large objects in Cherkessk, the reconstruction of which started this year

Ruslan Tambiev told the Head of the Republic, that immediately after the agreements with the Office of the Russian FSB Border by KCR to transfer the city government building area of 800 square meters on the street Leonov, the project was commissioned on capital reconstruction of the building for

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New construction in Part 1 of KCR.

1.In the capital of Karachay-Cherkessia — Cherkessk soon will open a new ambulance station building.In September this year 130 employees will receive first-aid stations at the disposal of the new building. We are talking about the old building of the city hospital on the street. International center Cherkessk. This building is about a hundred years old, for the past seven years, it was empty, but this year, specifically in the early fall, thanks to the efforts of city authorities here will be transferred to the city ambulance station. Now workers ambulance station Cherkessk working in close quarters and the old

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Construction of a new power unit at Kola nuclear power plant (Sverdlovsk region.) Is a unique method

Installation of reactor internals is made simultaneously with the construction of the walls of the reactor compartment. Currently, building construction reactor compartment reached the level of 45 meters. Submit a construction site, free of dirt and dust is difficult, but within the structure set up so-called free area.

The first new energy unit are scheduled to be reached at the beginning of 2014.


— The reactor vessel is already installed. And around it mounted a temporary dome, which is free from dust, but has heating, ventilation, and is constantly cleaning. It also let down

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Construction of a new kindergarten in Bratsk.

In the city of Bratsk (Irkutsk Oblast) is building a new kindergarten. Finance the building of the local and regional budgets. At the moment, almost ready ground floor. Kindergarten is built with all the modern standards. Completion is scheduled in the second half of 2013.

Construction of a new airport complex Central in the Saratov region

The village Saburovka Saratov region is building the airport complex "Central". According to the state contract construction and installation work on the 1st line (federal property, including the runway) does the company "Volgomost."

Currently in construction commenced preparatory earthworks, installed temporary buildings and structures are being installed concrete plant. Entrances to the site prepared, involved 20 units of special equipment.

The second phase of construction of the airport complex includes facilities of the regional property — engineering and transport infrastructure. Already a contest for the design and survey work, defined the general contractor works — design division

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Construction of science and innovation center began in Tomsk SEZ

Center for Innovation and Technology of South SEZ site


On Southern area of the special economic zone "Tomsk"The construction of science and innovation center, which will be completed in late 2012 and will be the third building for residents, built at the expense of the federal budget, now being excavated at the site and preparatory work. "In the center will house companies implementing projects in the field of biotechnology and medicine, including both current residents of the SEZ (LLC" MTSLS ", LLC" IFARE "and others), as well as new companies. The building is expected to create

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Building bridges in Kiev

The construction of bridges Zaporozhye allocated an additional 200 million hryvnia, and last week received an additional 44 million more 500 million in the region are planning to get a loan guaranteed by the Government. It is reported by the regional administration.

"The main thing is that the building continues to develop, and will be completed within the period set by the President," — said the governor Alexander Peklushenko.

According to the Chief of the road Zaporozhye region Sergey Tkachenko, the construction of the roadway on the building number 6 pilot project using a

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Construction and reconstruction in the Magadan region

In 2011 the volume of work performed in the construction industry in the region amounted to 8.6 billion rubles. The share of regional funds was 76%.

Construction was carried out throughout the Magadan region, including those in remote, inaccessible areas — with. Gizhiga, Yamsk, Tahtoyamsk, Tauysk, which are home to the indigenous peoples of the North.

The works by 39 social sites. Of particular relevance are the social objects such as complex regional neuropsychiatric clinic (in 2010, was commissioned in the therapeutic housing Magadan Regional Hospital), boiler room in the village. Omsukchan, construction of wastewater treatment plants in the

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Construction of the media center in Sochi

Invillage Esto-Sadokin the complex "Gorky Gorod"suited to the final construction of the media center. Fully prepared facades of the building, is finishing and decorative interior decoration, landscaping adjacent territory and connection systems engineering.

During the 2014 Games, he will be the second venue for the media after the main media center in the Imereti Valley. Hence zhurnalists will live broadcasts of competitions that will take place in the mountains. In September, specialists will start the installation of television equipment.

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Building materials from household and industrial waste

Dumps are taken daily for tons of household and industrial waste. Among them are broken bottles, colored glass, crockery, pieces of brick, set cement and other building materials. Usually all that is and remains buried under piles of other debris.

Such farming was considered too wasteful in the Moscow Research Center "Ecology and industrial power technology" with Institute of High Temperatures. In addition to the development of mathematical methods for calculating heat transfer, allowing them to determine the evacuation of people and fire resistance of structures wee fire, they are engaged in the processing of municipal

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