H-House bang by min emerging design group

Located on a site that slopes eight metres from top to bottom, this complex. narrow private house steps up |or flown] in a series of volumes articulated by their materiality Not only was the section going to be inherently challenging. the programme didn’t cooperate it was to be a house to accommodate three different generations of the same family, and even on its lowest level, it had to offer daylight and access to fresh air.

Privacy was important, obviously, but also community. because the family wanted to be alone yet together as demanded. The solution turned out to be a

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Haus am Weiberg


This latest outing by UNStudio is an ambitious residence located in the semi-rural environs of Weinberg, near Stuttgart, Germany. Although within view of the city and with plenty of neighbours, the sloping site affords pastoral views of stepped terraces and a hillside vineyard to balance the cityscape. The primary gesture of the design diagram — and its most interesting aspect — is a central ‘twist’, literally, of an element that supports the main staircase at about the centre of the plan. This winding movement informed the diagram, allowing spaces to occupy specific locations in relation to views, and pivot

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Green Luxury: Building and Living in an ECO-Friendly Home

Are you torn between building your dream home M I and building a green home? The concept of green living may suggest some degree of JL austerity, but you don’t have to compromise to build an eco-friendly luxury home. When you consider that green building techniques and products will make your home more comfortable to live in, you’ll see that a green home is the definition of luxury. And with so many environmentally-friendly finishes on the market today, your new home’s interior will rival any boom- era McMansion for beauty. Excess is out these days; responsibility is in. Instead of

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Can’t get far enough back to get all of a tall building in shot? Stitch together multiple shots to create a ‘tiled’ panorama


What you’ll need

Photoshop Elements

How long it’ll take

20 minutes

The skills you’ll learn

• How to create a panorama with the Photomerge command

• How to convert a colour image to black and white

• How to clone out unwanted areas and replace missing detail

If hen you’re photographing tall buildings, if you only have a standard lens and you’re close to your subject you’ll have trouble getting all of it into the frame

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FRAME within the frame

If you’re simply using branches to frame a landscape, or a doorway to frame a portrait, your compositions aren’t realizing their full potential. More complex framing devices can add compositional power to your pictures. Here are three examples:


Create a focal point. The mirror in this photo acts to focus attention on the center of interest—the reflection of the model’s face. In this case, the frame is particularly effective because it outlines the mirror with a lighter tone, and our eyes tend to go to the lightest part of a photograph.


Establish context. This picture would still work

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«The great advantage of a hotel is that it’s a great refuge from homo life. «Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once sold. And so it is. The hotel offers us an escape from our dally routine – a world of protracted rain-soaked commutation (depending on where you call home), underpaid work (which, lets it, applies to everyone, for who among us thinks they are overpaid?), and a never-ending cycle of domestic chores. Hotels feature in many of our happiest memories: namely, honeymoons and vacations. The hotel, for two weeks a year, is a portal to a better place. Unless, of

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This is the third in a series of features on alternate building materials. The previous features were on straw bale and mud brick construction.


Rammed earth is a material I have had experience with when constructing buildings. In fact, it all started back when I was still at school. During the Christmas school holidays a group of friends and I were into spending all our spare time building fortifications in and around where we lived in South Tamworth, NSW. Being a bunch of resourceful boys with access to open spaces and a plentiful supply of building materials from

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Downley House

Birds Portchmouth Russem Architects

A new building has appeared in the English countryside that seems to be part fortress, part fermentation barrel. Downley House, situated among the gentle, rolling hills of the southeastern county of Hampshire, is a bold and modern interpretation of the English country house .. with viniculture theme added The owners are wine enthusiasts, and they had requested that the architects, London practice Burds Portchmouth Russum, reflect this in the design of their new rural residence.

The building’s entrance is tall and imposing — a glass-and-steel door, framed by an egg-shaped timber-slatted arch On either side is

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Derby car building demonstrations

In Cub Scout packs across the country, there are two common reactions when the annual Pinewood Derby is announced: kids say, “Yay! I get to build a car!» and their parents think, “Huh? I have to build a car?”

For ten years, Lowe’s and Dremel have encouraged excited kids and assisted frustrated parents with their annual Derby Days program. Working together, the two companies present workshops at Lowe’s stores across America to teach boys and their parents how to turn a block of wood into a race car.

“Both Lowe’s and Dremel have a longstanding relationship with the Boy Scouts

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Equally loved and loathed, Harvey court – the student accommodation building for gonville and caius college – has been rescued from decline by Levitt Bernstein.

A brick behemoth sits on West Road in Cambridge, a street that is lined with the overspill of student accommodation and facilities that couldn’t be squeezed in among the ostentatious architectural grandeur of the city centre. Harvey Court sits at the end of the road like a full stop in brick, its back turned rudely on the passing pedestrians and traffic. Grade II* listed in 1993, it is loved and loathed in equal measure by

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