In Tyumen, built a new clinic



In July the clinic number 13 in the district of "Tour" will receive its first visitors. A day care can receive up to 700 residents.

In cheterehetazhnom building has everything needed to provide high-quality and modern health care — children and adult department, a modern laboratory, surgical unit, first aid cabinets, women’s counseling, day care for 9 hospital beds. There are ramps and lifts for people with disabilities. Next to the building there is parking clinics.

District Tour — One of the fastest growing areas of the regional capital. For six

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Railway stations Russia: Krasnoyarsk

The first building of the railway station Krasnoyarsk station was built by the architect Nikolai Soloviev in 1896. Then it was the only station on the second class of the Mid-Siberian railway. The current station building was built in September 1961.

The decision to build a new station in Krasnoyarsk was taken in 2003 due to a significant increase in passenger traffic in Krasnoyarsk. The construction of the railway station and the station has been spent around half a billion rubles. This amount includes not only the building itself, but also all his equipment. Today Krasnoyarsk

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Entered into force on the green standard Olympstroy

Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi)

In "Olympstroy" put in place a corporate ‘Green’ standard. The results of evaluation of compliance with the standard will demonstrate the effectiveness of the introduction to the principles of the Olympic venues ‘green’ building: energy and water conservation, quality of materials and comfort of the building.

This is the first "green" enterprise standard in Russia, which is becoming one of the basic documents of the national environmental standard construction and a key element of the legacy of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The document provides for eight groups of criteria: environmental management, site selection, infrastructure

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Railway stations Russia: Novosibirsk

Station station Novosibirsk-Main was passed by the State Commission granted January 25, 1939.

In 1997-2000, was completed overhaul of the building designed by the institute "Sibzheldorproekt." Updated facades, for walls and floors were used natural materials — granite and marble. In 2005, the south of the main station building built suburban pavilion. It can be accessed from the station square, Shamshurina from the street and from the subway, covered pedestrian bridge connects the station building to the passenger platforms and Vladimirovskaya street. In 2011, the suburban train station turnstiles into effect for the passage to the

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Railway stations Russia: Tomsk

Station station Tomsk-I (Mezheninovka) was built in 1896 in the form of a wooden building. In 1930 Station "Tomsk-1 ‘has been rebuilt. Following the reconstruction carried out in 1970

Reconstruction of the station Tomsk-I started in September 2001 and ended in December 2003 Station Reconstruction Project Tomsk-1 was developed by the institute "Sibzheldorproekt." The total area is 1752 sq.m. Station and is designed for simultaneous reception of 700 people.

At the first stage of reconstruction of the replacement and repair of roof structures, roof replaced. The building is extended in the direction of the

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Railway stations Russia: Tyumen

The building complex was built in Tyumen Railway Station in October 1974.

In 2003, began its reconstruction, which lasted until February 2010.

Reconstruction of the eastern part of the station was conducted almost four years. Difficulties in carrying out the work were many. Builders had to completely remove the old utilities in the absence of technical documentation for them. Work on the reconstruction of the pedestrian crossing to the platforms is hampered by high ground water level is just at the point where the building station. In addition, already under construction in the project

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Commercial and business center "Kitezh" best building in Moscow in 2008. The project has generated an active discussion in the pages of architectural magazines, and this is not surprising. Among the nominees "Kitezh" is probably the most daring building. Although the comments of site visitors Awards were quite different, all the same, is to recognize that the results of the popular vote prize went to a decent home. Home of world-class architecture. Address: Kiev street., Ow. 3 — 7, 17 Project organization: SUE "Mosproekt 4?, Workshop number 6

"From the beginning I thought that this building

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Railway stations Russia: Ufa

Ufa train station station was built in 1968. In May 2006 he began his rehabilitation. The first phase of the reconstructed station was opened on December 17, 2008. Earlier station contained in itself the order of 2 million people, now there will be able to safely accommodate more than 6 thousands of potential passengers. Total area of the railway station 26.5 thousand square meters. m, Station Square — 9.3 thousand square meters. m were demolished dilapidated homes, garages and other buildings were located opposite the railway station and next to him. Changed the station waiting room, while the

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Experts from Vorkuta submitted builders new technology-based thermal insulation polyurethane foam.

At the last Moscow International Innovation Salon "Archimedes" Vorkuta specialists from the company "Innovative Technology" Northern Russia "presented a new method of insulation, designed for the theoretical extremes of temperature from -100 to +150 degrees.

Keep the heat in the residential, offices or industrial premises in two ways — not letting it out or not letting the cold in the street. The easiest way to make a thicker wall, even in the harsh winter, and they are thoroughly frozen. Moreover, this method is not suitable for thermal insulation of other objects, such as pipelines. This can

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In Paris, built Russian Orthodox center

Russian architects Arch-group and the French studio Sade Sarl won the competition for project of the Russian Orthodox spiritual center of cultural du Quai Branly in Paris, which will be located near the Eiffel Tower. The total area of the construction will be 4500 square meters. m

The planned complex is located at the intersection of the embankment Branli (Branly) and av. Rapp (Rapp) that form in the north area of the Resistance and the bridge of Alma. The southern facade of the complex is on the street. Universite (university).

On the Quai Branly directly

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