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In Paris, built Russian Orthodox center

Russian architects Arch-group and the French studio Sade Sarl won the competition for project of the Russian Orthodox spiritual center of cultural du Quai Branly in Paris, which will be located near the Eiffel Tower. The total area of the construction will be 4500 square meters. m

The planned complex is located at the intersection of the embankment Branli (Branly) and av. Rapp (Rapp) that form in the north area of the Resistance and the bridge of Alma. The southern facade of the complex is on the street. Universite (university).

On the Quai Branly directly

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Chess Academy in Khanty-Mansiysk


The unique three-level building with no sharp corners with windows, emoticons, stylized chess piece, built in Ugra capital for two years by the famous Dutch architect Erich van Egeraat.

Building area 2845 sq ft, which will house classrooms and meeting rooms for various purposes, equipped with the latest technologies and IT training. At the same time there may be engaged in more than a hundred players. But the Academy is designed not only to teach children and adults of intellectual game, there will train teachers and coaches. The main highlight of the building — Hall-transformer,

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New Kamchatka

At the end of 2010 between the Ministry of Construction of the Kamchatka Territory and Federal State Unitary Enterprise "GUSS" Dalspetsstroy "a contract for the construction of a neighborhood housing development in the area of Northeast Highway Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The construction was completed in December 2011 to build 17 homes on 3 to 12 floors 768 apartments to move people out of buildings that are not subject seymousileniyu.

Also within the framework of the federal program "Improving the sustainability of housing, essential facilities and life support systems in seismic regions of the Russian Federation for 2009-2014" in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is

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Olympic Oval: the erection of steel structures

In Olympic Park began installing metal buildings Indoor skating center. Only be mounted around 6,000 tonnes of metal. The building will have an oval shape in the gray-white bloom with a tinted gray-blue stained glass. For the construction of modern technologies of concrete bearing structures that provide strength building skating stadium and its safety. To cover the ice oval and the creation of the outer shell of the building is proposed to use a light metal.

Indoor skating center is planned to be commissioned in the autumn of 2012, when it would be launched first test

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CJSC Mint timber opened in Sverdlovsk Region workshop producing arbolita

CJSC "Mint timber" launched in the village Mint Berezovsky urban district, Sverdlovsk region a new shop for recycling a timber production.

Construction of the plant started in March 2013. Today, the new equipment purchased Zlatoust, the company began to produce pilot-scale production of wood chips and cement — derevobeton arbolit and paving tiles.

"Now we are engaged in product certification for its further implementation. While working in the shop, only about a dozen people. In the future the number of employees will be increased to forty. Pilot-scale production, which lets shop we use for personal

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In the sp Yamnoe Voronezh region has opened a kindergarten for 115 places

October 9 Yamnom Ramon Voronezh region has opened a kindergarten "Sun. The two-story building located next to the local new buildings, near Honey Apple.

Garden was originally designed for 115 seats, but the 145 guys here will not be crowded. The necessity of its construction is long overdue.

There is a building of sports and music halls. It is planned that in the children’s garden will be opened Center for Continuing Education on the study of a foreign language.

The construction of a kindergarten in Yamnom in co-financing has been spent about 15

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Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news this week


 1)p.Perebory (Yaroslavl region).

In the village of brute force, it Rybinsk district, has opened a new children’s garden. In fact, the building of the local school. Education officers claim such a union will only benefit the kids. Built at the beginning of 50th-31 th school remade completely, leaving only the outer walls and the foundation. For half a year there is a new reconstruction of the kindergarten with appropriate interior and all the necessary comfort for baby. With the introduction to the work of a kindergarten in the village Perebory 100% solved the problem of

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VF Tanker shipping company took into operation next

Navashino tanker project RST27

October 7 shipping company "VF Tanker" has taken into operation next Navashino tanker "Volga-Don max" class project RST27 deadweight in the sea / river 7030/5428 tons "VF Tanker — 22".

"VF Tanker — 22" became the twenty-second tanker project RST27, obtained by "VF Tanker" for 2012-2013, the two plants — Oka Shipyard and Red Sormovo.

Works — builder — Oka Shipyard. Customer — the shipping company "VF Tanker" is a holding company VBTH, the majority shareholder of which is the international transport group Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, consolidating a number of Russian

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The pace of housing construction in the northern capital increased five times (17). jpg

St. Petersburg beats building records: YTD commissioned 1.93 million square meters of housing. The September figure? 591,000 meters? higher than last year more than five times, the press service of the relevant committee of Smolny. In the northern capital to set a high pace of construction of housing and social infrastructure, the period of stagnation behind, building officials say. By October, the city has built 484 homes, the number of apartments in which more than 32,000. The leaders? Pushkin district: last month it completed the construction of fifteen houses and a kindergarten, followed by the

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The new hospital building opened in Megion (Khanty)

In megion long-awaited and important event for the life of the city — infectious body of the city hospital, with 40 beds, was put into operation.


Members of this landmark event, which included employees of medical institutions and urban associations, congratulated the head of Megion Michael Higuita. He stressed the importance of this facility for the city and its citizens, noting that the department is staffed to meet modern requirements and allows on-site to solve many issues related to the conduct of complex laboratory tests.

— Construction of infectious case was

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