In Warsaw — picket near the Belarusian Embassy

About 4 10’s first Belarusian students who study in the Polish capital on programmke Kalinouski came to the embassy with white-red-white flags, portraits of disappeared political prisoners, placards reading "Freedom to political prisoners", "dictator in The Hague.""I demand the release of political prisoners and clarify the fate of missing persons. So this and did not. Maybe they live?" — Say Party picket Sergei Girkin.Belarusians supported Poles: "We were assisted in communist times by other nations. And now, when such a situation Belarusians, we should also help them. To those who are fighting, know that they are not alone "- says

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In Vitebsk, in the underpass bred carp

Fishing — the underpassEntrances to the transition overgrown bushes and airom smell of stagnant water still felt from afar. Depth along the ground — about 2 meters, and where smaller, perfectly visible flocks fry that dart between abandoned plastic bottles, wrappers and other debris. Fish grown in this mud, no risks. And no one can explain how she was able to get a divorce here in general.Fish in this "natural oasis" no riskViolated and would violateCrossroads of incompetent underground passage happened "fish place" for Vitebsk employees GAI. Within a day or there can be fined more than one hundred people,

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Around Krivsk lock protection zones

In This year to the end of the year project is meant to create security zones Krevo castle, monument of the XIV century. This was said to BelaPAN control works director of Minsk "Center for regeneration of historical and cultural landscapes and territories" Alexander Kropotov.By him, because around the castle remained historical buildings that would have made a unique architectural environment, an urgent need to create a project of security zones, which would regulate all work on the surrounding areas.

Brand new buildings can replenish the lost structure in their original size heights, but in modern forms

"Question Project

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The initiative will help out an old Orsha ready to boycott Dozhinki 2008

Orsha activists made public four letters collective management of the town, as the presidential administration to save from destruction of monuments construction 18th and 19th century — house number 17 and number 19 on the streets of Minsk.Historical buildings Minsk streetPreviously, the two buildings were included in the list of historical sites protected by the state, but several years ago in the list of seized. Grounds local historians have not learned. And that historical buildings scheduled for demolition, too, learned the case."After you alone remain the same" box "concrete …" — "So what?"Make an appointment to the executive committee chairman

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Brest — in the midst of the favorites in the prices of the real estate market

Prices for apartments in Brest for six months soared skyward or not three times. Apartments start at 35 thousands of dollars a one-room apartment, and from 50 thousands of dollars for chatyrohpakaevku. In all this there is virtually no difference between the "bricks" and "panel".More expensive is malapakaevyh area apartments and flats improved plyanirovki that in the center of the company is building the "View". Price "oblikavskih" apartments, as they are called Brest residents already jumped 150 limit thousands of dollars.New apartments are usually sold without adstroyvannya. While doing so the old-timers of the construction market — Building Trust №

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Mogilev penalty for destruction of the monument of architecture — 930 thousand rubles

During the restoration work, which ordered businessman destroyed One of the most of old buildings Mogilev. The monument of architecture of XVIII century there was only a facade.For destruction of the monument entrepreneur threatens fines of up to 930-minute thousand rubles. In addition, he must adbudavats replica of the structure, erected in 1790. • Mogilev: the monument of architecture was just a facade, 25 07.2007

Mogilev: white-red-white flags over the building of the executive committee

Two white-red-white flag Hot air balloon rose into the sky from buildings and Mogilev Regional Executive Committee of the KGB. So opposition activists in Mogilev finished celebrating 17 anniversary of the declaration of independence of Belarus.

Mogilev architects of the monument was only a facade

Restoration of the building, which was erected in 1790, lasts for about 10 years. The monument is located in the center of town. Work more than once suspended, and this time changed owners several settings.Work resumed in the spring. For this time builders had a hundred percent kill walls, ceilings of the second floor, roof, and interior plyanirovku. Pristine was just a facade. Currently working on the system One of the most of old buildings Mogilev braked.By preparers act historians and archaeologists Nikolai Borisenko, Vladimir Zaremskaga, Peter Nicholas Shymukenusa Khovanskii yes, monument architects irrevocably lost.Says Vladimir Zaremski:"They started to restore

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For the first time since 1917 in Minsk will be a new church

Way of national constructionSpring believers neighborhood Serebryanka Mingorispolkom received permission to build a temple. Knows as one of the parishioners of the Roman Catholic community of St. John the Baptist, for that very many did priest Igor Lashuk:"In very many believers prazdnichkom going outdoors even more people standing than the chapel. Fact come from the suburbs. Though it we Leninsky district, but still coming from the industrial area, because there is no church. Naturally, it would be difficult realize it, that’s not our priest. Enough for our priest, then put a lot of health. But it’s a priest, all his

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In the center of Minsk again destroy historic homes

Old town district in Minsk less resembles the historic center monument. Ladies, what "restored" to complete the restructuring, partially have nothing to do with the layout. However, some buildings are destroyed just to make more space instruments of glass and concrete. "Methodically destroying the era that were to Lukashenko"In These days are behind the facade of buildings on the street of the International destroy buildings of the XIX century.

Sergei Hareuski: "We are dealing with a conscious, methodical liquidation starasvetchyny all in our country, with all that reminds of the era to Lukashenko"

As the architectural historian Sergei Hareuski that

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