In Yekaterinburg, after the reconstruction of a children’s Philharmonic

In Yekaterinburg, the grand opening of the main building of the Sverdlovsk State Children’s Philharmonic Hall. Repair lasted for five years, and for the reconstruction of the building has been spent over 600 million rubles.

After the reconstruction of the building Philharmonic dramatically transformed. Only the old main entrance staircase and moldings merchant’s mansion and a chamber hall, representing the historical and architectural value, remained in its original form and color. Those who reconstructed the new building, it was very important not only to create a comfortable environment for children’s activities and performances, but also to make the decoration

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In Saratov, opened a new school for 825 pupils

December 25, in the neighborhood of one-and Leninsky district of Saratov, the solemn ceremony of opening of the school, received the status of biomedical Lyceum.

The school building was built in accordance with modern requirements for institutions of education and training is designed for 33 classes. Four-storey building consists of six blocks, two of which are universal gyms with transformable physical culture shells. In sports complex facilities include a stadium, basketball courts, 2 courts for volleyball and gymnastics. Training-test zone consists of meteorological and geographical areas.

In addition, the school has a conference hall with 500 seats, a dining room

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Ministry of Buryatia has received a new building

The construction of a new building on the street Dimitrov took 5 years and nearly 350 million rubles Just a building of 6 floors plus a sports unit with a modern swimming pool — the money allocated from the federal treasury. Just the other day here will move the entire management team of the Buryat Police, headed by the Minister. Here in the basement of a new house a police control. Now, from here through the large monitors on the wall will begin around the clock to monitor the work of city police departments and the situation on the roads

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In Rostov, opened a new building arts college

Rostov College of Arts, founded in 1900 — one of the oldest secondary vocational schools in the south of Russia. College produces training in several fields Instrumental Performance, Vocal Art, solo and choral folk singing, choral conducting, Musical variety art, music theory, art of ballet.

On the basis of experimental institutions operate a children’s music school, school of aesthetic education for children from 4 to 7 years and teaching practice, refresher courses and retraining of teachers of municipal children‘s art schools. In 2007, construction began on the second building college on that for five years from the regional budget

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In Yoshkar-Ola opened Gothic Wedding Palace

Yoshkar-Ola — big building (fotoobzor)

The first day of the new Palace of weddings began with the marriage of Constantine Polkanova and Julia Semenova.

First came the folk ensemble "Tsarev city." Then the wedding came the head of state Leonid Markelov.At the opening of the head of the Palace of Mari El in the first congratulated the young couple, do not forget to thank the builders for a new ornament Yoshkar-Ola.— We built the Palace of marriage to people of our city can be proud of the beautiful and the new registry office — said

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In Kursk lab opens Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology

Laboratory building of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Kursk region began building in March of last year, now in the new six-story building will have 70 working professionals.As reported in the reception area, modern equipment, which equipped the laboratory, provides more opportunities for microbiological monitoring. Despite the high accuracy of the research, the time for their implementation is now required is less.

Deputy Governor Vladimir Proskurin, who attended the opening ceremony of the new building, said that the lab can apply for accreditation in the International System, and then have the opportunity to conduct research, the

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The village Shuryshkary (Yamal) opened a new school

The builders were allowed to commission a new school in the village of Shuryshkary. The building is designed for 160 students.The two-story building located on a plot area of 1.45 ha, in the courtyard of organized sports and playground area of 6196 square meters. The school building is connected to a warm passage to the building gym, which is also located on two floors. In the educational building a wardrobe, classrooms, workshops, dining room, conference room, library and conference room.

Now all the children enrolled in Shuryshkar komfotrtnyh conditions, newly opened in the village main

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In Serpukhov near Moscow after the cap. Repair opened a maternity hospital

Four-story building Serpukhov hospital for the first time since the construction survived the overhaul.

All the equipment in the renovated building is transported up and running. This two open reanimation systems for the care of newborns, ultrasound scanner, ventilators, resuscitation tables heated for newborns, incubators, X-ray. Total for the hospital as part of the modernization of equipment purchased for the sum of 17 million rubles. And the overhaul took 63,782,000 rubles.


In the Voronezh region has opened a new maternity body Borisoglebskaya CRH

December 21 in the Voronezh region opened a new obstetrical case at Borisoglebskaya CRH.

An area of 10,000 square meters located all obstetric service districts: antenatal clinic for 100 visits per shift, obstetrics and gynecology department. In the obstetric package for expectant mothers and their babies all the necessary conditions: comfortable Chamber to co-host the mother and child, four ancestral halls, operating rooms and intensive care.

Highly qualified doctors and modern equipment will make difficult birth and nurse babies born prematurely. In addition, the building will still work medical and social support to pregnant women who find themselves in

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In Omsk, built a new kindergarten

On the left bank of Omsk built a kindergarten. Over the last twenty years, this — the first new building in the preschool million city. Socially significant project is implemented in cooperation area and the city. Construction of a kindergarten in the district "Crystal" started seven years ago. And only resumed in August 2012. Object practically rebuilt in record time — 4 months. The construction cost almost 83 million rubles. Of these, 50 million rubles — grants regional budget.

Child Development Center is designed for 140 children. The two-storey building with a total area of 3.5 thousand square meters. m

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