In the village. Ketchenery Republic of Kalmykia after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 95 seats

In the settlement of the Republic of Kalmykia Ketchenery the grand opening of a kindergarten for 95 seats. Its construction lasted over two million rubles. The building is fully consistent with sanitary standards. In the preschool set up modern facilities for education and training of children. On November 1, kindergarten will begin to work in full.

The decision on the reconstruction of the building was made in the spring of this year. Almost ten years of pre-school building was empty. The renovated kindergarten music class came and catering department. The establishment is built on the principle of group isolation,

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Kazan attractions with height

I can not, and the census of this beautiful photo essay Glory Stepanova. In his previous compilations were a common species here — some sights. His work is admired, look — and even well-known, in principle, open space in new ways. Oh, that’s all to the Russian cities so go … On the other hand — a great example for others, maybe — someone else will inspire similar Photopictures?

A selection of photos of Kazan — the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The city’s population is 1.2 million people. Kazan is situated on the left bank of the

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In the Krasnoyarsk region are building pig

In Suhobuzimskoe District of Krasnoyarsk Territory is building pig closed production cycle "Agroelita." The project will be completed by September 2013.

Total volume of investments in the pig will be more than 1 billion rubles.

According to the Construction Director Alexander Boikova, SVINOKOMPLEKS analogues in Russia. As part of the project includes the construction of pig farm closed production cycle of 600 productive sows. Modern technology and innovative design will create a cleaner safe for humans and the nature of the enterprise. "The uniqueness of our production is the high level of automation of technological processes. In

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240 Stavropol families are preparing for new home

In the regional capital put another multi-storey building. 240 Stavropol families are preparing for new home. The event could be the ordinary — in the city is still a construction boom. But stavropoltsy received from "YugStroyInvest" not just square footage, but also the necessary social infrastructure.

Company "YugStroyInvest" for several years building a self-sufficient residential neighborhoods. In every yard — children playground, athletic field and gymnasium. In walking distance — shops, schools, kindergartens. All this in a portfolio of projects "YugStroyInvesta"

"We are building a successful kindergarten, the box is almost ready, two floors that week

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A new kindergarten opened in Cheboksary

The capital of Chuvashia — Cheboksary on the street. Traktorostroiteley opened a new kindergarten № 201 "Island of childhood" with 240 seats. Since the beginning of 2012 this is the second kindergarten in the city and in the country — 6. Until the end of the year, will open another 5 kindergartens.

The three-storey panel building erected in record time. It took less than a year builders to hand over to his children, with three months earlier than planned.

The building itself is unusual in layout. Here are not only the group, bedrooms, but also many other areas. Medical

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Kamchatka, new homes and the most eastern island temple Russia

The village Milkovo commissioned two new residential buildings at 12 and 32 apartments, which were built as part of the regional program of rural development. Prior to that, 30 years in the village is nothing new under construction.

12-apartment house will be placed under the office accommodation, and a new five-story building, where there is a one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments, zaedut Milkovo people standing in line for housing since 1985.

In the village Nikolsky on the Commander Islands prayer service was held on the occasion of the opening of the easternmost island of the temple complex. It was held by

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Hangar 2 minutes

Factory-fabricated buildings "Stalkonstruktsiya" is pleased to announce a new video presentation of frame-fabricated building tent series "UNITEC. " 2 minutes we will show you a three-week process of building the hangar area 1050 meters2. The facility has been implemented in the city of Ryazan commissioned the plant "LLC TehnoIzolyatsiya" and became the ninth in a row hangar is on the premises.

Erected warehouse — is gable building frame which is made on the basis of welded truss structures. The warehouse has a cool design, as walling and roofing used PVC tent a density of 900

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In Novosibirsk, opened the new building of the kindergarten starling

October 23 Novosibirsk kindergarten № 373 "starling" welcomed its first visitors in the new building.

The new facility is designed for pre-school groups 6 — 160 pupils aged from 2 to 7 years. There are equipped with modern food processing and medical unit, music and gymnasium, laundry, offices educational psychologist, speech therapist, art. Fully equipped with the teaching staff of the new unit kindergarten.

Entering a new kindergarten building is part of a large-scale work carried out in the region for the development of pre-school education — this year in the Novosibirsk region is expected to open 8,209

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In Yakutsk, opened his MFC

The official opening ceremony was attended by head of the city district directly Aisen Nikolaev, Chairman of the Duma Alexander Yakut city Savvinov, the first deputy head Igor Nikiforov, who had a direct bearing on the reconstruction of the building, as well as many invited guests.The Department has never had its own building, and was forced to move from place to place 7 times. The townspeople had to collect the necessary information throughout the city, but now everything has changed. All required windows are now located in one place, there’s even a walk-in closet. Head of Department, Anna Alexandrova thanked

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In Tver renovated clinic opened

Children’s Clinic of city hospital № 1 in Tver was opened after extensive renovation.

Children‘s Clinic serves the entire central area of the regional center and part of Moscow, it is more than 12 thousand children. Three and a half months in the building was renovated.

Update all rooms clinic. In addition, for the convenience of the patients here have expanded lobby. It is now a spacious closet and desk. The clinic is fully replaced plumbing fixtures, heat-and water supply, fire fighting. The institution is located on the first floor of the five-story building. Admission of children here are from

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