In the village of Sukromlya (Smolensk region) opening of a new house of culture

The event was a real treat for the locals. The old building was completely destroyed by fire in 2001. The restoration of this significant cultural object the decision of the regional head of the regional budget has been allocated one million rubles.

The new capital building recreation area of about one hundred square meters built using modern technology and is ideal for leisure activities of the villagers, the organization of group work with youth and amateur performances.

Red Sormovo launched the ninth vessel of RST27 «VFTanker-9

"Plant" Red Sormovo "launched the ninth tanker project RST27« VFTanker-9 "(building number 02009) RST27 project for the company" Volga-Balt-Tanker ".

"Red Sormovo" and the company "Volga-Balt-Tanker" signed two contracts for the construction of 10 product tankers project RST27. The first contract for five tankers was signed in June 2011, a second contract to build the next 5 tankers was signed in October.

The descent was at work. Godmother tanker — Irina Rumyantsev Counsel of the customer.

All tankers are launched ahead of the contractual deadline. Shipyard can pass a whole lot this year

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House of Culture opened in ALKEEVSKY region of Tatarstan

The opening of cultural centers was a significant event for the residents of the village of Tartar Akhmet’ev (total there are about 500 people). The old building where it was located, was in a dilapidated condition. Long-awaited new cultural house was built on the site of the old. It is designed for 320 seats. Here is the library, in which the fund more than 6 million books.

The total cost of the project amounted to more than 11 million rubles. According to the national program this year is planned to build 46 rural clubs.

In addition, there is the opening

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In Tula opened after the reconstruction of the sport complex Metallurg

The grand opening of the sports complex "Metallurg" was held on October 18. In the sports complex will operate three rooms — two for combat sports, and a hall for indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball.

According to Mayor Eugene Avilova, next year at the sports complex will begin construction of an ice palace with a swimming pool and a fitness center with a universal hall and a swimming pool for the disabled.

Symbolic key to the new building was awarded to young sportsman Ilya Lomivorotovu — son of the master of sports of Russia Roman Lomivorotova.

After the completion of

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In Yekaterinburg opened Refurbished kindergarten

Kindergarten "baby house", located on Michurina 100a-opened after renovation.

Capitally renovated kindergarten number 330 is a stand-alone building, and several groups of short-stay children that are equipped with another nearby kindergarten. On the first floor is the main children‘s group, catering department and a small storage area for food storage, medical unit and an insulator. Another two groups of children and a spacious assembly hall are located on the second floor.

Near a kindergarten, a new children’s playground.

At the same time attend kindergarten are 60 children aged 3 to 7 years. At the same time, the regulations

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The new ambulance station was opened in Cherkessk (Karachay-Cherkessia)

Ambulance station was opened in the restored building of the city hospital in Cherkessk. Commissioning of the first aid station, which meets all the standards and requirements, will improve the medical care of the population.

The station located in the old building of the city hospital, where for six months was renovated. For these purposes Cherkessk City Hall has allocated 20 million rubles. Health facility is equipped with modern equipment, are created comfortable conditions for work of 150 employees.

In the near future in the same building will be open trauma center. At the disposal of trauma will be

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In Tver renovated clinic opened

Children’s Clinic of city hospital № 1 in Tver was opened after extensive renovation.

Children‘s Clinic serves the entire central area of the regional center and part of Moscow, it is more than 12 thousand children. Three and a half months in the building was renovated.

Update all rooms clinic. In addition, for the convenience of the patients here have expanded lobby. It is now a spacious closet and desk. The clinic is fully replaced plumbing fixtures, heat-and water supply, fire fighting. The institution is located on the first floor of the five-story building. Admission of children here are from

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In Petrozavodsk, after the repair has opened a kindergarten

Infant school number 93 adopted children after repair. Major repairs were not here in 1981 — since the time of its construction. Now the building is made cosmetic repairs in all areas, set new fire doors, renovated and refurbished medical and food processing units. And most importantly — equipped emergency exits.

To ensure the safety of children in Petrozavodsk educational institutions in the city budget for 2012 provided for 40 million rubles. Only escape route for the equipment in kindergartens number 93 and number 100 sent to about 17 million.

Over the past three years, funding for education increased by

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Being pregnant after conversion opened a kindergarten for 65 seats

Today, after a major renovation and reconstruction of the kindergarten number 84 opened a second building day care where there are three groups of 65 children aged 2 to 7 years.

Kindergarten number 84 was originally housed in the two-storey brick buildings built in 1960. If the first street on the linear, Building 5 profile did not change, the second — on the street. Rafters, 4 long been used for other purposes, in particular, it was a children’s pulmonology number 1 resort city of Kostroma. The last three years the building was not maintained.

For major repairs and reconstruction

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Implementation of the project St. Petersburg Motors

The strategy of the aviation industry of the Russian Federation, JSC "MC" UEC "at the production site of JSC" Klimov "is implementing the project" St. Petersburg Motors "to create innovative Russian aircraft engine company.

The project involves the construction of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, ultramodern design and manufacturing complex (CPC).

In 2013, out of the city center is planned to transfer the main production of "Klimov" a new industrial site in Shuvalovo. Implementation of the project will ensure the independence of the Russian helicopter industry from foreign manufacturers of engines, which corresponds to the state strategy

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