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The new school opened in Omsk region

For students and teachers Lebedinskaya Sedelnikovskogo school district beginning of the school year was a double celebration: Knowledge Day and the opening of the new school, which replaced the aged building with a half-century history.

Lebedinskoye students are now studying in the spacious and comfortable rooms, and using the lessons of the most modern equipment, including interactive whiteboards. Many technical innovations as the school is equipped with a library, and a new catering department, where a desk, a thermos and a modern electric stove. The school was built as part of the federal and regional programs of rural development.


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The new school opened in Podolsk (Moscow region).

Another school building down the street, General Smirnov Podolsk acquired their owners. Here from the village Dobryatino moved gymnasium number 7. The new building will be taught 500 students.According to the headmaster, the conditions for learning created in this educational institution, surpassed all expectations. With the financial support of the administration of Podolsk all fully-equipped, built a large sports stadium.For children with disabilities have special elevators. For elementary school students living in Dobryatino by the decision of the head coach is selected to reduce the travel time.

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The new school opened in Stupino (Moscow region).

September 1, 2012 in the residential neighborhood of Stupino And the grand opening of the new building of secondary school for 620 pupils. Construction of the school was carried out by the regional and municipal budgets.

The long-awaited school for residents of the neighborhood has become a major gift in the new school year. The school building is a 3-4-storey complex of 11 buildings with brick patio, sporting core sports facilities, a total construction area of 2.8 hectares. The project provides five training 3-storey buildings: three buildings — administrative and academic buildings are located in three spacious dining room, a

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In Irkutsk new school opened

In December 2010, on the site of the old school building number ’23 Irkutsk began construction of a new school. Now it is a modern three-storey building with a total area of 13565 square meters. m, consisting of a whole-school and school blocks. A total of 1,100 school students will learn.

September 1 in Irkutsk renovated school was opened number 34

At a solemn line dedicated to the Day of Knowledge, came to 988 students and 66 teachers. School number 34 — one of the oldest schools in the city of Irkutsk, it was built in 1938.

For major

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In Moscow, opened two new housing in kindergarten for 220 places

August 28, 2012 opened new premises in two kindergartens — № 594 on the street. Tikhomirov, 13, and number 998 on the street. Polaris 30.

The new building of kindergarten on the street. Polar accommodate 125 preschoolers. This six new groups, one of which — the creche. For kids a comfortable environment: the spacious recreation room, a bedroom on the twenty cots, a well-equipped gym — here orthopedic instructors will conduct classes for kids who need corrective exercise. On the ground floor of the building — the pool and a medical unit. It is also equipped with a new

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New rural schools were opened in Bashkortostan

August 31, in the village of Miyakitamak Miyakinskogo district opened a new school. Tomorrow, September 1, with the new desks in spacious classrooms sit 84 students, 12 of which are first-graders.

The promise of a new school, which gave miyakitamaktsam Murtaza Rakhimov as president of the republic, he performed, leading the charity fund "Ural". The construction of the school has been allocated 50 million rubles in 2011 and more than 40 million in 2012.

The village Kuyantaevo Baimaksky district of Bashkortostan, opened a new school. At a solemn line gathered almost all the inhabitants of the village Kuyantau. It was

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The village Nizhnekamenka Altai region opened a school

On Friday, August 31, the students sat Nizhnekamenka Altai Altai Region came to the solemn line in honor of the beginning of the school year in the new school. More than one and a half years of construction workers were building a modern building, designed for 360 students. During the construction it was important to take into account the special circumstance — a new school is in areas classified as special seismically unsafe, there are earthquakes up to 7 points. In just seven years in the Altai region built or renovated 92 schools, including 73 villages, that last year alone

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The new school opened in Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region

The new school Aprelskaya Naro-Fominsk Moscow region held open house. For visitors there have been four Excursion route from an educational institution, and the guides have become her future students. Guests will appreciate the spacious rooms and modern equipment, watched demonstrations in the pool and competition in sports halls.

The building was constructed on an individual project and a modern architecture. It houses 30 modern classrooms, radio room, a multimedia language laboratory, a workshop for processing wood and metal office processing of fabrics and more.

For first-equipped games room. To carry out school-wide events provided a spacious assembly hall.

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In Ufa, opened a new school with in-depth study of economics

The new three-storey school opened in the area Demskoi Bashkir capital. Their desks modern classrooms got 620 students.

The new school has appeared on the site of the emergency building, built in 1937. It was the first high school in the station Dema. This year it celebrates its 75th anniversary. She has a rich history. During the Great Patriotic War the hospital was located, where were unique heart surgery.

In 2009, the school is recognized as an emergency. Construction on the site of the demolished building began Jan. 31, 2012. For seven months on Central Street erected a modern

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APC zhiganskiye (Yakutia) has opened a new shop rybopererabatyvayushy

August 27, the day of 380-th anniversary of the village Zhigansk, the opening of fish processing plant APC "zhiganskiye".

Here a day release 300 kg of finished products from local raw materials. In cooperation with the national cooperative "Fish Arctic" and JSC "Tuymaada leasing" modern equipment was purchased. Power plant can produce up to 50 types of fish production, which is implemented in the company store, goes to the peace and Yakutsk.

On the same day in the village opened a modern Zhigansk Business Center "Saydyy". The two-storey building will house hair salon, ticket office, Rosgosstraha office, pharmacy, etc.


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