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APC zhiganskiye (Yakutia) has opened a new shop rybopererabatyvayushy

August 27, the day of 380-th anniversary of the village Zhigansk, the opening of fish processing plant APC "zhiganskiye".

Here a day release 300 kg of finished products from local raw materials. In cooperation with the national cooperative "Fish Arctic" and JSC "Tuymaada leasing" modern equipment was purchased. Power plant can produce up to 50 types of fish production, which is implemented in the company store, goes to the peace and Yakutsk.

On the same day in the village opened a modern Zhigansk Business Center "Saydyy". The two-storey building will house hair salon, ticket office, Rosgosstraha office, pharmacy, etc.


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New construction in Part 1 of KCR.

1.In the capital of Karachay-Cherkessia — Cherkessk soon will open a new ambulance station building.In September this year 130 employees will receive first-aid stations at the disposal of the new building. We are talking about the old building of the city hospital on the street. International center Cherkessk. This building is about a hundred years old, for the past seven years, it was empty, but this year, specifically in the early fall, thanks to the efforts of city authorities here will be transferred to the city ambulance station. Now workers ambulance station Cherkessk working in close quarters and the old

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In the Ryazan region build pharmaceutical complex

Pharmaceutical complex for the production of modern medicines are building in the village Yaltunovo Ryazan region Ryazan region.

Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex "Fort" will meet the international standard GMP. Investment in the construction of its more than 4.7 billion rubles. Capacity of the complex vaccine production — 40 million doses per year, biotech drugs — 31 million ampoules, 23 million vials and 12 million capsules.

Putting the enterprise into operation is scheduled for 2014. This will create 750 new jobs, estimated that the average salary in the company will make 39 thousand rubles.

In addition, investors take the initiative in

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The new school opened in g.Lakinsk (Vladimir region).

A new school were presented to the beginning of the school year, residents Lakinsk. It is designed for 33 classes, and this year it will study 840 students.

Construction of the school was started in 1987. By the completion of the building back in 2010, when one of the two existing schools Lakinsk was considered an emergency.

The new school is equipped with two sports and one assembly hall, a well-equipped food unit. On-campus — a football field, basketball, volleyball and table tennis, jogging tracks. Solved and the fate of the original building Lakinsk school. Here, after the

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The boarding school was opened in Dagestan

August 28 Kumtorkalinskiy near the grand opening of the new boarding school for 200 pupils in the agro sector prikutannom "Sogratl" Gunibsky district. "

The boarding school is named after a famous journalist, a prominent political figure in Dagestan Magomedgadzhi Abashilov. It is a complex of buildings, consisting of a two-story educational building for 200 pupils, a two-storey building with 80 seats boarding, body nutrition unit with an assembly hall and an indoor gym, outdoor sports ground.

Holiday guests at the ground in front of the school, the entrance of which was placed a banner "Thank you for a

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Nizhegorodskiy Ship launched berthing tug TG04M

Today, with the stocks of JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Factory Ship" (KIT) launched berthing tug ice class (building number 704). This is the second vessel of TG04M built the company on request "Rosmorport".

In June 2011, the plant "Nizhny Novgorod Ship" won the open competition for the construction of two ice-class tugs for "Rosmorport". KIT is proposed for the construction of the project TG04M, claiming total construction period of 15 months. Keely both ships were laid down 8 December 2011. The first tug was launched on August 1, 2012, is now undergoing sea trials. Both tugs being built

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New construction in KCR Part 2.

1.CherkesskThe head of Karachay-Cherkessia Rashid Temrezov and the Republican mayor of the capital Ruslan Tambiev visited a number of large projects, construction or reconstruction which began this year after the decision in principle.

The head of Karachay-Cherkessia examined large objects in Cherkessk, the reconstruction of which started this year

Ruslan Tambiev told the Head of the Republic, that immediately after the agreements with the Office of the Russian FSB Border by KCR to transfer the city government building area of 800 square meters on the street Leonov, the project was commissioned on capital reconstruction of the building for

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The new building of the House of Peoples’ Friendship opened in Kazan, Tatarstan

August 29 in Kazan, a famous event — the grand opening of the new building of the House of Peoples’ Friendship Tatarstan.

The new building, located in the center of Kazan, was a good gift for representatives of national associations in the year of the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of the Peoples RT.5-story industrial-type significantly superior to the old size.

The new building housed offices of national societies, employees of the executive committee of the Council Assembly, the editors of "Our Home — Tatarstan", an information center, conference hall, meeting room, conference room, museum friendship, ballroom,

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Oka shipyard launched the fourth tanker VF Tanker — 14

August 23, 2012 Oka Shipyard (director Vladimir Kulikov) launched the fourth serial tanker "Volga-Don max" class project RST27 deadweight in the sea / river 7030/5428 tons of "VF Tanker — 14" (building number 02704).

A total of 2012 shipyard contracted to deliver four ships, but judging by the actual pace of work is likely to be built six tankers of the new series. Contract DWT 6980/5378 tons of the ship "VF Tanker — 11" was exceeded by 50 tons — in fact it was 7030/5428 tons. The rate on the tests was 11.7 knots.   In comparison

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New kindergartens were opened in the villages of Udmurtia

August 23, in the village of Krasnogorsk officially opened a new kindergarten. Kindergarten is built on the site of an old wooden building. The newly built two-story brick building meets all modern requirements.

On the same day of the opening of the new school garden in the village of Vortchino Sharkanski district. September 1, it will go to 104 students from Sharkanski district. And with the new year opens the annexe to the school — kindergarten with 60 seats.

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