Mogilev: 10,000 signatures against the closure of the household shop

July 22 executive committee decided to implement an auction center building. Bureaucrats need to argue closing reconstruction structure. From official sources, it is clear after Home repair household will be part of a shopping and entertainment center. Collected signatures entrepreneurs are going to send to the president and the government.House of life is at the center of Mogilev, exactly opposite the city executive committee. It was built in 1973 and to This time never repaired. In the management of the property they say that are going to repair the building two years. That instead of offering businessmen? Employee council says:"Everyone

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Mogilev again be street Wilensky

At this Cloquet only 5 buildings. Four of them built first of the twentieth century and the number of monuments of architecture. Three — in disrepair.Two year reversed an initiative to rename part of a street name in Vilna Lazarenko made Toponimical commission executive committee. While the initiative was treated on the street Lazarenko built the bridge, and two hundred meters once the main street of Mogilev was under the bridge. The official report and said: "segment of the former street under the overpass Lazarenko became a street of Vilna."The Vilnius — four monument of architecture. They placed the Church

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The boarding school was opened in Dagestan

August 28 Kumtorkalinskiy near the grand opening of the new boarding school for 200 pupils in the agro sector prikutannom "Sogratl" Gunibsky district. "

The boarding school is named after a famous journalist, a prominent political figure in Dagestan Magomedgadzhi Abashilov. It is a complex of buildings, consisting of a two-story educational building for 200 pupils, a two-storey building with 80 seats boarding, body nutrition unit with an assembly hall and an indoor gym, outdoor sports ground.

Holiday guests at the ground in front of the school, the entrance of which was placed a banner "Thank you for a

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School number 12 Kazan opened in a new building

Kazan Secondary School number 12, "Mishpahteynu", also known in Kazan as "Jewish." For the new school year educational institution has received a new additional building, making it more comfortable conditions for students and teachers.

School number 12, located in the heart of Kazan, on ul.Mardzhani near a lake Kaban special. In addition to the compulsory subjects of the state educational standards in the subjects taught her so-called Jewish cycle: Hebrew, history, literature, geography and traditions of the state of Israel.

At the same time, the educational institution is international, it teaches children of different nationalities.

How to tell

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Monument of architecture — the victim Dozhinki

This is not the first urban feature that has become a victim of preparation for today’s "Dazhynak."The former tavern to the nearest time worked — it was a building house urban crafts. About 2 months back the staff was ordered to move out.

Yuri Koptik Now shutters former inn, which now will be except that exhibits local history museum, historian helps Orsha.Yuri Koptik"In Orsha another historic event: the next demolished monument of wooden architecture — a former tavern down the street Proletarian, 12. Orsha he needed, but Orsha administration does not need it.So makarom, to "Dozhinki" already second dozen monuments

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Chess Academy in Khanty-Mansiysk


The unique three-level building with no sharp corners with windows, emoticons, stylized chess piece, built in Ugra capital for two years by the famous Dutch architect Erich van Egeraat.

Building area 2845 sq ft, which will house classrooms and meeting rooms for various purposes, equipped with the latest technologies and IT training. At the same time there may be engaged in more than a hundred players. But the Academy is designed not only to teach children and adults of intellectual game, there will train teachers and coaches. The main highlight of the building — Hall-transformer,

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Chuvashia: Krasnochetaysky opened a new building of secondary school for 240 pupils

February 29 opening ceremony outhouse Krasnochetaysky secondary school for 240 pupils. Construction outhouse began April 27, 2011. This need was due to congestion of the school. In Krasnochetaysky secondary school has 569 students, and the available space is not sufficient to enable children to engage in one shift. In this regard, the district administration and the government of the republic, it was decided to expand the area of the school. And in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chuvash Republic and the administration Krasnochetajsky region within the framework of the federal target program "Social development

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What happened to the disappeared victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11?

After more than 11 years after the catastrophic destruction of the World Trade Center, the city government of New York finally puzzled myself the question: what does this have happened to him in 1116 disappeared victim?


Every time in the history of the building collapse occurred, all the bodies were removed from the wreckage more or less intact. The reason that the collapsing buildings crushed human body, but do not disintegrate into fine particles or disappear without a trace.

However, September 11, 2001 is the most famous "collapse of buildings" in

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Vandals defiled the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk

As said embassy spokesman, Christina Pakonite

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania made a statement. It says that the NIGHT MODE 25 July in Minsk was an act of vandalism against the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus. Salting the Republic of Lithuania in Belarus Edminas Bagdonas protested and claimed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus to know the situation and look guilty. Also claimed by salting Belarusian side to take measures to further compliance was guaranteed, provided that Venskay Convention 1962 and does not violate the immunity of the Lithuanian Embassy. By K.Pakonite, eventually incident mode Embassy’s Consular

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Khamaida cause for administrative fee

Police detained about Khamayda of so-called "Blue House" on Lenin Street, where it once a day spreads are independent publications. Railway police department employees said that it violates the ruling executive committee about trade rules — distributes in the wrong place.Boris Khamaida noted that before the "blue house," he goes more than 10 years, it is recognized in the town center of political life, where he not only distributes newspapers and magazines, and talk to passers-by. Because cross to another place he is not going.The police Khamayda said they would send his case to the administrative commission Railway Executive Committee.

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