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Refurbished opened a kindergarten in the village of Big Yards Moscow region

In the working village of Big Yards Pavlovsky Posad district opened a renovated kindergarten number 24 "Gingerbread Man".

The building and all utility systems are fully updated. In addition, the landscaped area adjacent to Sadiku, organized entrances to the building, prepared by a comfortable pram playground.

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As erected steel …

July 15 this year, we present the first video of the plant prefabricated buildings "Stalkonstruktsiya" for the channel, showing the construction of warehouse series "UNITEC" area 3000 m2Rostov region on the order of OOO "Shipbuilding Company" Doinflot. "

Just a few weeks at the construction site of the port st. Olginskaya was elevated warehouse on the basis of welded truss structures. The building has a cool design, as walling and roofing used PVC tent a density of 900 g/m2.

WithKladska complex designed "Stalkonstruktsiya" taking into account all the needs of the contracting authority

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Moscow — capital of Russia (the final part 3)

Under the cut 59 photos









141. 1st Tverskaya Street. Business center "Four Winds Plaza"

142. View of the Borodino Bridge, the hotel "Belgrade" and "Golden Ring," the Russian Foreign Ministry building

143. Lower Krasnokholmskaya street. View of the business park "Aurora"

144. Moscow International House of Music (right) and high-rise hotel "Swissotel Red Hills"

145. Novinsky Boulevard near the intersection with the New Arbat

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JSC Uralkhimmash shipped hydrotreating reactor R-202, OAO Gazprom Neft-Moscow Oil Refinery

Weight of the device is 142.5 tons, the height of 17.5 meters, the inner diameter of 4.3 m, wall thickness 116 mm. Reactor intended for the cleaning of diesel desulfurization installation on LCH24 2000. The equipment works at 396 ° C and a pressure of 4.51 MPa.

The inner surface of the vessel is welded austenitic materials. The device is provided with connections for input and output materials, fitting for discharging the catalyst, as well as connections for multiband thermocouples. Hydrotreating reactor R-202 was sent to the customer on a special road train. Length of the car is more

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Opened in Kaliningrad Children’s Consultative Diagnostic Center

June 28 opened a consultative and diagnostic center in the regional children‘s hospital, located in the totally renovated building of the former medical unit number 1 ("Fishermen’s Hospital").

On the first floor are equipped with modern scanners — computer and magnetic resonance. Their total cost — 127 million rubles. Diagnostician said that modern equipment allows for a variety of examinations, including blood vessels and the heart, which he had in pediatric medicine in the region were not, and the youngest patients had to send the survey to the metropolitan centers.

As the head physician APP Stanislav Maltsev, here

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Omsk with the altitude you and not only …

Photo report of Fame Stepanova

Omsk is located in Western Siberia to the confluence of the Om and the Irtysh. Founded in 1716. The city’s population is 1.2 million people. The length of Omsk along the Irtysh River — about 40 km. Basically, on this route and flew our helicopter …

Street Maslennikov

Center of Omsk.Theatre Square, and Musical Theatre

Cathedral of the AssumptionIn the foreground, the building of the Government of Omsk Region

Quay TukhachevskogoThe restored gates of the former fortress of Omsk

Frunze street, passing the bridge of the 60th

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In Yakutsk, opened a kindergarten for 240 places

The old wooden building, built in the early 60-ies of the last century, is not subject to repair, through its floor leaking water.

The first pile for the new kindergarten was founded in the same place at Ilmenskaya, 23 in March last year. Thus, for the erection of a beautiful and cozy three-story building contractor (LLC "King 95") took only fifteen months.

The new nursery area 3400 square meters is designed for 10 groups, the building has a gym, a concert and assembly halls, medical and dental offices, study speech therapy, etc., the object is equipped with

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A new airport terminal Yakutsk

Although the site already had the information the new airport building Yakutsk, we can not ignore the official opening of important infrastructure project.

The new building of the airport — the largest object that has been erected in the country on the eve of International Sports Games "Children of Asia". The capacity of the new airport — 700 passengers per hour, the area — 17.5 thousand square meters. The cost of the project — 1.7 billion rubles.

The spacious building of the new airport "Yakutsk" is equipped with four air bridges that allow passengers to get on board

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Cartographic Omsk factory moved to a new building

June 28 the grand opening of three new cases of Omsk cartographic factory. At the facility fully implemented construction works, installed process equipment of leading European companies, including the latest printing machines. The launch of new production capacity in the region will introduce modern technology edition cards significantly improve the quality of products and increase its product range. Today, Omsk cartographic factory takes orders not only from many Russian regions, but also the neighboring countries — Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The new building of Omsk cartographic factory was built nearly twenty years. Funding for long-term construction since

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The opening of the museum in the Omsk region pos.Tevriz

May 18 Tevriz opened a new building history museum. During the inspection of the exhibition will be to go to the Russian and Tatar yurt hut. The museum exposition is presented on two floors and occupies an area of 450 square meters. meters. In the course of an inspection will be accessible to the peasant household, go to the Russian and Tatar yurt hut.

Tevrizsky museum is named after Constantine Koshukova. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War, the first Honorary Citizen Tevrizsky District, Excellence in Public Education of the RSFSR and the USSR, the first director Tevrizsky history museum

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