In Krasnodar, the first building completed at Children’s Hospital

In Krasnodar, completed the construction of the first phase of a multi-disciplinary children’s hospital in the street Lukyanenko. In early 2012, the building will move to a children‘s hospital, which was located on the street Chelyuskina.

Other enclosures hospitals have already started to build. Health facility designed for 160 beds, of which 120 and 40 day-night stay. This work is scheduled four departments: paediatrics, cardiac, neurological and compartments for young children. Construction of a hospital funded by the three levels of the budget. In 2011, for the purpose it has been allocated 177 million rubles from the federal,

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The international airport South


In 2012, in the south of Russia will begin construction of a hub airport.

Promising "docking" airport complex will be capable of carrying up to 8 million passengers a year.

Its location in a defined area in Aksai district Hrushevskoho rural settlement. The hub will be located between Rostov and Novocherkassk along the federal highway M-4 "Don". Here are the vast farmlands that do not affect residential construction.

The new venue will design two runways of 4200 meters in length, making them suitable for landing heavy widebody Airbus, which will carry fans

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In Novorossiysk opened two kindergartens

Dec. 27 opened a new kindergarten in the suburban village of Hayduk, will attend his 150 children. "Opening day care has reduced the" children "of all in the city of nearly a quarter. In GAIDUK 100% of children in kindergarten places are provided "- told in the press service of the city administration.

The building of the new kindergarten are 8 groups of preschool age and type 2 toddlers, medical office, music and sports facilities, a computer lab, studio. Construction of the project was conducted in co-financing, 48 million rubles allocated budget of the Krasnodar region, 26 million

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At the Far Eastern Railway stations update

December 27 at the station Smolyaninovo Far Eastern Railway opened a renovated train station. The building, built in 1938, actually had to rebuild from scratch. Photo

December 30 at the station Korfovskaya Khabarovsk region after the repair station opened. On investment in the entire scope of work for a total of more than 4 million made Khabarovsk distance directorate civil engineering infrastructure of the Far Eastern Railway.


In the celebrations to mark the commissioning of the upgraded station building was attended by the leaders of the Far Eastern Railway involved directorates and

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In Saratov, a new building opened Youth Theater named Kiseleva

In Saratov, the opening of a new theater, which was erected a record 25 years. For a quarter century, the project had changed several times and survived the 6 regional managers (first secretaries of the regional committee, and then the governors).

On the night before the premiere seconds count. The most famous unfinished in Saratov — Theatre for Young People — finally delivered. Where the builders were busy yesterday, today grow roots actors.

"All you need now is to learn, to fill the content, here you need to bring our homes, spirits of the old theater

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In Makhachkala, has opened a new children’s garden

New Year’s holidays City Hall managed to open a new municipal pre-school educational institution outside Irchi Kazak, designed for 10 groups totaling 250 children. Photo

Opening the event, the mayor Said Amirov said: "The builders have worked well, now on the site of the old kindergarten, we see the updated building and the new building. Built a new kitchen, sports and music halls, all the conditions for the convenience of children and teachers. "

On the Red Sormovo started the construction of the fourth tanker project RST27


"Plant" Red Sormovo "(part of the JSC" United Shipbuilding Corporation ") in mid-December, laid the fourth tanker" Volga-Don Max "(building number 02005), a class project RST27. The customer a series of vessels of RST27 acts shipping company "VFTanker" (part of the holding VBTH). RST27 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. Hull’s theoretical forms are the product of the research work carried out in 2010, were created using the methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD simulation) model and have been tested in experimental pool Central Research Institute. Acad. Krylov. Tankers project RST27 satisfy the dimensions of the

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In Grozny, opened a new school for 700 seats

In October district of Grozny, the opening of school number 53. The building, designed for 700 people, was built on the site of the old school, which was destroyed during the war. Earlier, the children huddled in the intact body of the school.

Construction of the school began in fall 2008. To perform the work required by representatives of "Megastroyinvest" came with great responsibility. As a result, there emerged a beautiful three-story building with several buildings, equipped with classrooms, nutrition units, sports and assembly halls.

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The village Hogot (Irkutsk region) was the opening of school

The village Hogot Bayanday district opened a new school building, construction of which began in 2003 under the decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

As reported by "FederalPress" today, December 23, the press service of the government of the Irkutsk region, the construction of the school was sent 187 million rubles, of which 99.1 million — federal funds 87,900,000 — regional.

"In the new building, educational institution has a library, a sports hall, stadium and museum — told in the press service said. — In total, the school will study 350 children from the surrounding villages

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In Pyatigorsk opening of a new office building housing riot

The decision to build a new building for the special forces was adopted in 2006 after a comprehensive study of the state of physical facilities.


This is not just a four-story building, and equipped with all necessary modern complex with sports halls and classrooms with electronic tirami and training that will enable the firing of all standards.


At the grand opening was attended by Chief of the Interior Ministry in the North Caucasus Federal District, Colonel-General Sergei Chenchik Police, Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Stavropol Territory

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