Walking with heritage.

20 Heritage Walks is an assemblage of twenty booklets and eighteen maps which like an equiangular spiral covers myriad of places which are important in cultural, historical and architectural senses. While leaving no part of Delhi untouched, the authors and their team of experts of sketches, maps, line drawings and photography have maintained an immaculate balance between esoteric architectural debates and a proletarian understanding of landscapes and their history. There is dexterous relating of people with things that went into the making of structures and superstructures. It is well conveyed that evolution of architecture is not an adventitious upshot. There

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Souvenir Logs.

From time to time log homes have come or been brought to public attention. First and foremost was as a political symbol in the 1844 presidential election, when log cabins won the vote for William Henry Harrison. They persist as an attribute of Abraham Lincoln, both man and myth. Pictures of log buildings also found fame early in the 20th century — on postcards.

Today, a profusion of these «postals» awaits collectors who are fascinated by log homes, not to mention log hotels, log post offices, log train depots, log jails, log gas stations, log churches and practically anything else

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It is now 24 years since buildings in England started after 1939 have been eligible for listing. Listing matters because it is both symbolic and practical in its effects — symbolic because official sanction is not given without a struggle and then becomes a catalyst for further engagement, and practical because without listing, most buildings are at risk, if not from demolition then

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Achtung! Erik Spiekermann

Graphic designers are of the moment accepting that their work can be as transient as technology. Architects too, should face up to the realisation that all things, even their buildings, must pass…

Judging a typographic design competition earlier this year in the USA, we noticed that hardly anybody had actually used type — that is, real type, as in printing with premade letters, today called fonts by everybody but us typenerds. Instead of fonts, almost every project used lettering, that is letters specially written for the occasion — by hand.

What little type there was consisted of nostalgic fonts from

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A pattern perfect in the labyrinth of Banaras.

From sylvan surroundings to verdant plains to planning.

Civilization started when the wandering humans climbed down their arboreal dwellings and left the sylvan surroundings to settle in ever-replenishing alluvial plains in narrow to wide river valleys. In the valley plains, there is plenty of food and flood. The natural solution to the problem of flood is higher ground higher than the flood could submerge. Till today, this is the primary consideration to have a house or habitation to live. Varanasi popularly known as Banaras is situated over a natural levee along the concave and undercut left bank of the river

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Around Krivsk lock protection zones

In This year to the end of the year project is meant to create security zones Krevo castle, monument of the XIV century. This was said to BelaPAN control works director of Minsk "Center for regeneration of historical and cultural landscapes and territories" Alexander Kropotov.By him, because around the castle remained historical buildings that would have made a unique architectural environment, an urgent need to create a project of security zones, which would regulate all work on the surrounding areas.

Brand new buildings can replenish the lost structure in their original size heights, but in modern forms

"Question Project

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In Grodno destroyed the roof of the tower in the historical building

Passport object indicates that the walls are preserved, and together with the reconstruction of an old house built. Image shows that the future building will be appearance inherent specifically historical building center of Grodno. The project has made architectural and Restoration Bureau Stanislav neck, which experts believe the best in town.According to local historian Igor Lapeho Grodno, house vul.Urytskaga 12 was built in the late XIX century. It forms the patio in the then style. Ethnographer states that builders should leave two front wall. This is a positive, since the other side vul.Urytskaga another castle destroyed quite recently.Now lasts reconstruction

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English website defenders Grodno architecture

Additionally, stating, authorities are part of an old building damage. Readers will also learn about the early history of the town over the Niemen.One of the creators of the website said he hopes that the new website will be enticed by the attention of foreign journalists and facilitate cooperation between them and patrons Grodno development.• Grodno auctioned monument architecture, 16.07.2007 • In the center of Grodno not stop reconstruction and protests against She, 12.07.2007 • Grodno: Portraits of Governors of the town used to flash mob, 10.07.2007 • On Franak Vyachorka instituted administrative proceedings, 10.07.2007 • Grodno detainees released from

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Anniversary: in Yekaterinburg built-hundredth of a skyscraper

"The most compact million of" as they like to call Yekaterinburg, local officials, said a quiet holiday. Yesterday put into operation a new home at the address. Riabinina, 19 in the Academic area. Commemorative high-rise. A multi-storey building in Yekaterinburg was one hundredth building 20 storeys and above.


After the first hundred now in Yekaterinburg built about 60 buildings with 20 or more floors. Another 70 were announced, but not ongoing projects.

According to the website skyscrapers.barneapol.ru a dozen Russian cities (excluding Moscow and the Moscow region) by the number of 20-storey

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City presses its air

"Malyankovska-Khrushchev’s concern for citizens brought us blechnyya development. These houses are to this day. Development scheme has not changed", — says the artist."People that are drawn to the city, the reversed controlled. Friday — out of town, on Sunday evening — back. Why? Because people tend to natural. This also indicates comfort," — says the Sovereign Markovets."As for cultural life, and it is practically not. Almost everything is done on entuziyazme and altruizme. But this is not an indication that occur any configuration. Museums are also trying to think of something to attract viewers. But something new yet. I can

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