Forest fires in Chile

February 28. Strongest wildfire erupted in the Chilean resort city of Viña del Mar, where the International Song Festival, is popular not only in Latin America but also in other countries. The fire started in the forested mountains of the city, where the mainly wooden residential buildings, and destroyed 73 homes. About 300 people were left homeless.

Mayor Vina del Mar Virginia Rehinato left the festival due to the current emergency situation and assist in placing victims in temporary shelters. As the head of City Fire Ricardo Barkhan, now fire eliminated. According to him, the forest fires in

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Earthquake damaged more than 500 buildings in Tibet

According to preliminary calculations, the earthquake, which occurred on February 17 in Ngari area, 517 buildings were damaged, including at least 100 — Serious, victims and survivors of the local population is not fixed.

This correspondent. Xinhua reported on February 20 in the civil administration of the Tibet Autonomous Region / South-Western China /.

Of aftershocks, in particular, has suffered a number of school buildings: the walls of cracks, cracked windows, told the agency.

Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 shook the Ngari February 17 at 23:44. The epicenter of earthquake was located at coordinates 32, 4 degrees north latitude

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U.S. fire: there were more than 80 fires

In the U.S. now been more than 80 forest and grassland fires. The largest of them are raging in the west.

In this region, 62 are continuing fire. Fire destroyed dozens of buildings. Killed at least one fire.

The most dramatic situation is in the state of Washington, where for the last two days the fire swept area of 107 sq km. Contributes to the spread of fire, dry and hot weather and strong winds. Burned 60 homes. Evacuated from the disaster area 420 families. Locate the fire is not yet possible, according to "ITAR-TASS" with reference to

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Tornado in Austria


May 16, 2011 — AUSTRIA — Saturday 15:28 hours in the quiet city Eisenstadt-Umgebung was in a state of shock. 80 meters wide tornado went through the buildings and gardens, leaving behind dozens of damaged homes, fallen trees, or even three buildings torn roof.

Local resident Tinoff still can not believe what I saw. "It sounded like a bomb. Trees romped out of the ground tiles flew away from houses and debris flew like bullets into the walls of the neighboring buildings. It was horrible. " Fire chief says it's a miracle that no one was killed

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Ukraine: where can shake? Ukraine faces an earthquake?

Seismic regions of Ukraine include more than 120 thousand square meters. km in Ukraine, and it is neither more nor less — about 20%. They appear earthquake intensity from 6 to 9 points on the MSK-64 scale. Earthquake-prone areas to 10.9 million people live about 22% of the total population of the country, including in the areas of the 6-point seismic activity — 7.98 million (15.5%), 7-point — 2.16 million (4 , 2%), 8-9-point — 0.79 million (1.5%). On the possibility of an earthquake in the Ukrainian land, about the consequences that may result, and much more "Observer" talked

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Consequences of tornadoes in the United States, Alabama

January 24. According to the latest data, the revelry of elements two people were killed and over 100 injured. According to rescuers, the numbers are not final, because under the rubble of collapsed buildings may be people. Disasters can be estimated from these frames. Completely destroyed dozens of buildings. State governor declared a state of emergency.

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Coatings Company Plakart successfully passed the certification of internal TNK-BP

The application of anti-corrosion, wear-resistant coating

The application of anti-corrosion, wear-resistant coating

Coatings CJSC "Plakart" passed laboratory tests have confirmed their continued use in industrial applications for the restoration of buildings of submersible electric submersible pumps (ESP SEM).

The main objective of the tests carried out — definition of resistance to corrosion coatings in a corrosive environment and mechanical damage.

Tests have been exposed already worn out body with a depth of damage to 2 mm. To conduct research on the service-based TNK-BP were selected 20 SEM awaiting write-off due to the presence of significant corrosion damage.

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Chelyabinsk shakes again


11.05.11.Zhiteli Chelyabinsk note unusual seismic activity: a metropolis once downloaded. Complaints about the "Tremors" are marked in the north-west of the city, near the shopping center "caliber" in the street Khudyakov.

An hour ago, rattled windows in the Chelyabinsk Agroengineering Academy. Correspondents Chelyabinsk Bureau «URA.Ru» also felt the earth echo vibration in his office on the 8th floor of the house in the street Vasenko. Recent entries appear in the network "Vkontakte". The last time the complaints about "Tremors" appeared on April 10, and today resumed.

As reported «URA.Ru», mass complaints residents of Chelyabinsk vibration of buildings come

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In the Turkish province of Van earthquake again. Video


10.11.11.Moschnymi 5.6 magnitude tremors destroyed dozens of buildings, including two hotels, which lived representatives of humanitarian workers and journalists.

Aware of five victims. Be retrieved from the rubble 20 survivors, among them are foreigners. Another 100 people are under the rubble.

For this night, people have survived more than 10 aftershocks. Now the Turkish city Edremit panic — in fear people run out on the street, those who have a car — leave their homes and leave the province. Seismologists do not exclude aftershocks.

Tremors began to rock the province of Van late at night, when many have

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Hurricane in Zagatala region of Azerbaijan


13.06.11.Zagatala. Vugar Heydarov — APA. In Zagatala Azerbaijan hurricane, accompanied by torrential rains.

According to local APA, starting from June 11, in the north-western region of the Republic there is an unstable weather. Most weather proved to Zagatala. The hurricane damaged the roof of private and public buildings, social and public facilities. Also had problems with the power supply.

Told APA Executive Power Zagatala region, according to preliminary information, as a result of rampant elements were damaged roof of 26 multi-storey buildings. Gymnasium, school number 5 and number 10 is also affected by the hurricane. Were knocked down to

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