Almaty waiting for the apocalypse

In the case of the devastating earthquake in Almaty will be in ruins, without electricity, communications and water. On the streets of chaos and looting … We do not exaggerate! This is — a horrifying reality that representatives of various structures repeat the first year. It scares the townspeople, but it seems that the officials did not bother!

Scientific-practical conference "Lessons learned of the earthquake in Japan. Ways to improve the seismic safety of Almaty "was held just before the earthquake in Almaty and Almaty region. But some officials, heads of various organizations of Almaty event ignored. I wonder how

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The Georgian Rustavi hurricane brought down the wall of school

The Georgian town of Rustavi, located 10 km from the capital, Tbilisi, a hurricane this afternoon unleashed a wall of the school. According to the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, as a result of the incident no one was hurt: the teachers to notice vibrations wall and managed to pull all students out of the building.

According to members of the Department of Education Rustavi City Hall, the wall was built over 20 years ago. "As you can see, it was built poorly that nearly led to tragic results," — the town hall.


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Switzerland is preparing for earthquakes

Earthquake in Basel in 1356. Yauslin Carl (1842-1904)

May 30. Despite the relatively low level of seismic activity, Switzerland is at risk. This fact, coupled with earthquakes in Ferrara and Modena, 22-29 May forced the government to think about the problems of the Confederation of public safety.

Preparing for the tremors being at different levels. This week in Basel held large-scale exercises to prevent the consequences of a possible accident. At the same time in Zurich and Geneva, discussed the need for a law on compulsory seismological examination of any structures erected.

According to experts from the

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In the U.S., a forest fire destroyed more than a hundred buildings

In the U.S. state of Michigan forest fire destroyed nine acres of woodland and 100 buildings. It is primarily located in rural roadside hotels, shops and houses cottages.

Firefighters still can not locate the fire. It contributes to the increasing spread of heat and strong wind gusts that sometimes reach hurricane strength, the "Russia 24".

Forest fire fighting also in the south-western United States. Suffered the most so-called Mountain States — Arizona and New Mexico. To fight the fire element are directed 1500 firefighters used special aircraft.

Source: Voice of Russia.

Italy again in a panic: a powerful earthquake. 16 people died. Scientists promise a few more strong quakes

At this point, we know of 16 dead and 200 injured, but the numbers are not final, because so far Debris clearing. The tragedy happened in the same region of Emilia-Romagna, which only a week ago, has already experienced an earthquake — and also with the victims.

As reported in the Department of Civil Protection, three people were killed under the ruins of industrial buildings in the town of San Felice sul Panaro, two — in Mirandola, one — at Concordia and Finale Emilia. The eighth victim — a priest from Rovereto di Novi, ITAR-TASS reported. Ninth — woman,

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In Denmark, the rains have flooded hundreds of homes. Video


As a result of heavy rains flooded homes in Copenhagen and does not work underground

4.07.11.Ulitsy Copenhagen went under water. In the capital of Denmark, closed subway disrupted the movement of buses and trains, not working telephone. For three hours in 150 millimeters of rain fell — is twice the monthly norm.

"I am already 40 years old live in Copenhagen. But I have never before seen such a "- says retired Kurt Petersen.

During the day, experts have recorded over Copenhagen over 12,000 lightning strikes. Today the weather improves. Weather again promises to heavy rains.

Source: The

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Earthquake in Costa Rica

What has happened to. Costa Rica earthquake of 7.6 magnitude has caused several landslides, destroyed many buildings and caused seismic services announced the possibility of a tsunami. In a push two people were killed in the province of Guanacaste, situated right next to the epicenter. Evacuations were 218 patients and all employees of Medical Center Monsignor Sanabria as soon as nine-storey building began to tremble from ground vibrations.

For miles around the destroyed power lines and urban communications, more old buildings leveled. Damage in the form of broken glass, and the interior was a spoiled 21 hotels in the

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Tornado in Japan

May 6, 2012 at 12:46 pm local time in the eastern part of Japan went tornado, destroying dozens of homes and leaving more than 20,000 households without electricity. There were no casualties: the result of the event in the 60 kilometers to the north-east of Tokyo, killed 14-year-old. The cause of death has not been determined, but the boy was among 15 people, brought by rescuers to a hospital immediately after the incident, a tornado. Another 21 people at the scene were given medical aid.

Local authorities report that the number of victims and survivors of tornadoes in Ibaraki Prefecture

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In Turkey, an earthquake of magnitude 5.7, is the destruction of

In eastern Turkey earthquake with magnitude of 5.7. Earthquakes have been recorded at 16 km south of g.Van. The earthquake was located at a depth of 5 km. Reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. According to recent reports, the earthquake caused landslides buildings, but the information about the victims yet.

Earlier today reported a 5.6 magnitude earthquake 32 km from the city of Van. Then information on casualties or damage were received.

Recall, October 23, 2011 in the province of Van in eastern Turkey earthquake of magnitude 7.2 tremors were recorded in 30 km from the provincial capital — g.Van.

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Zhigulevskaya dam creates earthquakes in Togliatti

Togliatti of 309 homes located in Komsomolsk District, require local authorities to solve the problem of earthquake-prone housing units near Zhigulevskaya HPP. People complain of severe vibration, which provokes the water falling from a height of 40 m after passing the dam. Many houses are cracked, and it seems that just about implode.

First of earthquakes in Togliatti talking almost 30 years ago, when the first residents moved into built near hydroelectric building. Settled here willingly. Home — in a picturesque location on the banks of the Volga. But settlers quickly became convinced that a mistake. It turned out, the

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