Belgorod Energomash expands production

On the territory of the steel plant of the largest enterprise in the region is building a new production facility.


On the new space will house the body for the production of piping for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, oil and gas industry. The planned capacity of the new building — 12,000 tons per year of main products and no less than 9.9 million tons of stamped components for the petrochemical industry.

The production building area of 45,900 square meters. m planning to equip overhead cranes 15 and 30 tons. Steel structures for buildings

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Near the Smolny in St. Petersburgs historic buildings are demolished

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Outside, the construction of the building of Smolny arbitration. Now, on the site demolished dilapidated buildings. Workers install fencing. Trial is piling. In the early '12 starts construction of the first floor. Land for construction area of 3.4 thousand m2. ages 18-19 with houses inside the buffer zone. The decision to build was made by order of the Government of the Russian Federation in 2008, published before the city law on the protection zone.

Under the project, the building across the street Smolny will total seven floors and

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Hangar 2 minutes

Factory-fabricated buildings "Stalkonstruktsiya" is pleased to announce a new video presentation of frame-fabricated building tent series "UNITEC. " 2 minutes we will show you a three-week process of building the hangar area 1050 meters2. The facility has been implemented in the city of Ryazan commissioned the plant "LLC TehnoIzolyatsiya" and became the ninth in a row hangar is on the premises.

Erected warehouse — is gable building frame which is made on the basis of welded truss structures. The warehouse has a cool design, as walling and roofing used PVC tent a density of

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Chelyabinsk again complain of tremors



Chelyabinsk shakes again — for the past day operational duty in the city received more than 60 reports complaining of vibration of buildings, reports The single duty and dispatch service for the capital of the South Ural. "During the last day of the inhabitants of the city received 66 messages complaining of explosions and vibrations of buildings," — said in a summary of a day on December 11.

Recall, residents continue to associate the data with the destruction of ammunition

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Yekaterinburg swept over a strong dust storm

In Yekaterinburg, the wind tore off the roofs of buildings, billboards, broken trees. At one of the city's buildings operating struck a heavy wooden panel, he died before the arrival of "first." People were at the facility, although in this weather, safety requirements, it is prohibited.

Hurricane took off in the urban dust, and, according to witnesses, in the streets was almost zero visibility. For cars fell trees. Fortunately, none of the drivers was injured.

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224 law enforcement officers were flat in Primorye

July 26 in Vladivostok commissioned two 14-storey buildings on 112 apartments each. The keys to the apartment were a family of employees of the regional department of the Federal Security Service.

Construction of residential buildings were built in the framework of the federal target program "Housing for the military." The apartments are rented with trim, plumbing and kitchen facilities. The apartments have water meters and heat. In the neighborhood is a modular boiler capacity of 2 MW.

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For the Southern Ontario tornado swept

Strong, almost a hurricane, accompanied by showers and thunderstorms, made a lot of trouble in the town of Goderich in Southern Ontario, on Lake Huron. In the center of the city on Sunday tornado swept through. Several office buildings, homes lost their centuries-roof. Tornado, having walked through the streets of Goderich, had made homeless standing there the church and destroyed the upper floors of buildings.

Felled trees and poles, electrical wires are severed, several hundred homes were left for hours without power. Police closed center for automobile traffic, and the mayor declared a state of emergency here.

As established specialists

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On the territory of Sevkavturklastera skyscrapers will not

On the territory of the North Caucasus tourism cluster will not build high-rise buildings, which will reduce seysmoriski and ensure the safety of tourists, said on Friday the press-service of "Resorts of the North Caucasus."

All objects tourist cluster in the North Caucasus Federal District, Krasnodar Krai and Adygea will be built to the highest standards of seismological. They are expected to be able to withstand tremors up to 9 on the Richter scale.

"In today's world there are clear standards of construction in different areas of seismic activity. And in our project the standards, of course, will be respected,"

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By Lake Chebarkul allegedly fell one of the fragments of the meteorite

Residents of several regions in Russia today witnessed a rare natural phenomenon. In the morning they saw in the sky a large fireball. And almost immediately after it became known in the Chelyabinsk region has fallen meteorite.

It all happened in a matter of moments. Space object entered the atmosphere at high speed and exploded in the air at high altitude. Then, apparently, it broke into pieces. The blast had shattered windows in hundreds of buildings. Experiencing temporary shortages of cellular communication in some areas of Chelyabinsk gas supply turned off. Schools were canceled classes.

Later in

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A series of weak shocks in Armenia can be a precursor to a large earthquake — expert

According to the director of the Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology, National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sevada Hovhannisyan, the world level of seismic hazard has increased, but this is not evidence that the danger has now reached the highest point.

"Worldwide, the number of earthquakes has increased. It is difficult to answer the question, What is the reason. Some people think that once a millennium earthquake become stronger. At 1000-1200-ые years. Powerful earthquake. Adding the 1000 years , it is clear that the activity of earthquakes caused by this cycle, "- said geophysicist, speaking

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