A.Buhvostov: nothing has changed

"Nothing to viewpoint democratization process failed. It’s all in a style that exists in Belarus, when trying to rub all points that Tipo have any changes that we all give equal rights, equal rights but no no. I sure like this MP candidate. Leading the agitation, I beheld works for whom Administration of Industry district of Minsk Their is a "separate" candidates, in which they operate. And so everywhere.Observation suggests that the same principles are preparing to rig. This premature vote when all the people are forced to go to a premature vote in different ways — coercion, intimidation or

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Democratic forces are preparing for Congress

The organizers have applied to Minsk city executive committee for permission to hold a congress in one of the 3 rooms — expensive, concert hall "Minsk" or the Palace of Culture Automobile.A similar letter was sent to Presidential administration.Bukhvostau Alexander said that the committee intends to wait for a response before 16 May. If it will not, then Congress will be held outside the country. It is expected that it perceive the role more thousand people.Congress will be held May 26-27. Bukhvostau Alexander said that this is a real and last date:"If you tighten the solution to the problem of

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A.Buhvostov: Gomel defeated supporters A.Milinkevich

According to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Congress of Alexander Bukhvostova representatives of MES and the police tried to go into the courtyard room where was a meeting. But the organizers of the meeting and they were not allowed representatives of Ministry of Emergency Situations and the police left and no longer prevented. Bukhvostau Alexander said that the conference could see all the questions a day or agenda:"On the first issue, taking into account that there Milinkevich many followers, his associates Korneenko Katsora then they scored 57 on the first question (vs. 39), and the second question

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