ONCE A YEAR, the Strike Attack Operational Evaluation Unit (SAOEU) conducts a long deployment to the Naval Air Warfare Station at China Lake in California. This year’s deployment was named Exercise HIGHRIDER V. One of the trials conducted during the deployment was to assess the performance of the Paveway III (UK) weapon and fuze against a multi-layered hard target (a bunker). This involved dropping four bombs in all — one from a Harrier GR.7, one from a Jaguar 96 and two from Tornado GR.4s.

China Lake testing.

It is very difficult to conduct weapons trials in the UK — Garvie

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Made Party hopper plug additives

Gate is completed shipment of additives produced by our factory for one of the industrial enterprises in Ukraine.

bunker silo container


Manufacturing was carried out according to plan.Shutter binsis a conical metal pail cumulative dosing of loose components. Structurally, this body, which is lined on the inside wear-resistant steel. One of the walls is movable, it is capable of moving through the system, rack and pinion. The design of the ratchet mechanism is provided to prevent samoprozvolnoe closing the shutter.

As part of the contract was made twenty bunker gate ten left hand

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Signed a contract for the supply of about 120 Russian anti-tank systems Metis-M1

As it became known at the time the contract is in progress and will only deliver to the needs of the armed forces of Bangladesh, about 120 anti-tank systems "Metis-M1." 

The complex ATGM "Metis-M1" is designed to defeat modern tanks, fitted with ERA, lightly armored targets, fortifications (such as "bunker", "bunker"), and other small targets at any time of day and under difficult weather conditions.

Key benefits and features of the application "Metis-M1" zaklyuchayutsya in sravntelno small size and weight of the components of the complex, which

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LUKOIL-Bulgaria Bunker start bunkering fuel RMK-500 and RMK-700

LUKOIL-Bulgaria Bunker launched a fuel specifications RMK-500 and RMK-700 in Varna and Burgas (Bulgaria). Bunkering specified kinds of fuel oil made from the tanker "Bellona".

The product is used container ships and some modern tankers.   LUKOIL-Bulgaria Bunker bunkering in Ruse, Burgas and petroarea Rosenets, Varna (Bulgaria), Constanta (Romania) and pantry (Serbia), as well as at the 61 th mile of the river Danube.

LUKOIL-Bulgaria Bunker in 2012 to increase the supply of bunker fuels by 10% as compared to 2011, despite the abnormally difficult ice conditions at the beginning of the year.

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Marine Terminal Vostokbunker reached full capacity

"Trading house" Transit-DV "produced eight bunkering of ships in foreign ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Slav — the total volume of about 12,000 tons per day on tankers" Bay Slav "and" Vladimir Vysotsky. "

If we take into account the power of the fleet raised by 5 April, it was totally centered around 28 000 tonnes of bunker fuel brand VB-180/VB-380. The remaining amount of fuel has already been booked by foreign companies for bunkering vessels in the ports of Primorsky Krai and the fuel will be drained within 5-6 days. To date, the concept of "bunker

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Bunker business Gazprom oil goes to the international market

"Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker", the operator of bunker business "Gazprom oil" purchased from the Romanian company Unicom Holding Marine Bunker Balkan SA, operating in the Black Sea port of Constanta.

Marine Bunker Balkan SA became the first foreign asset "Neft Marine Bunker." In the management of Marine Bunker Balkan SA are two ships bunkering, ship-to-drive with a capacity of 4.0 tons and two mooring barges. The company rents shore tank Oil Terminal Constanta capacity 1.5 tons. It is planned that the annual sales volume of marine fuel will exceed 100 million tons, which will allow the

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The group Total has completed the construction of bunker complex in the port of Primorsk

The group "Total" has completed the construction of bunker complex in the port of Primorsk (Leningrad region). Valued at 1.7 billion rubles.

 Photo source:baltneft.com

New Port asset is put into operation at the end of November. Bunker complex is needed for refueling tankers that transport oil from the port of Primorsk, and icebreakers operating in the Gulf of Finland. Power bunker complex in the seaside exceed 400 tons per year. It is about a third of bunkering facilities, located in the Gulf (as many more are in the Big Port of St. Petersburg, the rest — in other

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Feat of Alexander Matrosov

Feat of Alexander Matrosov has become one of the symbols of heroism and made history majestically Russian war. But at the moment the data are presented in the heroism of the altered version. Anyone who considers himself an expert in military affairs, trying to find the facts that disprove the existence of the heroic deed of Alexander Matrosov.

I was struck by writing to one of the forums: "I have here a version that Matrosov last words were:" Fucking ice …! '". Neuzh this is not the limit of sacrilege. Now everyone tries to prove that the structure

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Switzerland, military bunkers. Online.

Frankly, I widened my eyes when I watched the video, dedicated to Swiss bunkers. There is evidence that they can accommodate 20 000 people in the event of war, or the end of the world. Outrageously large amount of money gives the Swiss do battle tank even out of the rock. How do you like it capitally armored car garage, which is located inside the gun? Especially impressive are the massive bunkers inside the mountain!

Watch Switzerland, military bunkers


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Brand new threat — a new bunker?

Maybe Washington fears Iran's nuclear bomb, even more than willing to show. At least, according to U.S. media, right next to the white houses built antinuclear bin for the President, his family, and the administration. But, it's only a guess. According to official figures, workers conduct repairs of sewers. But the scale of the operations forces believe even in the most fantastic theory.

Presidential spokesman explained that Snow White House leaked pipes and terrain residence, the highest enclosed by a fence, started construction. But the pit carefully concealed from the outside. A couple of times a day pass for

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