The rich are buying up Russian underground bunkers


14.05.11.Terrorizm for construction of bunkers can be good. And the apocalypse business — better in two raza.Danila Andreyev started building "panic rooms" three years ago, when fears of terrorist attacks and commercial disputes from escalating into violent conflicts in their demand began to be born. Now he sells bunkers to survive on 400 thousand dollars each, and makes his fears that the world has to die in the next year.

"I myself do not believe in doomsday scenarios," says 31-year-old Andreev, whose company completed the construction of 15 bunkers in undisclosed regions across Russia. "But when your customers start

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Americans are buying space in bunkers

Americans rushed to buy up seats in various bunkers and shelters for protection against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Demand for shelter increased tenfold after the devastating earthquake and ensuing tsunami after Japan and the bloodshed in Libya.

Depending on the value of such shelters and shelters rose from 20% to 1000%. The company offers personal refuge with everything you need and the possibility of autonomous multi-day stay at the price of $ 200 thousand to $ 20 million.

Typically, personal bunkers are tiered structure in some secret location. Construction on the largest size of a large supermarket. It is

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«The End of the World» raised the demand by the Russians on the bins

Construction companies involved in construction of underground bunkers and shelters, seeing an increase in interest in their products in the past year. Thus, the general director of the company "DelyuksBunker" Arthur said Tolasov "News" that every year in the capital of the company is building 10 underground bunkers for individuals, but for the past 11 months, sold twice as many projects.

— And calls became more frequent, there is excitement from customers is, — said Tolasov.

Bunker — not cheap. Underground room with the residential sector, a pantry for food storage, toilet costs $ 500 thousand Its sealed design

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Who is building underground bunkers?

All sorts of predictions occultist wing scare most impressionable people the world ended in 2012. Others, too impressionable individuals watching the Japanese chronicles of events as panic, believing that nature will soon destroy all people.

Perhaps, for those of humanity enterprising builders decided to build underground houses with apartments-hoppers.


The pioneers in this field were the Chinese, they have built in 2002 in the northern and central mainland China (not far from the city Budalin) underground modern city in the event of accidents for the intelligentsia (doctors, scientists, university professors, architects, general, and, of course,

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Moscow oligarchs styling private bunkers

Among Moscow oligarchs new fashion — to private silos. Now they are in the Russian capital for every taste — from a sample of the Cold War to the know-how of the 21st century. Vault VIP-class equipped with even a sauna. Larissa Zadorozhnaya walked through Moscow bunkers, to find out where and how you can hide from a hypothetical nuclear explosion?

On the surface — nondescript mansion. Dummy. But right outside the windows — concrete. This bunker was built for the party leadership. In the fifties — in case of nuclear attack. One

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Ukrainians are buying bunkers for 120 thousand dollars


As it turned out, not only Ukrainians care about raising tariffs for housing and communal services, public transportation, rising prices for food, gasoline risen in price, but …. the coming apocalypse, December 21, 2012, that the ancient Maya predicted!


Following the boom in the construction of personal underground shelters in case of natural disasters and man-made disasters, which is observed in Europe, the U.S. and neighboring Russia, decided to acquire a family bunkers and residents of Kharkiv. Ads underground

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Norway is preparing for the apocalypse


24 July 2011 on the Norwegian English-language Internet portal Newsbad. com letter appeared prominent Norwegian politician, lifts the veil of secrecy on a secret project to build underground shelters, bunkers to escape from the consequences of the global catastrophe that is expected on the planet in 2012. Mystery author sensation author signed a letter to his real name, but asked the journalists to keep it secret. The letter was accompanied by photographs in which the man was captured together with the Prime Minister of Norway, with Ms Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan,

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London ready for the end of the world. Bunkers for salvation — in every home


Some companies have established here the production of individual bunkers and bomb shelters for the wealthy, but too superstitious citizens. London, more than any other city in the world can consider itself thoroughly prepared for the coming end of the world. Most government and administrative buildings are equipped with underground shelters, preserved since the Cold War. And many of them are actively used as offices, and clerks who work in them to receive additional salary for hazardous conditions — finding no fresh air and natural light.

In London, as always, actively building. And

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Apocalypse 2012. Panic is growing.


Expectations that the Mayan prediction comes true and there will come in 2012 will be the last for mankind, causing havoc all over the world. Some are thinking about suicide, while others, wanting to save their lives, rushed to buy space in bunkers, writes The Daily Mail.

Apocalypse, according to the Mayan calendar, must come December 21. On this day, as the sign of a temple in Tortuguero, will come down from heaven, god of war, and will end once the cycle of development of the world.

In NASA now receive dozens of

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