Born of anarchist bombers and gangsters, the early FBI was a crack team of ‘Commie hunters’ and counter-spies bending the law to protect the USA

It was late-summer of 1901 and the eyes of the world were on Buffalo, NY, the eighth-largest city in the United States at the time. Buffalo was hosting the Pan-American Exposition, where electric light was still a novelty and the first X-ray machine was on display. On 5 September, US President William McKinley toured the exposition and gave a speech on the glories of progress and human genius. It was the last speech he’d ever

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Elections in Belarus under the watchful eye

This recommendation was the result of work in Belarus on June 9-12 Assessment Mission Office. It is expected that its report will be available soon on the official website. By the way, present a day or headed OSCE became the representative of Slovenia Janisch Lenarchich. He was succeeded by the Austrian Christian Strohal. About this destination already reported on the official website of the Bureau.

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In pictures: JSC Instrument Design Bureau (Tula)

Located in Tula Instrument Design Bureau (PCU) — one of the largest enterprises of the defense industry in Russia. PMA is a powerful research and production center, creating the most advanced system of high-precision weapons. KBP — one of the world leaders in the development of weapons.

Design office develops anti, artillery and anti-aircraft systems, tank and gunnery weapons and ammunition. It also is developing hunting and sporting weapons, air defense systems and even medical lasers (used in ophthalmology, dentistry and, of course, cosmetology).

 The story begins in the CPP in 1927

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Ukraine adopted a new sound-intelligence complex

Ukrainian military adopted a new set of sound-automated reconnaissance (Razka) "Regulation 2".

The corresponding order of Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev signed at the end of February.

"Position 2". Photo SKB "Lightning"


The complex is designed in Odessa SKB 'Lightning'. It is planned that mass production of this technology will be engaged in Odessa, too. However, when the first "Regulation 2" will go to the army, is still unknown.

"Unfortunately, in the defense budget for this year funds for the purchase of our systems there — complained in an interview

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We Harkovі rozrobili Novi dvigunov pіdvischenoї efektivnostі

AT "Spetsіalne konstruktorske Bureau (SCB)"Ukrelektromash "completed viprobuvannya doslіdnogo zrazka new asynchronous elektrodviguna zagalnopromislovogo priznachennya. About Tse povіdomili "SQ" in pres-sluzhbі group "UPEK" (Kharkiv), to include structured yakogo SKB.

Viprobuvannya proyshli for Mіzhnarodnoї elektrotehnіchnoї komіsії standard IEC 60034-2-1. During the press-service of the іnformatsієyu, KKD novih dvigunіv bіlsh nіzh 10% vische standard rіvnya i mayzhe 7% vische, nіzh at dvigunіv bazovoї zagalno serії AIM. In this rite, vіdpovіdno to standard IEC 60034-30, pereydeny tsіlovy for rozrobki class IE3 energoefektivnostі i dosyagnut nayvischy on sogodnі class IE4.

Yak vіdznachili in the "UPEK"

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OSCE declined to monitor Russian elections

Formally, the parties do not agree on the term of 5 days: OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions insisted that her group of 50 observers arrived on 15 February, Moscow was not ready to accept them before February 20. But a prerequisite failure Bureau generally send their own observers, apparently, was a general atmosphere of relations, by restrictions imposed by the Russian side and the number of observers (less than 75 people), and in particular at the time of their stay in Russia. Bureau insisted that has an international mandate specifically for long-term observation, monitoring the entire electoral process, not only

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Licence to Kill

The incident with the murder of office of the FBI agents in Florida Chechens suspected of involvement in the recent terrorist attacks during the Boston Marathon, received an unexpected sequel. Journalistic investigation showed that over the past decade, the Bureau agents used weapons against suspects (and got them) for a total of 150 times, and never (!) Internal investigation did not impose any sanctions on the shooters. This may indicate either the absolute infallibility of the FBI, or the existence of a true "license to kill".  

Reporters from the New York Times

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Post-war anti-tank artillery. 45-mm anti-tank gun M-5

German anti-tank guns captured 75/55-mm RAK.41 on Russian designers made a strong memory. In the OKB-172, TsAKB Grabina, OKB-8, and other design bureau made several experienced trunks with tapered channel. But in the Russian Union adopted any one gun with the channel for service was not accepted. The main reasons were the highest price trunks, tech manufacturing complexity, and comparable low vitality.

Second highlight 75/55-millimetrovoy RAK.41 was carrying a shield that changed the lower carriage — also found application.

In the design bureau plant number 172 (not to be confused with the OKB-172) in a 44-year projected 76-mm regimental gun

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The newest submarine Severodvinsk first appeared in the sea


This is the first factory sea trials the lead ship of the project 885 "Ash". Their acceptance spends a team led by Valery Dobrowolski. The ship sailed under the command of Captain 1st Rank Sergey Mitiaeva, "- said in a statement on the website of Sevmash.

Submarine "Severodvinsk" is designed in a marine engineering bureau "Malachite" (St. Petersburg). The output of the ship‘s slipway workshop was held June 15, 2010 in the presence of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. According to the newspaper VIEW, July 29 Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky said that the Navy will receive up

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Interview chief designer of OKB name A.Lyulka

Russia is one of five countries where possible full cycle of engines for military aircraft

In a world of only five countries where possible the full cycle of development and creation of new engines for military aircraft. Engines that will be in demand and competitive for 30-40 years. Russia in this top five is due to the fact that in Moscow there is a unique experimental design bureau named after A. Cradles, which develops engines for the latest Russian fighters, surpassing all foreign analogs. All the fantastic features of our military aviation pilots will demonstrate the Su-35

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