Government for the people

As you know, Lukashenko announced the company de-bureaucratization, even adopted in late 2006 and a directive stated that Belarus will government built for the people. Here could poernichat be thought of for whom this government was to this time, which had a lot of years to build a bureaucratic government, so that later it debureaucratized, etc. But let’s take it on faith that not counting populism playing on public Lukashenko sincerely seeks to compel municipal authorities, government officials serve the people, because it works on his style. And I must say that in this direction were prepared certain steps. In

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Ekokarta Russia will fight bureaucracy, environmentalists say

Russian multimedia project "Ecological Map of Russia" will be publicly available tools to fight the bureaucracy in the field, where complaints of individual people ignored or checked after a long time, Chief Editor of the journal "Ecology and Law" Lina Zernov.

Ecological map of Russia was developed by RIA Novosti in support of the Russian Geographical Society. The map, which was launched in early October, anyone can leave a message on environmental pollution, violation of environmental laws, which he had witnessed.

"As an expression of public opinion, this project has the right to life. Rosprirodnadzor We do not, and are

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