Great places. Woodland Legend.

A Washington resort traces its logging roots to the 19th century.

After driving the narrow, winding Chumstick Road that leads to Mountain Springs Lodge outside Leavenworth, Washington, I could easily believe the story that owner Bill Newell told of his great-grandfather coming to Beaver Valley back in 1893. William Wesley Burgess got into the sawmill business on Orcas Island. He was seriously injured in an accident, and doctors told him his leg needed to be amputated. According to the story, Burgess had a gun under his pillow and told the hospital staff that he’d shoot anyone who tried to take

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500 million years ago on Earth lived animals like tulips

In the famous geological formation, Burgess Shale, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is a strange creature, which lived about 505 million years ago and having a hitherto unprecedented system of serving food.

The animal has cupped form, which contained the notorious system and internal organs. It looked like a tulip bud and was on top of the "stem" and the lower part of which was complete discoid outgrowth attached to the sea floor. Total length being christened Siphusauctum gregarium, was 20 cm

Cambrian creation hunted filtration, sucking water through tiny holes in the "cup."

Lead author Lorna

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