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Pan promise Zenovia

There are in the Ukrainian Carpathians Tlumach city. And in this city not long ago lived a certain pan Zenovia N. (Zenova abbreviated Zenyk — west Ukrainian version of the name Zino.. — Ed.). His deeply religious and hard-working, known and respected citizens. He was a worker, and for additional income bred nutria, the demand for skins and meat is never lost. Zenova was a man of frugal, saved money — understood that his grandson should get a good education, while his wife and daughter — to live with dignity.

Zenova died at age 82 in

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Black magic and photos

A resident of South Kazakhstan village Toguz Natalia Humpback recently buried her husband, decided to put on the grave monument. But when they came with their relatives in the cemetery, was dumbfounded: someone buried in the grave of the late 20 pictures total strangers, including children!

Sorcerer cast a curse on the people and buried them in a fresh grave photo

Pictures were of different quality: color, black and white, printed on Xerox and a mobile phone. All of which were tied crosswise with black and red threads.

In the village after the incident began saying that Natalya

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Baikal regions of Buryatia threatens ecological disaster

07/29/11Baikal regions of Buryatia threatens an environmental disaster. At the village of Coma found tons of dangerous chemicals. Rather than destroy, they just buried in the woods. A couple of days ago, called Rosselkhoznadzor pribaykaltsy. They complained that found on their soil chemicals. Look at the purple soil off and experts. As it turned out for good reason. They found tons of hazardous substances.

Sergei Zhamsaranov, inspectors in ensuring the safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals Rosselkhoznadzor 'samples were taken and sent to the laboratory. Substances have been identified. This agrochemical "Ammophos" and pesticide "Granazan." "AmmofosUa" about

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The number of skeletons Mona Lisa reached 7 pieces

In search of the remains of the woman who posed for Leonardo da Vinci, archaeologists have learned from her grave in another mysterious stranger

Fortune favors scientists who conduct excavations in the abandoned convent of St. Ursula in Florence. They dig one skeleton after another. The other day got the sixth and seventh. Thus the probability that the remains will be found among the unknown — the remains of the woman who posed for Leonardo da Vinci — increases with each finding. Not even excepting that they have recovered from the grave.

The famous portrait of Leonardo da

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In Israel, perhaps, found the tomb of the biblical prophet


Text: Andrew Velichko

The pursuit of "black archeologists" in the vicinity of Jerusalem helped to find an ancient church in which it is likely buried the prophet Zechariah.

The discovery made the team very far from science, led by Amir Ganor … detective, the Israel Antiquities Protection (IAA). The brave cop in arms (no exaggeration) hunts for grave robbers and illegal antique dealers.

In pursuit of a group of Palestinians who hunted theft of antique

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Powerful mudslide came down in Kyrgyzstan

12.05.11.Moschny landslide buried under a transport cafe on the strategic highway Bishkek-Osh in Kyrgyzstan's Toktogul region, the rubble was one of the employees point of catering. This was announced on Thursday, RIA Novosti spokesman MES, IA "News of Kazakhstan."

According to the source, before the incident occurred on 261 km of mountainous highway linking the northern and southern regions of the country. On location in the picturesque valley cafe collapsed over 3500 tons of earth. Under the five-meter layer of earth mass was buried 57-year-old employee of a cafe.

"On-site emergency lifeguard. The operation involved 10 vehicles. The remaining staff

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Terracotta Army.

The legendary army, called Terracotta (under the name of the material from which made the statue), was accidentally discovered by Chinese peasants in March 1974 during the construction of the local irrigation system. The find immediately attracted the interest of archaeologists, and soon there were deployed scale excavation.

Discovered army consists of more than seven thousand full-sized statues of soldiers and horses that were buried in 210-209 BC. e. along with the Chinese ruler Tsinem Shi Huang, the first emperor of feudal China. The first time he was able to unite under one ruler seven different states in the

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The history and tradition of burial

In history there were water and air burial, discarding, burying, cremation, mummification, dissection, cannibalism. The most common — cremation and inhumation. A culture burial occurs when there is a concept of the soul and the afterlife. With the V century BC use natural hills. Often placed on the back, crossing his arms. Cremation was used for 7c. BC (Common in Europe, Russia, India, Japan, etc.), came out of use during the fight monotheism and paganism. Were buried after cremation.

Ancient SlavsFor the most part in the 11-13th centuries. — In the coffin into the ground, but there were "pagan" rituals.

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In Italy, found the remains of a witch, nailed to the ground


In the mouth, the skull was found buried seven long nails. She was buried without any coffin or even a shroud. Thirteen more nails counted around the bones of its skeleton. Apparently the body of a witch trying to nail down to the ground, she did not resurrected … The find made in the so-called "witches graveyard" in the coastal area of Piombino (Piombino), which is not far from the town of Lucca, Toscana region. "Witches Graveyard" site was named because a little earlier on it unearthed the skeleton of a woman with

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Lethargy — imaginary death?

The line that separates life from death, deceptive and ambiguous. Who can tell where it ends and another begins? Lethargy (Greek lethargia, from lethe-«oblivion" and argia — «omission") is the imaginary death, the state of stillness, like a dream.


In humans, the two main bodies that have non-stop work for the rest of his life — the brain and the heart. When the heart stops working, people die, and when the brain is turned off, he dives into lethargy — a condition that can be fatal for him … All processes in the human body at this time

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