D Force, Burma

This trained decoy unit, the first in history, became a thorn in the Japanese side in the jungles of Burma

For the first time in military history a field unit of a specialist deception force was in direct contact with the enemy in the last week of January 1944 the Sikh company of D’ Force fought men of the Japanese 55th Division in the Valley Abakan (W Burma). Till then the task of misleading an adversary had always been delegated to an HQ staff where strategy was concerned, or tactically to a unit detached from the battalion, brigade, or division

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Forum2000 — action in support of democracy in Burma

On the situation with human rights in M» yanme (current title Burma), where the reigning military power and during recent protests people were killed, many speakers recalled the forum. After a lot of interest in the eyes of today’s meeting rushed that breast identification marks — the badge — on which is written — delegate, observer, press — overlap badge with an international Buddhist flag. It has been explained to me then that means painting with crossed colorful column. This color Buddhist flag states. These estimates were distributed at the entrance to the main hall meetings and virtually raskhoplivalisya. Distributed

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In Burma killed eight protesters and a journalist

In Burma, there are the most violent protests since, when 20 years ago military junta ruthlessly cracked down on protesters, killing 3 thousand people. On This time bullets soldier killed 9 people, including Japanese journalist, another 11 people were wounded. During raids on the monastery in Yangon and in other towns of Burma, police arrested about 700 Buddhist monks and 2-activists of the opposition Awami League for Democracy. Protesters demand end dictatorship, restore democratic freedoms, release from house arrest favorite National League for Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi. The impetus for the protest and was a sharp increase in prices:

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Violence against the demonstration of Buddhist monks in Burma

Now the largest town in Burma Yangon police and troops fired into the air with tear gas, beating people with batons.The current clashes with police occurred after, military junta forbade demonstrations and imposed a curfew in Yangon. But the people took to the streets again.Government acknowledged that killed a monk. Other reports have killed more than 5 people. 10s people were injured.Arrested about 200 demonstrators, about half of them — Buddhist monks.Witnesses report that security forces beat people with truncheons and arrested dozens of them. Reported the wounded and dead, but clear information yet.But witnesses also report that thousands of

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Belarus — the second case of deprivation of preferences after Burma

Yarashuk: "It was clear that Peter Mandelsan in Lately This statement was made, since it is not every day and every year the decision influential European framework perceives and if read precisely — it is only one day in Burma, where a military dictatorship reigns and where there is a fortress work. Belarus — this second case.I, too, I can tell about great regret that it happened, but for sure at the moment there is a need to focus specifically on how to than did Peter Mandelsan own statement at the end of that June 21 no catastrophe happens. Entry

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Bush: America is working for the freedom of Belarusians

Now our people standing in front of the latest fighting enemies who kill the innocent and seek to subject millions of its own force, totalitarian power, "- said George Bush, remembering the victory of freedom over Russian communism and Nazi fascism in the 20th century that.

In countries such as Belarus, Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe, people continue to live under oppressive regimes

"But we remain convinced that the light of freedom i overcome this mist. To come today, we should support the young democracy in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. In countries such as Belarus,

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Earthquake in south-east Asia

Earthquake in Burma: dozens killed

March 25, 16:48 MCK.Bolee 70 people were killed in an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 with the epicenter on the border of Thailand and Laos 110 kilometers from the city of Chiang Rai.

Authorities fear that the death toll could rise significantly.

Tremors were felt well over 800 miles from the epicenter, in the Thai capital Bangkok and Vietnamese capital — Hanoi.

Initially reported two aftershocks that occurred almost simultaneously, but later the U.S. Geological Survey explained that there was only one push.

The center of the earthquake was located in a relatively small 10-km

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In search of adventure with Mikhail Kozhukhov (all series) watch online

Coupled with the known Misha Kozhukhov you will visit various countries and learn about their traditions and life of the local population. Arriving in each country Misha guards are a rare profession that is inherent in this particular area and goes all the process of learning, telling and showing viewers all the details of the process. Leading talking to real experts and their own business without the help of others trying to capture the unique abilities profession. He introduces us to people who have such rare and unique specialties for today and in the communication process, it becomes clear

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Werewolves of Burma

October 31, 2011 16:33

A Harold M. Young served for many years in the government of Burma (Myanmar since 2010) in the period when it was ruled by the British (mid-twentieth century), and had to work in the countryside, surrounded by Shan and Lahu tribes. It is from the Highlanders Young tavah first heard and then saw them — these mountain werewolves terrorizing the Lahu people, living in the jungle on the border between the northern part of Thailand and Burma.

When Burma's political turmoil began, Young had to leave. Gathering few belongings, but with a lot of baggage of

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Timothy Garton Ash: In Belarus, we have the European Burma

Society "Merry Christmas? Not in Belarus. This year, Santa Claus has come to Minsk earlier, bringing a gift of rigged elections, beating, mass arrests, lies in a Soviet-style — for the European Union — a special Christmas card with a wish of" fuck you in the eye " (In the original: screw you — PC) "- This is how the British historian and journalist Timothy Garton Ash begins his article in today's edition of the Guardian, devoted to the end of the presidential elections in Belarus.

Having described briefly detained at the Independence Square and the beating and kidnapping of

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