The circumstances in which the participants were able to Black Sabbath to record their new album, 13, could kill a group of smaller scale.

The name of the new album Black Sabbath 13 causes Ozzy Osbourne concern. While working on the drive (and this is the first album that Ozzy recorded with Sabbath in the last 35 years), Tony Iommi had to fight with the potentially fatal disease, and drummer Bill Ward left the team due to disagreements because of disagreements over the contract, which According to Ward, just «nelzya podpisat».

Paraphrasing a bluesy song, if not for

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Dodge and Burn portraits

Darken shadows and lighten highlights with two easy-to-use tools to create a striking effect and instantly dramatise portraits.

Dodging and burning are two techniques that have been used in photography for many years, and have found their way from the traditional dark room to the digital dark room used today. The basic idea behind these is to selectively change the exposure in an image by darkening some areas and lightening others, while leaving the rest of the image untouched. The result is a striking image that offers the eye plenty of contrast to gaze upon. Photoshop CS, CC and Elements

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Where wiring books be burned and people

In today Berlin State Opera in front of the National Socialists burned books that did not like the Hitler regime. Day May 10, 1933 he was declared "prazdnichkom fire." His planned in February 1933 in various towns of Germany Ministry of Propaganda, and the founder and inspirer was Dr. Goebbels, Germanic philologist by training. To attract the young radicalPublic burning of books was one of the first steps Goebbels as minister of propaganda. Didaxis in order to intimidate the "middle man", which is usually treated with reverence for the printed word, so as to attract young people to the side

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Salting Lithuania commemorated in Khatyn

Lithuanian salting Edminas Bagdonas first time in Khatyn. Its very impressed memorial:"I had a lot happen in the world in similar places, but here in Khatyn it’s just strikes. Impressive memorial itself. No one will forget and not forget about that there happened in 1943. The purpose of my visit with the staff — to honor the memory those people, who died here. "It has become a tradition that the day when Europe celebrate day of victory in the second World War I, Lithuanian diplomats visited Khatyn. Diplomats estimate that this is the tenth visit to Hatyn May 8.Memorial Khatyn

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Liozno flax plant burned?

The fire was extinguished before 7am. Stock company fired 120 tons of flax following properties. But more valuable raw material — 580 tons of flax highest quality — were rescued. Business Administration estimates losses of 10 million rubles.Incidents of fire recognizes the special investigation team. According to a preliminary version of the investigation, the cause of the accident could become premeditated arson state property. Workers LNOZAVOD on criteria of anonymity told that not so long ago the administration dismissed several workers who in private conversations voiced their intention to set fire to a warehouse company in the symbol of protest.Seek

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Vetkovskiy district: fire destroyed half Tumarin

Manages local pensioner Antonina Romashkina: "A terrible war was, and the forest is burning, and the houses are burning. Wind was, the flame flies. Heat — 38 degrees in the shade. Consuming riding flying. Asphalt through the village which won, and threw a fire and the other side.

Lady indicates that fire began to spread at her estate — 100 meters from the house 50. There, behind asinnikam, moor. His fire was extinguished more than once, but he still smoldered.Antonina saw smoke after the afternoon and immediately phoned 101:"I phoned the fire 20 minutes a day or the second,

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Russian troops remain in Georgia campuses

Western media mass disk imaging report that Russian tanks and armored vehicles now as before the main road block in strategically principal city Blaze.The Russians claim that they could pass the Georgian police control Blaze until Saturday.Head of the State Security Council of Georgia Alexander Breaking and representative of the Ministry Interior Utiashvili now confirmed that the 2nd largest town of Georgia — Kutaisi, Russian troops not. In late Thursday evening it was reported that Russian column heading towards Kutaisi.But both bureaucrats said that Russian troops remain in the port town of Poti.

Tags: Our homeland, occupation, mountains, Poti, the

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Fire in Rakov

All objects are located in the same building at Liberty Square, which belongs to the district consumer society. Fire saw a saleswoman, who came to work at 8 am and. Fought the fire for over an hour. "Very amazed municipal approach: not allowed make products from the store. People uttered:" Let us make all that is — cool, harvesters, grinder … "Nothing was given to endure. Later besides explosions started — from paints or vodka … Byazdarneysha! itself was not since the war, when most of the city burnt, "- said one of the local inhabitants. According to the local

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When councils in Grodno books burned at the stake

This applies of old book collections. However, books are not only exported but also destroyed on the spot. When Russian authorities in Grodno books burned at the stake.Doctor of Historical Sciences Ales Smolenchuk was in the middle of those who created today’s rare book department, which is in the museum in a new castle, he recalls:"In 1990-91, took a lot of work to create a department of rare books Grodno historical and archaeological museum. We assorted books that were dumped over 20 years in the room who did not pravetryvavsya, very very heated, and the books were in terrible condition.

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What is Pyrokinesis and how not to burn out like a match



In the last decade, the number of spontaneous combustion — the cases of so-called Pyrokinesis — around the world has increased by two and a half times. People for no reason at breaking out like a match and burn overnight, while all surrounding objects and clothes incredible way to remain intact. What seems to be, from the standpoint of modern science simply can not be, is not such nonsense. In the scientific world, there are many hypotheses trying to

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