Belarusian police will not let young people to the festival The right to be free

Special Forces soldiers now NIGHT MODE police detained two buses young people, who went to the festival with the role of Belarusian rock bands in Lutsk. Evening about Academy, youth gathering on the spot, there were several police cars. As buses young people, the principal amount of whom were students, drove toward Dzerzhinsky Avenue, followed by a descent toward the police trucks.First detained at the bus approaches to Dzerzhinsk. People transplanted into a police bus and taken under escort to the police. There all copied passport data. According to police, the cause of detention — the technical problems of the

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Belarusian Archbishop vary Italian

Newspaper "Nasha Niva" with reference to the web site of the newspaper "Giornale" reports that the new Archbishop of the Cathedral of Our Lady Moms in Moscow instead of Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz become Italian Don Paolo Petsy. The priest of the Polish-Belarusian origin is moved Archbishop Minsk.By vatykanolyagav views, such step Benedkta XVI contribute to improving relations between Russian Orthodox and Catholics. Priest-nepalyakav in Russia are more tolerant. Poles blame prazelityzme. Even a few priests were deported from Russia. "Nasha Niva"Notes Eugene offers Lytvyn, who acted in the extras in the movie famous Hollywood director Edward Zwick near Vilnius, on the

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Minsk: 7 detained youth activists BPF

Youth activists said that want to carry out the action days of birth Dzerzhinsky. They planned to lay a toy gun to the monument. "To such makarom show the nature of the structure, which was the founder of Dzerzhinsky. Youth asks demolish the monument in the center of town "- explained one of the participants.Young people detained at the corner of Karl Marx and Lenin.At the monument to Dzerzhinsky duty police special forces soldiers, dressed in civilian. At the entrance to the Dzerzhinsky Square braked spetsnazavski bus. The police control of the Office Interior Leninsky district counsel to talkies with

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Tribunal Saligorsk: detained about 15 people

About 10 hours began Tribunal over Ivan Shyla, who blamed the activity on behalf of unregistered organization. The young man claimed translator, his request was granted.Meanwhile Ivan Shyla associates have protested against the building of the court the prosecution "Junior Front"Which they consider illegal. Detained activists were taken to the police department. A group of people tried to prevent the movement of buses of detainees. Detained activists said on the phone that they had been beaten in the bus.Details — later on the website and in the evening air.

Germany: police forbade carry babies in Minsk Belarusian bus

Two-story bus arrived at Teklenburg from Belarus as a substitute for another machine that has fallen into a tragedy, and owed take about 50 to Minsk Belarus beautiful girls and boys. These kids vacationing in Westphalia on the invitation of the local society Chernobyl.During landing and kids organize their holiday luggage organizers worried by some features of the machine. By this occasion they are specifically invited representatives of the transport police to find will the bus without problems to overcome the way almost 2000 km.Toddler taken to Minsk on the German busDuring the technical inspection it was found that the

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Belarusians in Poland detainees released

Bus, which went on tour in France artists folk group of the Belarusian Institute of Culture, was detained on Thursday near Poznań Polish customs checks within the ordinary.The bus was found drugs."The bus had been hidden in a closet pill" ecstasy ", 195 pieces. They found our service dog — swirling in small cloth bags," — says a representative of the Poznan Customs Maryelya Karaskevich.Customs officers referred the case to the police. Inspector Martin Walczak, which is conducting an investigation, confirmed just none of Belarusians was arrested."We did not detain anyone, as for other details, then we are all informed

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Mayor Pavlov can take a seat Sidorsky

"Newspaper Slonim." National Audit Office examined the work of local authorities to implement the laws and regulations in the field of monetary, economical and tax legislation. Slonim chiefs fined 21 million rubles. Involved in administrative responsibility 94 officials, seven officials dismissed from his office instituted two criminal casesa. Article called "In the State control everything under control."Internet newspaper "Solidarity." "The mayor can take Pavlov Sidorsky chair." Lack premiere during the visit of the potential sponsor of the Russian economic model — Iranian President — again prompted forecasts of the probable resignation of Belarusian government. In the midst of possible successors

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On the border 12 hours bus was detained because of a film on the Square

At 3:30 the night found the customs Daria Rumjantsevoj disc with the movie "Space." As a result, we took the girls and the drive and the computer. Customs officials refused to give any comment Radio Liberty.One of those arrested, 16-year-old Helena Karmitskaya from Novopolotsk, told about the incident at the border: "Kept us all. Very long did protocol. They did not answer the question of why we can not go. We already did not have enough goods as water. But out of the bus we could. They answered that nothing can be purchased at most customs, too, that there is

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Belarusian hit the tragedy in Egypt

"Accident with the role of the tourist bus (…) was held today at 8 am and 70 km from Cairo" — quoted by Interfax employees of the Russian embassy in Egypt.By him, watchman bus died, three Russian tourists received minor damage, and citizen of Belarus is languid state.Belarusian state a tourist does not cause fear, said a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Andrei Popov."At this point, after a series of operations transferred to the intensive care unit affected. Her condition is a measured" — said Popov.

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Long road to Be2gether

20 representatives of "Young Democrats" movement "For Freedom", "Free Youth" were sent to Lithuania.Guards dropped out of the bus Misha Sheremet. They said that youth is a suspect in an explosion at a concert on July 4. Guards closely inspected the belongings of passengers and bus.Youth activists said they would be obliged to spend the night in Vilnius, because I do not have time for a bus that goes to the site of the music festival.

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