I met Juan Ramon (see photos at right) riding his front-wheel drive wheelchair in the town of Granada. He went zipping by in traffic. When I waved, he spun it around and zoomed up to talk to me.

It’s a 5-speed, or 15-speed if he shifts the top chain- wheel by hand. The pedals have been replaced by handles. The back part is a regular wheelchair. The front part attaches just the same way the front caster assembly used to. This hand-pedal wheelchair is a great design solution. Not only does it allow him to get around as fast as

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Yaroslavl has received new buses

Twenty buses "LiAZ" received Yaroslavl MTE-1. Machines purchased now for lease. In order to improve the quality of public transport services, frequency and comfort of passenger traffic, work is continuing to update the fleet of public transport.

For the company did this ceremony — a significant event. To replace the old and worn-out cars on city routes will be released twenty new buses. Thus, the full release will be provided on the bus line, which will strictly observe the traffic intervals and regularity of traffic and improve transportation services Yaroslavl.

— To 20 buses came

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Udmurtia school received new buses

Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Udmurtia Andrey Kuznetsov solemnly handed over the keys to new school buses representatives of 8 districts and cities of the country. Purchased for school buses on the 28-seat fully comply with the requirements of GOST. In the educational institutions of the republic transportation of children to a place of study carried out 444 school buses. Of them meet the requirements of GOST — 294 bus, which is 61% of the total.

In order to address the issue of replacement of buses that do not meet state standards, December

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School of Tambov region received new buses

July 9 ceremony of transfer of general education institutions of the Tambov region of new buses. School principals and representatives of municipalities received a package of documents and the keys to the new technology out of the hands of the governor Oleg Betina.

15 school buses "Gazelle" and 26 school buses "PAZ" sent to schools Gavrilovsky, Zherdevsky, the Sign, Inzhavinsky, Michurinsky, Mordovia, Morshansky, Muchkapsky, Nikiforovskii, Pervomayskogo, Petrovsky, Pichaevskogo, Rzhaksa, Sampursky, Sosnowski, Tambov, Tokarevsky , Umetskogo areas.  

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School of Rostov region received 64 new buses

Schools Rostov area received 64 bus. At a ceremony in the capital of the Don came to the teacher and students from 28 districts and cities. The new "slots" purchased the modernization program of general education.


The purchase of school buses has increased access to quality education for more than 34 thousand children Rostov region. In the area plan to buy 208 school buses.

School of Rostov region received 57 buses

Keys and documents to the new car to school principals handed deputy governor of the Rostov region, Igor Guskov. Buses set off in 17 municipalities and Neklinovsky boarding school with initial flight training to them. Fourth Krosnoznamennoy Air Army.

"We have a village school, a lot of farms. On the drive up the — 127 people, 6 routes. Some children live within 11 km from the school. We need these buses are air ", — said the director of a secondary school in the district Neklinovsky Barbara Bezuglova. "We need the security of schools — 100%. We have about 900

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Maritime school received 40 new buses


December 27 at the central square of Vladivostok solemnly handed over the party school buses municipal educational institutions of Primorye. Keys and documents of new transport handed Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Eugene Ovechkin and vice-governor of Primorsky Krai Love Drozdov.

Buses worth over 55 million rubles purchased within the modernization of the system of general education of Primorsky Krai. They are designed to supply about 900 children from 65 villages of Primorye. The new school transport comply with all technical requirements for the transport of children. Each bus is equipped with software and hardware

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School of Leningrad and Novgorod region received new buses

Keys to the 39 new school buses PAZ 32053-70 to 22 seats awarded to heads of educational institutions of the Leningrad region.

This transport will transport children and teachers from remote areas to places of study and work. As the new school year, 163 municipal educational establishments will be operated by 204 school buses that carry out supply 5,520 children.

12 school buses PAZ — 32053-70 on 22 seats purchased for educational institutions Krestetsky, Lyubytinskogo, Novgorod, Pestovskogo, Khvoininsky, Holmskogo Shimsky and municipal districts of Novgorod region.

Last week, the Novgorod region has

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School of the Kaliningrad region received new buses

Seventeen new school buses departed Jan. 20 from a government building in the field of fifteen municipalities in the region.

"We purchased the most modern and comfortable buses, which produces the domestic auto industry," — Said the regional governor Nikolai Cukanov. "Updating the school car park is intended to ensure, above all, the safety of children and will serve to increase access to quality education for all students, whether they live in the city or in a small town", — The head of the region.

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School of the Ivanovo region received new buses

In the Ivanovo region 39 school buses brands "PAZ" and "GAS" transferred to municipalities Ivanovo region and the regional state educational institutions. Machines purchased as part of the modernization project, the general education of the Ivanovo region in 2012.

To date, the organization fully settled the transport of rural students to arrive there. In the new academic year in the municipalities of 216 buses will carry supply 4,000 children to educational institutions.

All buses are equipped with modules GLONASS satellite navigation system. The monitoring data as well as information on the management of traffic on the route and driver are

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