Moulding and Picture Frames with Avian Rogers and Les Cizek, ©1985 by Do It Yourself. Inc.. 5250 Seventy-Seven Center Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28210. 30 minutes, $19.95

This is the fifth in a series of six tapes from Do It Yourself Video Corporation, and I chose to view it because its subject matter is not covered elsewhere. It’s also the first tape I’ve seen featuring a team presentation, to wit. Avian Rogers, a TV Do It Yourself series hostess, and Les Cizek, a woodworker and teacher. The six videos are an expansion of subject matter covered in a TV series.


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Hop is smashing up the hours and having a ball on the project Suzuki RMX450Z

Talk about extremes — it’s gone from bull-dusty dry conditions to extremely wet in my part of the world. We’ve had some of the biggest floods since 1968. You couldn’t get out for a ride without getting soaked straight off the bat so I just didn’t.

Call me soft but I wasn’t that keen to punish myself or the RMX. It would’ve been just my luck to have ended up upside-down in some flooded creek which wouldn’t have helped keep me on the DA project

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In September, begins the active harvest. It is important not only to collect the harvest, but also to properly prepare it for storage. It is necessary to collect and pull out growing in the open field cucumber, tomato. At the same time remove part of zucchini, squash, digging potatoes.

Digging potatoes necessarily choose a fine sunny day. Do not pour it directly into the bags. Let the potatoes lie down in the sun a few hours: the so-tubers will be better kept.

And another tip: choose seed potatoes from healthy bushes once abundant in the digging and poured it separately.

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Vitamin petioles

In the eastern medicinal plant books is described in a few centuries before our era! Dilute vegetable rhubarb because petioles rich in organic acids and vitamins. Autumn is the time for its landing.

Rhubarb prefers partial shade, grows well under a canopy of fruit trees in wet soils fertilized. Dilute the plant seedlings from seed or vegetatively (rhizome division), thus preserving the varietal characteristics.

Vegetative …

Divide and plant rhubarb spring or autumn (September). Fall planting is preferred, since the soil from freezing to de Lenka, sufficient suction roots, and the following year the plant is able to

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Reproduction shrubs


Autumn — the most favorable time for breeding bushes. Variants of reproduction — a lot. Which to choose? Decide for yourself.


Most of the shrubs growing over time and forms with a variety of shrubs, at root suckers. This jasmine, lilac, snowberry, garden roses, bobovnik.

What to do? Around the bush dig the groove depth of 20-25 cm. Then, holding the shovel vertically, sharp blow and cut off part of the bush. It can then be divided into smaller parts.

In isolated parts of the division of the bush, cut the shoots (you can cut 1/3 of

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Bush Tucker Trial

Native to Central and South America, the Bushmaster is the world’s largest species of venomous pit viper. This deadly creature is capable of multiple bites, and it has forged a formidable reputation. Large, thick-bodied and with an upturned snout, its typical colouring is light brown with a series of dark brown or black blotches that run the length of the body. I still remember my first encounter with a Bushmaster, with the foregoing description proving fairly accurate. However, my face-to-face confrontation did not take place in the deep jungles of South America, but rather in Australia.

Since the species’ introduction

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Yellow acacia

This name has no rights

Since childhood, I remembered the yellow acacia, who grew up not far from our house. For children it was extremely attractive. By midsummer its branches grow amazing whistles, the ability to make a six-year kid who once elevated to the authority of the yard.

ozzhe found out that in Russia there are two trees, popularly referred to as the acacias, — white and yellow. Moreover, both do not have any right to it. These Acacia — mimosa trees of the family — are growing mostly in Africa. And with our «acacias» they have in

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Delphinium: some errors

Grow delphiniums not as easy as it seems at first glance. I used to have two grown bush blue delphiniums, and then they suddenly disappeared. Then I did not understand their mistakes. Several years passed, and again I wanted to make this proud and beautiful flower in my garden. Once the fall of the neighbor cottage shared by two delphiniums — just cut off a shovel on the part of each of the bushes. I planted them at a young apple tree — decided that there, in the penumbra of light, plants will be comfortable. Indeed, the 3-year delphiniums

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Grapes fan

I №3 read an article in «Urals grapes» Ivan Petrovich Sailer and was very surprised by his care for the vines. Besides, the author refers to a new variety — CP F1, while stressing: «my own brand.» And it is with such knowledge? ..

Firstly, the author, in my opinion, gives wrong advice on formirovke vines. When shtambovoy formirovke, as I understood from the description, it carves a four vines and annually to replace her annual leave. But the vine — not currant, which has an annual cut was four-branch! In this age of the vine is just starting

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U.S. President for another year extended sanctions against Lukashenko

As reported by the press service of the White House, George W. Bush on Thursday signed an executive order that extended for another year "blocking property" of these persons under the jurisdiction of the United States, reports agency Associated Press. The sanctions extended due to the fact that the acts and policy of the Belarusian managers "continue welding and custom extreme danger state security and outer Policy USA. "This is stated in the disposal of George W. Bush, which he officially said letter to the U.S. Congress. • Who is affected by the Bush ban on race in the U.S.?

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