Working On It! The Remodeler as Entrepreneur.

When it gets steamy on the homefront.

Just in case you have been reading these columns of mine, and you might have come to the conclusion that I live in a different world than you do, I thought this time I would prove to you that we live in the very same world, and that it does get steamy on the homefront.

Meaning, life can be a troublesome when you run a business, or even worse, when your business runs you. That’s when I’ve found most often that working on it becomes impossible to do.

Thinking strategically becomes warped by

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What does effort look like?

Going the extra mile is the difference between success and failure, and it’s do-able, says business guru CATHERINE CONNOR

What does effort look like? The recent Aspire Bespoke attendees have been the inspiration behind my motives in sharing these thoughts.

I have just spent two days informing and educating some fantastic photographers. All are determined to take the brave stride into the marketplace with style, the right answers and confidence. But even when you have the right answers, the confidence has to develop with you at a timely pace which comes with experience.

All on the course were inspired to

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Time is as the sword coming: if you dont cut it, you will be cut.

How is the company achieving all of this? With an almost obsessive commitment to making the most of scarce time, as explains Mr. Pedawi with the aid of the ancient Middle Eastern proverb, ‘‘Time is as the sword coming: if you don’t cut it, you will be cut.’’ This appreciation of time, and the belief that every opportunity must be seized, may have been accentuated through some of the adverse life experiences Mr. Pedawi has lived through. He had to flee the war-torn country with his family in the 1970s to take refuge in the Netherlands – an experience that

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Through the magic door…

It may look like your average incredibly charming Chelsea cottage, but Annoushka Ducas’s London house is SECRETLY an oh-so modern LA-style hacienda crash-pad. By Georgina Blackwell

We are in a secret nook of Chelsea: a storybook Georgian cottage accessed through an alleyway that in spring is thick with wisteria. The cottage is a sedate two-up two-down — until you get inside. Pass through the front door and the period exterior morphs into a sunny Los Angeles bolthole.

This is the London crash pad of Annoushka Ducas and her husband John Ayton, the founders of Links jewellers. You might be surprised

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The prodigy of the Middle East

An investment hub brimming with opportunity, Kurdistan is fast becoming the prodigy of the Middle East.

From the ashes of the tumultuous previous regime has emerged modern Kurdistan like the mythological phoenix. To look back on this prosperous decade is to take stock of just how far the region has come in such a short space of time.

From a primitive, lifeless caterpillar a vibrant and colorful butterfly has blossomed. A modern, mature state fully engaged in international business and peaceful diplomacy.

There’s no looking back for Kurdistan 2013; too much has been achieved in both geopolitical relations and international

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There’s Gold in Them Thar Files

Anyone who has viewed any episodes of the various CSI, NCIS, or Low& Order shows knows that: (a) If something works, then you should keep using, tweaking, and reworking it; and (b) performing autopsies is really, really important because it enables you to do «a.»

You know those TV ads that say you’re sitting on piles of gold in your closets and drawers at home? And they go on to tell you that all your old, forgotten jewelry and silverware can yield big bucks to buy things you need and want today. Well, right

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The Business of Projection

Versatile projector performance from the office to the concert stage


Small and light enough to be portable, the M420X is in fact a high-brightness, multi-function projector. Its 42(X) ANSI lumens makes suitable to be deployed in a wide range of places from classrooms to boardrooms. while Eco Mode automatically controls picture brightness, saving power and improving lamp life up to 3500 hours of usage. The M420X is also designed for case of use and maintenance. Geometric correction and test pattern display ensures quick setup, while USB and LAN support allows images to be sent over a wide range

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Soap direct

It’s a brave farmer who ousts i I the prize rams from the house I paddock and confines them to an m out-of-sight field at the back of the property. It’s more courageous still to take over a husband’s workshop.

But Jude McNab, who has done all this and more, isn’t lacking when it comes to courage, and that’s probably why her business venture into the world of cottage industry soap-making is taking off at such a pace.

Nestled on a lifestyle block in the picturesque Gwaka Valley, deep in the remote Gatlins region of coastal south-east Otago, Jude has

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Since their launch, in

2005, Nexera canola and sunflower seeds, used for making cooking oils, have become one of Dow

Chemical’s best-selling product lines. The seeds and the oils offer many advantages: The seeds yield more than twice as much oil per hectare as soybeans, making them an attractive crop for farmers. The oils’ longer shelf and

“fry” lives lower the operating costs of food manufacturers and food service companies. And, last but not least, the oils have lower levels of saturated fat than competing products and contain no trans fats.

Dow’s breakthrough shows business at its best: innovating to meet society’s needs and

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Shelter your profits from the storm.

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and countless other destructive weather events cost billions of dollars in damage in North America every year. Specifically, storm damage accounted for more than $110 billion in 2012 alone. These storms leave devastating foot-prints that take communities years to recover.

In the aftermath of a damaging storm, you might be one of the first responders providing homeowners’ services such as tarping roofs and boarding windows and doors in order to prevent further damage to a home. Why? Maybe this is part of your business plan, then again, maybe it’s not. Perhaps, it’s because you have a connection

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