Entrepreneurs are willing to hold a rally, despite the obstacles

The rally ready take the role of representatives of all major cities of Belarus. They seek to undo the last government decisions regarding entrepreneurship that are considered discriminatory. This was stated by chairman of the Republican Coordinating Council Anatoly Zmitrovich businessmen. "Presidential Decree bankruptcy threatens us""After the introduction of the presidential decree number 760, which virtually prohibit the use hired labor, bankruptcy threatens us. Must be canceled and the decree number 20 on the prohibition to trade in spirits from April 1, also complicated home appliances, mobile phones, and a fur coat so on. We reduced the list of products

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Grodno businessmen preparing to rally

Rallies in Grodno was not long, much less a day of mass actions will.Levaneusky: "We conducted a survey on the markets Grodno with the question — Are the entrepreneurs hold a rally? And about sixty percent in favor of holding a rally in Grodno."Entrepreneurs to rally matured, and as political parties and public organizations, they will be invited to work together, says Valery Levonevsky.Levaneusky: "If there is harmony and good will on their part, then wedo itt rally together. In any case, negotiations on this issue passed with Milinkevich and he absolutely supported this venture and said that every possible

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Ya.Kachynski: Copa shield does not change the balance of power in Europe

On this week Heads of Government of Poland and the Czech Republic, Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Mirek Topolanek said in the Polish capital, Warsaw and Prague that likely, will accept the U.S. proposal to place on its territory of the U.S. air defense system.Topolanek said: "We have gained understanding — both countries are likely to respond positively to Washington in this case and only later from the United States to begin negotiations."These words immediately responded Moscow — Russian military said that in case send their missiles in space where it will be placed missile shield.The Polish Government in response said that

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In fact Constantine Lukashou were all witnesses

At a hearing today attended by politicians, human rights, public figures, representatives of OSCE, members of youth organizations and other democratic. In the corridors around the courtroom was about 2-10-s commandos.In Last year March 29 Konstantin Loukashov his car took out his brother Vyacheslav Siuchyk of third medical clinic. People in civil signs demonstrated that he stopped the car, but Constantine disagreed. Later, one of the policemen asked the prosecutor’s office that his Tipo Lukashou hit by a car.December 19, Constantine held in detention. Investigators explained that he was not interrogated. Now ended questioning all the witnesses in the criminal

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Or will partner government and business?

Valery Karbalevich: "In the near future in the rhetoric of officials, new notes. They say they are increasingly on the role of business, the need to support it. That’s about it yesterday and read Prime Sidorsky. There is information that produced a series of legislative acts — at least, presidential decrees aimed at supporting businesses, creating suitable criterion for its development.Now a meeting of Parliament to support the role of entrepreneurship presidential administration, government, and business alliances. What caused this brand new rhetoric and certain government measures toward business? "Yaroslav Romanchuk: "Increases in the prices of oil and gas is

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Auto fuel in the tanks must be declared at the border

Deputy Head of Customs Control Planin Andrew said that primarily customs clearance will cover removal of fuel in the tanks mc. Citizens who travel abroad countries often 1st times within 3 days, will have to register personal businessmen and whenever submit customs declarations.This does not apply to members of official Foreign Affairsegatsy, employees of diplomatic missions and international organizations, municipal officials aimed trips, drivers engaged in international transport, as individuals who travel for recreation.

Alexander Wojtowicz elected chairman of the Justice Initiative

In an interview with BelaPAN A.Voytovich noted that the offer to head "Justice Initiative" was enough for him sudden. Middle of the main activities of the organization, he said the legal education in Belarus, including by opening special schools, and the development of cooperation with the Belarusian and international nongovernmental organizations. Another activity will be "comparative law." "We will associate Belarusian laws with international practice and international acts, including those who were joined by Belarus, "- explained Wojtowicz. In addition, by him, organization will continue provide legal assistance to the population, although it does not go into the circle of

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Vice-Speaker of the Polish Sejm on allegations of Minsk for the dialogue with the West

Komorowski: "It is evident that this is a consequence of problems in relations with Russia, rather than any conscious reasoning and change strategy Belarusian country. Than terrible business with Russia, stronger Russian pressure in energoelementov, transit, the greater the need to find political candidates. If Lukashenko not only wants to strengthen such makarom its position in the negotiations with Moscow, he must assure this international society. Show that he has other intentions, desires except Western pressure on Russia in the energy problems between Minsk and Moscow. "

The situation around the BHC policy or funds?

Official dealer MFA commentary argues that rent for BHC is only 54 euros per month. Committee enjoys such benefits "through a special decree of President of Belarus, whose activities so love to criticize and BHC, and our partners in the West" — emphasizes Andrei Popov.Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Tatyana Protko clarifies that the exemption applies not only to the BHC, and all public organizations that are registered with the Ministry of Justice. This practice existed for many years:Protko: "Indeed, for registered public organizations lease rate is low. But why are not willing to give rent public associations. Rate

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Electrochemical Plant and Zelenogorsk for the first time presented a joint exhibition

Electrochemical Plant and Zelenogorsk presented at the IX Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, a joint exhibition. Joint venture and a closed city first came to such a large-scale platform to attract the attention of the business community to the investment potential Zelenogorsk.

Create in Zelenogorsk a favorable environment for the development of business activity — a precondition for the development of the city in which interested and State Corporation "Rosatom" and the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Today, the city opens wide the doors for investors willing to build in the Closed jobs. To do this, Zelenogorsk all conditions.

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