Brand new situation in Belarus

EU welcomes release S.Parsyukevicha and A. Kim

The release of all political prisoners Commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner Named "sign encouraging." David Merkel met with opposition favorites August 22 David Merkel is scheduled to meet with the chairman of the BPF Party Lavon Barshcheuski, head of the Party of Communists of Belarus — Sergei Kalyakin and UCP — Anatoly Lebedko, with former presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich and Alexander Kozulin, Lebedko said. U.S. State Department representative flying to Minsk "The release of these people, along with others gives us hope for the future positive steps,

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New criminal case against the Young

Man suspected of fraud. Artem believes that the criminal case filed against him for the purpose of imprisonment oppositionist who punished by restriction of freedom of so-called "case of 14". Artem can make a list of political prisoners serving sentences in jail.Artem Dubskiy said that he was almost all clear in the criminal case, which according to police filed Osipovichskaya fraud. August 1, he was summoned for interrogation, investigators and immediately after that 72 hours was sent to the detention center. But after the arrival of a lawyer Artem Svetlana Gorbatok Man released previously designated deadline.Artem said that the criminal

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Movement For Freedom wrong title

Representatives of the Ministry in a trial that began yesterday, insisted that the majority of applicants are engaged in political activities, participate in mass actions, give comments to various political events. So when the company registered, then its purpose likely will not meet the designated in the charter as human rights and the Enlightenment. The arbitrator considered these arguments unproven. A prerequisite for the denial was that when you make a legal address was inaccurately spelled the title of the organization.This is the third attempt to join the Movement. Three times the Ministry of Justice refuses do. And three times

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Investigators in the case of explosion seek out family video

Number interrogated this case exceeded 1,000.

In Minsk and regions for questioning by the KGB and militia in the blast case as before the opposition cause. Now the last political prisoner Timofei Dranchuk answered questions KGB investigators in the criminal case of malicious hooliganism (so qualified power bomb blast that injured more than fifty people).Timofei Dranchuk said "Freedom" that investigators are interested more information related to the activities of an unregistered organization "Young Front"."A lot of questions, do not touch the explosion completely. Asks:" What are you doing? What is relevant to the "Young Front"? What actions are planned in

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Amnesty International interceded for Zeltser

They were detained in Minsk airport March 12 and accused of using fake documents, drug smuggling and commercial espionage. The Tribunal began on July 30.The human rights organization "Amnesty International" is now calling to send letters to the administration of Alexander Lukashenko, the prosecutor general and the KGB, and the Minister of Internal Affairs, that Emanuel Zeltser had medical help and often given the opportunity to meet with South American consul.Recall: Emanuel Zeltser and his secretary Vladlena Funk arrested on March 12, when they arrived from London. They are being held in the KGB detention center. In late March, Emanuel

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V.Semashko: We have removed the skin long

For this and adopted a plan of privatization of hundreds of companies.According Semashko stock sell-off, as Komarovskoe on the market will not. Shareholders will be elected for three main aspects: money, resources, marketing."President Lukashenko pradeklyaravav three principles. Possible investor must have the money to buy shares and invest in the development of the enterprise. He must have raw materials in order to assure 100 percent load of the enterprise. In This is the meaninge Russian oil companies have value because close oil pipeline "Druzhba". About complex "Naftan-Polymir" we are negotiating with "Rosneft" and "Lukoil". And "Lukoil" in August put a

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Questioned in the blast case — a weave

KGB investigators continue to question the youth activists of the democratic movement in an explosion at a gala concert on July 4. Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Sergei Huminski The police detained at the station in Orsha, when he was expecting a train on the platform at Mogilev.Sergei Guminsky arrived in Belarus on July 23. He is trained by programmke Kalinouski in Gdansk Institute: "I went to his own friend in Škloŭ. But on the platform before the train came to me and asked police to go to the police for identification. The department immediately began to question,

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Graffiti in Ushachi: found the guilty

After, both buildings Ushachi and closely spaced villages appeared inscription "Long live Belarus!" On 2-local "Young Front" police made two administrative reports.In Usha police department 16-year-old Anastasia and her friend Zolotukhin Oleg Kazyaninu said they think labels matter specifically their hands, and therefore amounted to both protocols for disorderly conduct and defacing city property.If the case goes to court, then Oleg Kazyaninu can threaten arrest or a fine. His girlfriend expects analysis at a meeting of the juvenile. The fact that it will cause there, a woman found out yesterday during questioning at the police station Usha.Soc high school teacher,

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Find yourself on the photo MIA

"If you know someone or have seen in the pictures themselves impressively Please specify the number of photos and the availability of space to shoot," — said in a police appeal. It says that the Ministry of Internal Affairs guarantees kanfedentsyynasts.The material can be cast by phone: 80296320209 (Wellcome), 80298516750 (MTS), 229-40-96, 227-40-90, 222-85-63. Also — on the websites of the Ministry of Interior or police Mengaravykankamu.

Interrogations and detentions lastTotal this case was delayed According to various estimates of 50-70 people, including and a number of opposition political parties and public organizations. Official disk imaging on the number

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Illya Bohdan and Anton Koipish at large

They were detained for 10 days as a suspect in a criminal case of an explosion at a concert to the days of Independence on July 4. They do not charge.21-year-old Ilya Bogdan and 22-year-old Anton Koipish came together from an insulator. In this time with lattice window insulator Akrestsin Street someone shouted loudly welcomes release activists and waved his hand. Illya Bohdan told, afterdnie day was sitting in the same cell with Anton Kopijsh:"I think, like us, was 100 people. As a result, all the people who were sitting on this case as suspects called political. And students were

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