Another five on the loose

He was released favorite unregistered organization "Union law" Yury Karetnikau.Also released youth activist Misha Sheremetand.Around 15.40 on detainees will come out in the case of 4 July blast former activists "of the White Legion" Sergei Numbers Victor Leszczynski, Igor Korsak. Some time ago releasedMiroslav Lazovsky.Picture storyTotal in this case has been delayed by various estimates 50-70 people. Official disk imaging on the number of detainees is not.On the last Saturday of freedom were released first detainee Alexander Sergienko, Sergei Vysotsky, Paul Kurianovich, and later — a Russian citizen student Vladimir Belonin, yesterday — BSU student Tatiana Pyakun and some others.

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Pure Siberian Business

The company "Dishes Service Center", which sells tableware and household goods from Kazan to Khabarovsk, showing rapid growth, is not afraid of the arrival of large network of companies and is looking for the potential to develop within themselves.


Novosibirsk really buy cookware that is strongly associated with "Ware Center".

"That if you ask, for example, a person in Novgorod, where he buys the dishes, he says — and nowhere else. That's because the first set of dishes presented to him on the day of the wedding, and the last will be presented at the

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Day of solidarity in Vilnius — shares in the morning until the evening

In youth rally that was held by "Studalyans" (organization YSU), "Young Front"And" Mutiny " assumed the role of more than 20 people, activists joined and Belarusians, who arrived in Vilnius in personal matters and the case learned about the action. Young people in the form of theatrical affairs expressed their own protest against repression in Belarus and namely latest arrests in the case of an explosion. Young people holding a large banner with the words "Do you have the nuts and bolts, then you drink juice? Then we come to for you!." Youth handed a petition to the Embassy employee

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Through leasing — to sports tops


In cooperation with partners, Ufa SC "KAMAZ-LEASING" financed 22 KAMAZ, including 20 heavy trucks KAMAZ-6520 and two medium-truck KAMAZ-43225. This transaction — not the first experience of successful cooperation "KAMAZ-LEASING" and "Business-Vector" in terms of technology transfer in the lease. Earlier the company had a contract to supply 40 trucks based on KAMAZ chassis. "Management Company" Business Vector "has repeatedly noted the high level of the provision of financial services spectrum of" KAMAZ-LEASING "rate contracts and the quality of leased vehicles.

It is worth noting that the cars purchased in leasing, will be used in the construction

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To help Council of Belarus — the European Union?

Is it possible to regard it as a desire to Brussels intention to establish trade with Belarus — in spite of the political situation in the country? Do not go out, so that the monetary benefits of some foreign companies put up the conditions that led to the EU itself in relations with Belarus? On these questions responsible steward of the analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk.Glod: It is clear that the EU deprived Belarus trade preferences. It happened due to the fact that the Belarusian authorities did not agree to do the steps that would preserve the state for certain

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Wizards in Belarus will not work

Namely, in the 2nd reading amendments to the Law on Advertising — a ban on advertising works and services hypnotists, psychics, fortune-tellers, astronomers, magicians and others who declare themselves or believe themselves capable foreshadow actions affect people, the spiritual by use of the supernatural world of possibilities.Also brand new edition of the law prohibits advertising of mental health care, not counting those where such assistance is provided by municipalities, municipal organizations, other organizations also donated on legitimate grounds.Amendments also prohibited advertising services sexy character, in including hidden — under the guise of mental health care, communication, relyaksatsyi, massage, pleasant pastime.

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Regional activists about the decision Sojma BPF

Chairman of the Mogilev regional organizations Grigory Kostusev reports that in his own report criticized the Governing BPF acts that led to the expulsion from the party Mikhalevich."I referred to this process samaedtvam in the party. Unfortunately, this is not the first case of exceptions. Earlier Vyacheslav Siuchyk turned. Not waiting for an exception, and he left Paul Seviarynets. Out and Vladimir Kolos. Certainly, they were useful to the party. But, unfortunately, they are not Tipo potraflyali the wrong track, on which I would like to lead the management of BPF — Minsk chairmen and their heirs. Not all because

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Preparing new coming on press freedom?

The law, which currently regulates the media in Belarus, was adopted in 1995 and, according to the views of the executive branch and legislators date. Since 2002 there are new bills — a total of four clear — but the adoption of the law always postponed. By BAJ, presently this process new impetus. In the National Assembly created a working group, which holds if not everyday meeting. Activists-independent journalists do not exclude that the law in the first reading already perceive the following week. Meanwhile to the draft text, which hit the BAJ many claims. BAJ experts shared at a

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Ales Fur sue Beltransgaz

Chairing the meeting referee Lena Hotsko.Earlier, on October 17 the judicial board on civilian affairs of the Brest Regional Court dismissed the complaint ex-candidate Ales Furs on the recognition of the employment contract invalid without gratification.Alexander officially Fur was dismissed engineer Kobrin UMG "Beltransgaz" at the end of the contract, but Actually applicant states that the pressure for his political views. Ales Fur Recalls Conclusion Kobrin Interdistrict Inspectorate of Labour, which recognized that taking into account the capabilities of officials and public commitments engineer Fur, contract with him owed concluded before April 2010.

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Network that BT splyalo

June 9 on the First National Channel of the Belarusian television began showing the new propaganda movie "Network." Moviemakers have made a request to study the electoral process, but first — their impact on the representatives of the Western democracies. Organization, which, through a network of branches Tipo trying to arrange the "orange revolution" in various countries, including Belarus, named National Democratic Institute, which is based in the U.S.. According to the creators of the film, this institution Tipo associated with the CIA and certain Belarusian activists — his agents of influence. A number of commentators among them controversial Russian

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