How did the crisis affect small businesses?

On these and other issues in the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" meet economist and activist Boris Zheliba entrepreneurial movement Sergei Balykin.

Transmits Vitaly TsigankovTsigankov"Big Belarusian exporters begin to experience difficulties because of the financial crisis. Among them — Minsk Tractor Plant, the Minsk Automobile Plant and Byelorussian Steel Works. At the Minsk Tractor Plant, for example, in June of 2008, exports amounted to 148.1 million dollars, and in July, its volume fell to 139.1 million dollars. in August, which was the last pre-crisis month for the global economy, exports fell again — to 130 million dollars. As this trend

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Or completely lost Belarusian relics?

List maybe will be placed on the subsequent week on the pages of the newspaper "Russian Belarus." In the meantime, the scientist refuses to provide certain information. How likely that exported at different times of the Belarusian land treasures still to be repatriated?Adam Maldis not hurt the legal aspects of the restitution of state property. States that it is the prerogative of municipal officials, who must negotiate at the highest level. For a long time makes Maldis typical census treasures that under different circumstances have been lost. Touch wood, scientist temporarily stopped contacts with journalists:"The theme of this I speak

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OSCE concerned about the matter of 14

"I can refer to the position taken recently by countries that are members of the OSCE. They adopted a resolution, which expressed concern about the This process. Our study looks at the development of this lawsuit also with attention and concern. We will inform the OSCE that what’s happening. Belarus is also a part of this organization. We work not judge, it can not be. We so to speak as a bridge, we are observers, "- said the managing office of the OSCE Minsk Hans-Jochen Schmidt."Recall now started in Minsk Tribunal over 3-accused in the case, which is referred to

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Participants of the protest had spent the evening at the site

Alexander associates: Maxim Vinyarski, Pauline Dzyakava, Misha Kondrashov and activist of the unregistered organization "Young Belarus" Vladimir Sergeyev taken to the police station and about half of the tenth released without protocol. Participants of the rally lined up near the wall remand center Valadarski Street with lighted candles in their hands. One of the detainees, Vladimir Sergeev, he held the "Case of 14" and was punished by a fine of three and a half million rubles. He, like other actors, accused of organizing riots during business shares January 10 and 21.

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How do they react predagogi to return to 11 + yrs?

Middle of April pioneer rejection of 12 yrs was Alexander Lukashenko. After the meeting, the head of the country was created interdepartmental committee, which considered it appropriate to legalize 11 year period of secondary education, which "provides a rational implementation of budget funds and meets the wishes of the majority of people." President of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko considers the decision to return to the 11-year course of study hastily because maloprofessionalno team officials that virtually "flunked" experience with a 12-tap hole, hardly able to determine something once reform:"Let him until 12, because still do not then

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And where Belarusian billion?

Salting Lithuania to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas recalls that he did not once read about the desire of Lithuanian businessmen to invest in Belarusian economy. Specifically, it allowed in 2007, the year to overcome the limit of billions of dollars: "Trade turnover between our countries in Last year amounted to 1 billion 150 millions of dollars. And not since I came to work in Belarus. We worked aggressively, hard and have gained this result. And this is not the limit. Need to talk. No business contacts will be nothing. " Member of the Lithuanian Parliament, the chairman of the group of

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May — the last month for public organizations?

April 24 came into effect a decree of Alexander Lukashenko, in accordance with which the payment of rent during terminated reduction factor of 0.1 for organizations that are not engaged in commercial activities. Rental price increased almost 10 times, because before nedavneshnego time the standard rate was 10 euros per 1 square meter, discount — 1 euro. Drastic rise in price per square meter of real estate can lead to the elimination of hundreds of civilian society associations nationwide. Chairman of the Metropolitan Tenants Union of businessmen and Vladimir Karyagin knows that in accordance with the new rules, payment of

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Action for a day of solidarity was held without detentions

A 6 pm at Casstrychnitskay area were about fifty youth activists of the democratic movement. Among them UCP has been a favorite Anatoly Lebedko, representatives of the business traffic. Theycame with portraits of Andrei Kim D.Liseenke, Sergei Parsyukevich. Action intended to cause that dubbed the "case of 14". More 3-activists will be judged by this case May 23. They also came to the area and expressed gratitude to all.

Militiamen From the very beginning of the action announced that unauthorized action and urged its members to disperse. Deputy Governor of the Central police station rather nervously and roughly reacted to

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Disgraced businessmen do not believe in the return of capital

As the businessmen themselves, became a turning point for them in 1995, when with the advent of Alexander Lukashenko activated newly minted control structure, legislative audit began, and eventually business "imposed" on all sides. Artificial fixing of the dollar and the strengthening of the refinancing rate at around 40% per month completely undermined the business sector, which held its own weight on credit resources. Even massive tax office could not stand the press at the standing course. Started to exert pressure on businessmen who were seen in priklnnym against the opposition and that subsequent elections could support an alternative candidate

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S.Ostrovsky: In Belarus no longer come

Tribunal found guilty Russians at loggerheads on policemen and Monetary punished by a fine. Meanwhile Sergei Ostrovsky claimed that the case against him Tipo falsified, that "cover" GAI officers, who, him, "He pulled a bribe, threatening criminal prosecution." Now I called Sergey Ostrovsky on his mobile phone. At this point, the Russian was in Germany. "At the moment I am in Germany on business. Tribunal went on, and in general in your Belarus will not go. No complaints about their own interest, likely it will not satisfy. This is evidenced by the level of legality in the courts of Belarus

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