Hulak Tatiana Protko replaced as chairman of the BHC

They became a human rights activist Oleg Gulak, who in 2002 served as executive director of the BHC, and the last six months, acting chairman of the organization. "I myself resigned, need to give way to the young" — said Tatiana Protko his resignation and said she does not leave the organization. Details later in the air and on the website of Liberty.

E. Zeltser’s lawyer: He feels bad

"He feels bad laments the state of health, says that it is bad "- said of the defendant’s own Dmitry Harachka. On the case of Emanuel Zeltser’s lawyer refused to say, citing the fact that this case been classified "municipal hiddenness." Recall from the U.S. lawyer Emanuel Zeltser was arrested at the airport Minsk-2 middle of March and addition time it contain the KGB prison "American." It is clear that E. Zeltser has languid disease. The U.S. State Department called on the government of Belarus to release Zeltser of "humanitarian reasons." KGB reported that Emanuel Zeltser is suspected of forgery.

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Do NGOs survive Belarus after rent increase?

These actions of the authorities are purely economic or political goals? Whether the government should support public association? What are the consequences for the decree of the third sector in Belarus?Members: the chairman of the Belarusian Language Society Oleg Bunnies and political analyst Yury Chausov.Which objects are achieved in power?

Baler KarbalevichValery Karbalevich: "Presidential Decree number 533 abolished the reduction factor for rents nonprofit organizations. Seems economic question, even college. Clear that prices grow at all, including utilities. But as a result of this technical solution for the majority of non-governmental organizations (NGOs ) rent rooms will grow 10 times.

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Why not all donors assert their rights?

What mood reigning in the midst of Grodno donors? With this issue we turned to Ivan Roman, who spoke to them about the ability to merge.Roman: "I, for example, Noble donor Republic of Belarus, walking to the station of blood transfusion, communicated with donors. But they do not have much intrigued. Since, for example, now plyazmy donor can donate blood twice a month and in this get 100 bucks — 50 bucks for a change. As it may, it is, in my eyes, fairly conventional means, and people just are not willing to take risks, because a lot of wishing

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Snowy Russia: our political favorite — Lukashenko

Now the Minsk Palace of the Republic held the first congress of the association "Snow White Rus". It adopted a programm activity. It was created in a short time, from 2-other. Because Congress had to endure, that, according to the chairman, Alexander Radkov"Do not make useless discussions and friends not to push union among themselves." Congress lasted about 2-hours without a break. As part preyzydyyumu more chiefs — Director, rectors, Minister. Total 349 delegates arrived. Members of the organization are more than 82 thousand people. Director of Information and Analytical Centre under the administration Oleg Proleskovskysaid in an interview with

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Or public organization mastered the newest rental?

• Public organizations can weave finish existence• Are there incentives for rent in adjacent countries?Lawyer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak hopes that before puts new accounts, the authorities will take into account all the same arguments against non-governmental organizations constructive rent increase:"Addressed to the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Humanitarian Affairs for proof of the right of privilege. We believe that the BHC — the most that neither is an exemplary organization that is engaged in humanitarian activities, she is engaged in charity. ‘Cause we naturally expect that to us this Allowance will also expand. But even while

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Are there incentives for rent in adjacent countries?

In Lithuania, the non-profit organizations have no benefits in comparison with other organizations when renting premises. But the legislation encourages taxpayers — personal and corporate support civilian society, every taxpayer may designate 2% of own taxes to finance at least some non-governmental organizations, educational or medical institution.In Ukraine, non-profit organizations also do not have legislated benefits when renting premises. There is a small list of organizations such as the Organization of Former Political Prisoners, which has such benefits in accordance with a special presidential decree. Until the past year has been the practice in Ukraine (but not law), according to

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In schools reappeared Octobrists

At the headquarters of the Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organization (BRPO), which protects Octobrists convince: the coincidence of this date with funny day of birth Lenin — random, because the name of the communist leader in the organization does not have the title, and oktyabryatskoy society — not political. But confirmed: Russian ideological throwback era revived "under pressure Veterans pioneering movement." So makarom, in the school system returns all the attributes of the communist ideology: Octobrists, pioneers and Komsomol heirs — "beresemovtsy."Ira from Orsha now left 7-year-old son-graders home. On April 22 at the school, where she learns the offspring appointed

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Why did not support the party convicted Z.Lisyaenku?

Alexei Znatkevich: "A week back the clock on 10 years of imprisonment, was executed opposition activist Dmitry Liseenko last commando. Accused him that he kept drugs and fake money. My first question sovereign Shchukin — you attended this course, what you have got the memory — both were due to accusations? "

Valery Shchukin: "I was actually all proceedings except the first one. I can not say guilty or not Liseenko povinet. But I beheld, and heard no evidence no. He was charged that he distributed drugs and fake money. But when his arrested, neither with him, nor during a

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The Federal Arbitration Court for the Central District settled in Kaluga

June 8 in Kaluga inaugurated the new building of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Central District.

In his speech, the head of the region Anatoly Artamonov emphasized that successful economic activity in a market economy is not possible without an objective, independent arbitration. The growing business activity and the expansion of economic relations, will inevitably give rise to disputes between business entities. Therefore, special attention must be paid to secure judicial protection of honest and responsible representatives of the business world.

According to the head of the region, are important measures taken by the arbitration judges to

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